Sparkling Bonfire Night storage ideas

Close up of exploding fireworks

People looking at fireworks in the distance

Full of colour and excitement, bonfire night is a favourite time of year for many people. But, no matter how much you love it, hosting a party in which guests trample mud into your home from the garden or coats, scarves and hats get piled in a room is most definitely not welcome. How can you make sure your hallway is welcoming but also practical?

Bench seats

A hallway storage bench is an ideal option and not just for bonfire night but every day of the year. With clever storage solutions – simply pop shoes and boots on one shelf or box and hat, gloves and scarves in the other – this is a multifunctional piece of furniture. Acting as a stool, you have a comfy seat to sit whilst shoes and boots are pulled off.

A soft cream coloured cushion on a small wooden bench with two wicker baskets underneath.

There are different sizes of wood storage bench too. Opt for a small bench, perfect for a corner in the hallway or, if you have a longer expanse of wall opt for a longer bench that has three or four baskets for storage of winter clothing and boots.

Open storage

Some hallway benches have storage in the shape of wicker or rattan baskets. These are a great solution as they are easy to keep clean. Simply vacuum them every now and then. If they do get muddy or dirty, wipe them over with warm water and a mild detergent and leave them to air dry thoroughly.

Open wooden storage unit with compartments for shoes

Another solution is to opt for a storage bench seat in the hallway that has separate compartments so that every member of the family has their own ‘pigeonhole’ for storing shoes and boots. Easy to keep clean – sweep out dried mud – they are perfect at both the front and back door entrances to your home.

Wooden storage bench with wicker baskets

If you want somewhere to store wellingtons or other boots, opt for a storage bench seat that has a wider and taller slot.

Storage bench with lift up lid

Another solution for welcoming guests in the hallway but also as a piece of reclaimed wood furniture with storage is to opt for a flat-top blanket chest or trunk in the hallway.

This versatile piece of furniture can act as a blanket or linen store in the bedroom but if you feel storage is lacking in the hallway, it also makes a great seat-with-storage solution too.

It is also a great ad hoc solution for bonfire night when you know you’ll have guests and need a quick and easy solution to store hats, gloves and scarves!

Opting for a flat top hallway trunk means people can sit on it but simply lift the lid to toss their hat or gloves inside.

A simple hallway bench

As we’ve seen, sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. When it comes to creating a welcoming hallway, is there anything better than a simple hallway bench?

Whether you enjoy the contemporary style in your home, or the industrial or rustic, a simple hallway bench will slot right in. Add a cushion or two for comfort, colour and texture along with open baskets or wine boxes underneath to keep shoes, scarves, gloves and hats neat, tidy and out of the way.