New mango wood furniture – introducing the Oasis collection

New mango wood furniture - introducing the Canford collection blog

Eco-friendly furniture is not limited only to reclaimed wood furniture, oh no, sustainable furniture such as mango wood furniture is another option to go green at home. Mango wood is a by-product of the many mango fruit farms found in India and Asia. The trees are felled as the tree stops bearing fruit or if they naturally grow too big to harvest the fruit, and what is great is that a new tree is planted in its place – a tree for a tree!

We are always looking out for new furniture collections that meet our style and sustainable ethos and we are over the moon to be able to expand our rustic furniture collection to include several new ranges of furniture crafted from mango wood. We look in more detail at the gorgeous new Oasis mango furniture collection – it’s one of new favourites and we think you’re going to love it too! Here we look at the new dining and living room additions from this collection that are guaranteed to bring a warmth and elegance to your home.

Mango wood dining table

You really won’t need many other features to add interest to your dining room. The retro geometric design of the Oasis Sustainable Mango Wood Dining Table will be the ultimate talking point as you sit down to dine. Pair with the Oasis Dining Chairs for a lush and stylish look.

Mango Wood Dining and Living Room Storage

For hidden storage in your dining room, you can choose the Oasis Sustainable Highboard Cabinet. This would sit beautifully next to your mango wood dining table – do take a second to take note of those gorgeous brass metal handles and those lovely legs!!

The highboard is perfect for the living room too, especially when paired up with the gorgeous mango wood coffee table. The coffee table has a plain mango wood top – allowing the gorgeous wood grain and undulations of the mango wood to shine through the warm, rich, dark-honey finish. 

All your living room media storage needs can be organised in one stylish place with the help of the mango wood TV unit. It has two open-backed shelves for consoles, and TV boxes and two cupboards each with a shelf for those items you would rather hideaway!

The gorgeous colouring of this wood means it will match a whole variety of interior design schemes from airy light rooms to dark and luxurious rooms.

Let the Soho Style showcase your home furniture

Reclaimed - Soho reclaimed wood furniture collection

reclaimed wood dining table with black painted legs and brown leather dining chairs

Inspired by the uber-cool Soho neighbourhood in downtown New York City, Soho Style is a type of interior design that is popular in homes all around the world. More sleek and polished than the industrial loft-style interiors you might think of when you picture loft-style living, Soho Style still features reclaimed and rustic elements, but with a contemporary finish and shape that is smooth and less textured. With a focus on neutral colours, natural materials and an emphasis on natural light it is an altogether more refined type of style. If you’re looking to add the Soho Style to your home furniture, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Start with a Neutral Palette

The Soho Style is all about simplicity, so start by choosing a neutral colour scheme for your walls. Shades of white, beige, grey, dark brown and black are popular choices as they create a calming and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for this type of interior design. Beige is a warm and inviting color that provides a soft contrast to the rustic elements typically found in the Soho Style, whilst if you want to add some drama and contrast, consider using charcoal or black accents. Used sparingly in rustic furniture, accessories, or even on an accent wall it can bring depth and interest to a room.

wooden tv unit with two cupboards - reclaimed

2. Mix Reclaimed and Modern Elements

Mixing reclaimed and modern elements is a hallmark of the Soho Style. Incorporating rustic furniture, such as a reclaimed wood dining table or rustic sideboard, can add character and depth to your space. Pairing home furniture with modern accents, like a sleek sofa or contemporary lighting fixtures, creates a beautiful balance between old and new.

3. Use Natural Materials

The Soho Style is all about simplicity and natural materials, such as reclaimed wood, metal, and leather or faux leather, are often used to achieve this look. Consider adding natural elements to your home furniture, such as a jute rug or a wooden coffee table, which can add warmth and texture to your space. This creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

rustic coffee table in reclaimed wood with black painted legs and bottom shelf

4. Keep it Simple

When it comes to the Soho Style, less is often more. Keep your decor simple and avoid clutter. Opt for a few statement pieces of reclaimed furniture rather than a collection of small items of home furniture. This creates a clean and uncluttered look that is perfect for this type of interior design. The best way to achieve this is with stylish storage furniture, such as a large wooden sideboard or display unit – here, you can bring an eye-catching addition to the room, whilst also having somewhere to store plates, books or clutter that would usually end up in a pile on the surface.

large sideboard in reclaimed wood with two cupboards and three drawers

5. Focus on Natural Light

One of the key elements of the Soho Style is natural light. You may not be blessed with large windows, skylights or glass doors, but if you can, bring in as much natural light as possible. This creates a bright and airy atmosphere that is perfect for this type of interior design. If natural light isn’t in abundance, use clever lighting to create a brighter interior. A table lamp will brighten a dark corner, whilst a cluster of hanging pendant lights will not only instantly lighten the room, but add an interesting design feature and draw the eyes up towards the light.

glass display unit in reclaimed wood

6. Add Texture and Layers

Adding texture and layers to your space can help create a cosy and inviting atmosphere and is essential to ensuring your space feels like home. Adding cushions, blankets and rugs can add layers of depth and interest to your space, whilst also enabling you to bring in some of your own personality and style. Mixing different textures, such as a fabric sofa with a leather accent chair or reclaimed furniture with dark grey metal hardware, can create a beautiful contrast that keeps your space fresh, modern and appealing.

In summary, the Soho Style is all about simplicity, natural light and a mix of reclaimed and modern elements. By following these simple tips, you can create a beautiful and inviting space that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Remember to keep it simple, focus on natural materials, and let natural light do the work.

Or check out our new Soho Reclaimed Wood collection and discover a beautiful range of dining and living room furniture with a cool Soho Style vibe.

Just landed: New reclaimed industrial furniture for loft style living

Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

Loft style living is a perennial trend that just gets cooler with age and our latest collection of industrial furniture, Ironbridge, is a classic take on this ever popular interior scheme. With a mix of cool industrial steel and 100% FSC certified reclaimed wood you can guarantee each piece has individual character, history and natural beauty. Discover more from the new Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood Furniture collection and let yourself fall in love with industrial living…

industrial style dining tables

Industrial style dining table

An industrial dining table is always a crowd pleaser and here we have two different styles of industrial dining room tables to tempt you with. First off, there is the Ironbridge Industrial Extending Reclaimed Wood Dining Table that as the name suggests, has the added benefit of being extendable – did someone say dinner party? The wooden extendable dining table is crafted from solid reclaimed wood full of unique knots, grains, splits and proof of its previous use, whilst the sturdy black metal X shaped legs at either end of the table, along with exposed metal bolts, elevate the industrial mood in an instance. We love the smooth butterfly mechanism of this extendable table stored within the table itself, making quick and light work when you want to extend.

Next we have the Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with an eye-catching central solid star-shaped black steel leg. This design detail marries perfectly with the rustic top of the reclaimed dining table bringing together the two key elements that typically make up the industrial style – wood and metal. It’s also great if you love to entertain by removing troublesome table legs and allowing more seats to fit around the table.

reclaimed wood dining table with black steel cross-shaped legs

To finish the industrial look check-out the Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed wooden dining bench. With the same style legs as the fixed top dining table, it looks equally as smart with the wooden extendable dining table. Or why not mix and match your seating with the Ironbridge dining tables and combine industrial style faux leather dining chairs with the dining bench? If you’re not sure what will work best, take a peek of our blog on what chairs go best with an industrial dining table for some expert advice.

Style tip: Industrial style is all about functionality so you can soften the look in the accessories and decorative pieces you choose for your room.

Lofty industrial storage

As you would expect from reclaimed furniture the wood bears beautiful markings and nail holes to give a hint about its previous life and with exposed nuts and joints the industrial look is embraced yet further. Any of the tables from this collection will make a style statement in your dining space.

industrial sideboard with three cupboards and black metal handles

The Ironbridge industrial furniture collection makes storage sexy…… honestly! Available in the collection are two storage essentials for the dining and living rooms – an industrial sideboard and an industrial tv unit. What we love about both pieces is the genuine rustic vibe they ooze. The Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed wood sideboard features plenty of storage in three tall and deep cupboards, but it’s the facade of the doors that will catch your interest. The beautiful reclaimed wood has been set in an attractive X pattern that is part industrial, part farmhouse, creating an interesting mix of styles.

industrial tv unit with two drawers and table lamp on top

For the living space or an open plan family room, the Ironbridge industrial TV stand will fit right in. It has everything you would expect from a stylish yet practical piece of reclaimed wood furniture. Two long open shelves and two drawers for hidden storage – the drawer handles and unit legs are black steel to continue the industrial feel, whilst the classic modern design make it a timeless addition.

Discover the full Ironbridge Industrial collection here or for some more interior ideas and inspiration, see all our blogs.

We’d love to know what you think about our new Ironbridge Industrial collection. Share your thoughts and ideas of how to style it on Instagram!

Modern rustic: discover our NEW rustic furniture collection

new oak rustic furniture collection

Looking for some smart sustainable rustic furniture for your home? Check out our new Eastwood rustic collection full of stylish pieces expertly crafted from sustainably sourced oak.

rustic dining table part of new rustic furniture collection

Explore our new oak furniture collection

Every piece in this stand-out collection is crafted from sustainably sourced solid oak and has been given in a wonderful mid-tone finish that will fit into any colour and interior scheme. All of the tables, from the rustic coffee table to the wooden dining table, feature a striking star-shaped and angular legs, whilst the units enjoy sleek metal legs and contemporary slim door handles. Of course, the rich mid-tone wood is the champion of these pieces especially when it comes to the oak veneer parquet effect on the cabinet doors, which further highlights the variances in the wood colour.

The Eastwood Rustic Oak collection really is a modern rustic furniture collection that will suit many different interior themes and can be styled with many different types, styles and colours of furniture. Let’s explore more…..

rustic oak highboard with metal handles

For the dining room

The Eastwood solid oak table is available in two sizes – a 2m length and also in 2.4m. Both are perfect for entertaining due to the eye-catching central star-shape leg, ideal for squeezing more around the dining table, and with the larger of the two tables comfortably seating eight people, it’s also a great choice as a dining room centrepiece. For dining room storage there is the option of three different types of sideboard – a large wooden sideboard with four spacious cupboards, a medium sized rustic sideboard with three deep cupboards and also a stylish highboard, which is perfect if you want more storage without taking up too much floor space. An oak console table is also available if you want a surface in your dining room to add a lamp and other decorative accessories to make it your own.

For the living room

rustic tv unit with two cupboards and middle shelf

The Eastwood has plenty of options for the living room also. The rustic TV stand is a real eye-catcher with two feature parquet design doors for hidden storage and two open shelves for games consoles and TV boxes – at 125cm long it is perfect for a large TV in the living room. The coffee table is another piece that will add instant style, combine it with the matching oak side table and you will have stunning coordinated look for living room.

rustic coffee table and side table with star-shaped legs

See the full Eastwood Rustic Oak collection.

If want some more rustic inspiration, check out some of our blogs for great tips and ideas….

New Farnham – mango wood furniture with a difference

farnham mango wood furniture collection

With all our new collections of sustainable mango wood furniture, it is really hard to settle on a favourite! But, if you like a bit of bling in your living and dining space then this has to bethe one’.

farnham mango wood furniture collection

What is so wonderful about the Farnham mango wood furniture collection?

First and foremost this collection is crafted from solid mango wood – a sustainable wood that much like reclaimed wood furniture, is eco-friendly and kinder to the environment. What’s more, mango wood is actually a hardwood, like oak and mahogany, except it is fast-growing and readily available due to it being a byproduct of mango fruit farms.

Secondly, the Farnham Sustainable Mango Wood collection is absolutely gorgeous! If you are looking to create a luxurious look in your living and dining space by using on-trend rich and dark colours then this collection will bring in tonnes of glamour and brightness thanks to the brass detail that is both a stunning and unique feature of the collection.

For the dining space, you have a solid mango wood dining table – the tabletop of this has been left as solid natural mango wood that allows the beauty of the wood grain and natural undulations of the wood to shine through. It is finished in a dark honey colour making it look warm and inviting to diners. Rich blue velvet dining chairs look stunning alongside it with the blue complementing the sleek brass table legs effortlessly.

close up of mango wood dining table

Sensational storage solutions – hidden golden gems

Hidden storage comes in the form of the wide mango wood sideboard which proudly boasts a contemporary design that pops out of the cupboard doors (one double cupboard and one single). The geometric hexagonal design is etched with brass and set within the wood to give the range a decadent finish and enhance sleek gold coloured legs. Another hidden gem is the highboard cabinet, a wonderful piece with four cupboard doors and brass handles in the centre that set-off the unique brass detailing in the wood – the perfect drinks cabinet perhaps?

mango wood sideboard with blue table lamp

You can continue the Midas look into your living space as well. The mango wood coffee table top features the same eye-catching geometric wood and brass patterning and for additional storage, you have a handy solid wood shelf below it. And don’t forget to include the wood side table in your living room – stand a contemporary lamp on this at the end of your sofa or pull it out for guests to use when you need a little bit of extra space.

mango wood coffee table with brass inlays and bottom shelf

The mango wood TV unit does not disappoint either – with two open shelves there’s plenty of room for the TV box and consoles. There’s a cupboard for hidden storage, a perfect spot for all the controllers and other TV paraphernalia when not in use.

mango wood tv unit with two cupboards and shelf

And finally somewhere to put all those books and decorative items you like on display. For a contemporary look, the wooden bookshelf has some open shelves and some with a back all brought together on a stylish slim gold coloured frame… actually, you may not even want to put things on some of the shelves of the wooden display cabinet as they will obscure the beauty of the piece itself!

mango wood bookcase and high board cabinet with brass details

Find out more about Farnham Sustainable Mango Wood collection here or read about mango wood furniture and why it’s the sustainable choice for your home in our Mango Wood – how suitable is it for furniture blog.

Create a warm rustic living room with the Ringwood

mango wood coffee table next to dark brown leather sofa

A living room should be a cosy family room – somewhere to relax and unwind in front of the TV, play cards and board games with your favourite people, a place to quietly read a book as well as a social space to sit with friends over a morning coffee or before dinner cocktails.

You also want your living room to reflect your personality and style so this is why we have many different types of rustic furniture collections for you to choose from – the modern look comes from the Canford mango wood furniture collection, whereas if you like the look of industrial furniture then you can choose from the Standford reclaimed wood furniture collection or for rustic furniture then the new Ringwood living room furniture collection simply has to grab your attention.

The Ringwood collection is skillfully crafted from gorgeous honey-coloured, sustainable mango wood. It is produced in a way to make the most of the gorgeous wood grain that mango wood is renowned for, just what you need to create a warm rustic living room.

mango wood coffee table and dark brown leather sofa

Just about every living room has a coffee table and we love the beautiful simplicity and clean lines of the Ringwood rustic coffee table where the gorgeous mango wood does all the talking. However, if you need to add some practical storage space in your living room (and who doesn’t?) then the storage coffee table with its slide open top and two drawers has to be your first choice. For extra occasional coffee tables then consider the wooden nest of tables always handy to have when visitors call!

mango wood lamp table with dark brown leather sofa

For those times when you just want a little atmospheric dim lighting in your living room then make sure you have a lamp next to the Ringwood lamp table next to your favourite relaxing spot – it has a drawer too, handy for your favourite book, reading glasses and to keep remotes in one place.

mango wood console table with two drawers

Bringing your own personality to a living room is essential for a homely living space and the rustic sideboard or rustic console table is the ideal spot to display memorable photos and favoured accessories, again crated from solid mango using traditional carpentry methods to ensure each piece is as unique as it is beautiful.

close up of mango wood drawer

Being a rich dark honey colour this living room furniture will bring a natural rustic warmth into your room that only real solid wood can – it will complement bolder and brighter colour schemes just as it will a calming neutral colour scheme.

Carry the same rustic scheme into your dining space with the Ringwood Sustainable Mango Wood Furniture for the dining room. Including a wonderful mango wood dining table with solid X-legs and a choice of three matching wooden dining chairs, read more in our Spotlight on the new Ringwood Mango Wood Dining blog here.

Spotlight: The new Derby Reclaimed wood collection

reclaimed wood dining table with black painted legs and matching wooden bench

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting ranges of reclaimed wood furniture – and are delighted to add the Derby collection to our existing ranges of reclaimed furniture. The Derby collection is a perfect blend of rustic and modern simplicity. The pale wood brings in a light and airy Nordic influence while the black painted legs and minimalist black handles give a hint of industrial style. The Derby collection offers everything you need to stylishly furnish your living room, dining room and hallway.

Reclaimed wood dining table with black painted legs

For your dining space…

If you are after a new look in your dining room then the Derby wooden table with matching bench could be the perfect choice for your dining area, it’s an extendable table too, giving you plenty of extra tabletop when you have guests for dinner! Adding the Derby wooden bench, as well as chairs, around your dining table is right on-trend, you can opt for modern faux leather dining chairs with metal legs to reinforce the industrial element. If you have a smaller room or want to add a table in your kitchen then there is the Derby reclaimed wood round dining table – perfect for family dinners and intimate entertaining.

reclaimed wood sideboard with two cupboards and three drawers

For dining room storage the range includes a console table with drawers – perfect for the smaller dining space – or a large reclaimed wood sideboard for a bigger dining room, the sideboard would work just as well as living room storage!

Reclaimed wood coffee table with two deep drawers and bottom shelf

For your living space…

Whether you’re going for a minimalist industrial look or the natural airy Nordic look in your living room then the Derby should not be overlooked. You can pair this collection with a brown leather sofa or a fabric sofa, the reclaimed wood coffee table has built-in storage (very handy for the living room) in the shape of two drawers and a small shelf. You can stand your TV on the matching rustic tv stand for those evenings when the family gathers around to watch a bit of TV. Side tables are available, again with a drawer and shelf so you can place a reading lamp near your favorite spot on the sofa.

reclaimed wood tv stand with two cupboards and table lamp on top

In the hallway…

To keep your hallway clutter free the Derby collection offers a console table with two drawers, perfect to store keys, the dog’s lead and other small bits and bobs in. You can hang a mirror over this for a quick glance on your way out, or a picture, and dress the top with a houseplant and some decorative vases – just to give the hallway a warm welcoming feel.

Reclaimed wood console table with tall black painted legs

Spotlight: Introducing new additions to our Dulwich collection

King size wooden bed frame

Our gorgeous range of Dulwich Reclaimed Wood bedroom furniture has always been a hugely popular choice with our discerning customers…. now that some new pieces have been added to the range we just couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Bed

If you are looking out for an impressive and sturdy, solid king size wooden bed frame (or super king) then look no further than the Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Bed. It’s simply styled to let the beauty of the salvaged wood shine through the medium or natural wax finish. 

Just a reminder – our Dulwich range is handcrafted right here in the UK – all the pieces in this collection started their lives well over 100 years ago as parts of old buildings that have been demolished. Rather than just going to landfill or being burnt they are skillfully crafted into statement pieces of furniture equally perfect for the modern or more traditional home. This saves new trees being chopped down and machined for furniture production making the Dulwich range the perfect choice for the eco-conscious buyer.

Additional items from the Dulwich range

The Dulwich reclaimed wood furniture range includes other items for the bedroom – such as different sizes of solid wood chest of drawers and bedside tables.

Caring for your Dulwich rustic bed

Caring for your reclaimed wood bedroom furniture is super easy too! When you first get it, to help it acclimatise to its new surroundings, we recommend a monthly wax for the first three months and then every month or so to keep up the beautiful lustre of the wood. Then the usual day-to-day stuff applies, use coasters, wipe up any spillages as soon as possible, don’t drag the furniture along the floor when moving it – pretty much the same as any other wood furniture you have in your home. Full details are in our care guide.

Spotlight: Introducing our new Eastwood collection

Rustic dining table with fabric dining chairs and white linen table runner

Our new Eastwood range is here and we couldn’t wait any longer to tell you about it! This gorgeous new range is characterised by the rich oak wood used to craft it and beautiful rustic furniture fittings.

For the dining room

This collection includes the perfect rustic dining table to suit any space from the monastery to the refectory dining table. The tabletops on all of these proudly boast natural markings and undulations which will bring a little history and individuality into your dining space. These tables really do match many styles of dining chair from plush velvet in a bold colour, to a neutral fabric dining chair. If you want a solid wood sideboard to match your dining table then there are two different styles to choose from, either giving you loads more handy storage in your dining space.

For the living room

Sideboards are traditionally found in the dining room – but nowadays we like to see them in the living room too – a whole load of hidden storage for books, children’s toys, your DVD collection and so on. The Eastwood range does not stop there when it comes to living room furniture. Put your favourite display pieces on the rustic oak highboard and match up with a wood coffee table from this range. For something stylish to set the TV on there is the perfect media unit.

Other pieces from the range

The Eastwood range does not end with just these home staples, to add some reclaimed wood warmth in your hallway you can choose the rustic console table – this also looks great in the living room behind a sofa with a lamp!