Spending a quality lazy day with your dog

Dog and Boy in the Park

August 26th is Dog Day, a chance to share your time with your beloved pooch, making them the centre of attention.

For most dog owners, their canine companion is the centre of their world every day with Dog Day just giving them an excuse to spend even more time with their best friend!

With this in mind, we canvassed the Modish Living team, all dog lovers, for their ideas on the perfect way of spending quality time with Fido. And here’s what they came up with…

A good book and a picnic

Unpack the picnic blanket from the wooden blanket box and head out with delicious treats for a woodland or coastal walk with your dog.

Dog and Boy at Picnic

Once their excess energy is worn away, enjoy a picnic together sharing tasty treats under the blue sky of summer. Snooze in the sun or enjoy a few chapters of a novel before you head on home.

Host afternoon tea for your dog and their canine friends

Dogs are pack animals, enjoying time playing with their friends – just like we do. So we loved the idea of hosting an afternoon tea party for your friends but bringing their canine companions too.

Dogs Party

As well as tasty cake and treats for your human guests, make sugar-free and dog-safe ones for your dog and their friends. From homemade liver dog cake to carob drops, there are many ways of making afternoon tea just right for your dog.

Potter in the garden

If there is one thing about your dog that he wishes he could tell you, is that all they want to do is shadow you. Whether that’s washing the car or pottering in the garden, being near you is the perfect way to spend the day.

Dog in the Garden

After your morning walk, enjoy the papers in the garden along with good coffee and a croissant or two, followed by a few hours pottering in the garden. Spread out together on your large sofa for a mid-afternoon nap before you strike up the BBQ for dinner al fresco.

Get organised

Downtime is great for anyone but with your dog at your side, it’s even better. Owning a pet is great for busting your stress levels so why not take advantage even more by getting organised for the week ahead sitting on one of the fabric dining chairs at your reclaimed wood dining table, your dog at your side listening attentively to all your ideas?

Meal-planning is perfect for a lazy afternoon, especially when you can make a list of your week’s meals and your shopping list for ingredients too.

Catch up on box sets

Whether you have a dog, cat or a guinea pig, we loved the idea of catching up on the latest box set whilst snuggling with your furry friend.

Recline on your reclaimed wood bed with your dog for company, using a throw to protect your duvet, and snuggle with Fido whilst you binge watch your favourites.

Stop and smell the roses

Dog with Woman on Sofa

The best suggestion by far was ‘stop and smell the roses’ because who says that Dog Day has to be about ‘doing anything’? Just relax together…