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Spoil your loved ones on Working Parents Day

Spoil your loved ones on Working Parents Day

Working Parents Day

It’s the toughest job in the world. It is a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year commitment that never ends.

Being a parent is challenging but rewarding. Working Parents Day, celebrated annually on September 16th, is a chance to say thank you to all those hard-working parents. But unlike other celebratory days of the year, this is not about buying a card or sending a gift. It is about spending quality time together as a family but how?

With our ideas, you won’t need a whopping budget, just an afternoon or a full day to get the family together.

Family Activities

There are hundreds of ideas in which you can spend the day together, enjoying some quality family time;

  • Get Outdoors

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the outdoors – the back garden will do! The great British weather permitting, enjoy an afternoon soaking up the sun, enjoying silly ‘party games’ or outdoor board games, finishing the day with a delicious BBQ.

  • Indoor Fun

Unfortunately, the weather isn’t always reliable and so if Working Parents day dawns grey and gloomy, you will need to hold the family get together inside.

  • Ghost stories

There is nothing better for getting people to snuggle up close that a hair-raising, goose-bump-inducing story about the paranormal. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are some strange goings on that just cannot be explained. Why do doors open on their own or why is there that strange sound that happens at the same time every day…?

Set the scene by bringing out the lovely snuggly throws from the wooden blanket box and rely on flickering candlelight to really set the mood. Or, our mains powered fairy light lamps and lanterns are great too for creating a gentle ambience to a room. A large sheepskin rug can be the perfect place to sit if you can’t fit on the same couch – after all, you need to be close enough to grab each other if you’re getting a little nervy!

  • Family stories

With everyone in situ and the living room decadently decked out in reclaimed furniture that could tell a story or two, why not bring out the family photo albums and share stories of family events and gatherings from the past? A great way to keep memories alive. Hot chocolate and marshmallows on the wooden side table, and reminiscing on great times can really give everyone a feel good glow.

Working Parents Day Board Games

  • Board Games and Card Games

Living in a digital age, we are sometimes remiss a keeping some traditions going and this is the perfect excuse to teach younger members of the family how to play traditional board games and card games too. No matter how beautiful the kids bedroom furniture is, you don’t want them to be spending too much time on their own. Tempt them out with the offer of tasty nibbles and treats on a serving tray, complete with refreshments for all players.

Special Time Together

There is no substitute for spending time together and as busy working parents, you are very much aware of the sacrifices made. Getting the balance between work and family life is hard but spending time relaxing together is one way of getting the balance right.

How about a family spa day? Or a family day enjoying local museums or stately homes, followed by afternoon tea? Or why not try your hand at go karting or a new activity such as fly fishing?

What ideas do you have for spending quality time together as a family, celebrating Working Parents Day?

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