Spotlight - Canford sustainable bedroom furniture collection

We are always on the lookout for sustainable and stylish new products and our new Canford Sustainable Mango Wood collection ticks all those boxes. Let's discover more.....

mango wood dressing table with grey velvet chair and wooden mirror

A quick intro to mango wood furniture...

Mango wood is an ideal sustainable raw material when it comes to rustic furniture. It's a hardwood and the trees grow quickly, maturing when they are 10-15 years old, whereas an oak tree for example takes around 75 years to mature. When mango trees grow too tall to harvest the fruit or when they stop producing fruit entirely they are felled and a new tree is planted in its place.  It is the felled tree that is used to create the wonderful mango wood furniture is gaining popularity in the interior world. Discover more about mango wood and why it's suitable for furniture in our blog.

The gorgeous new Canford bedroom furniture collection which is crafted from solid sustainable mango wood. The collection has all the style you would expect to see in the most beautiful of bedrooms - it includes a solid wooden wardrobe with a mirror door, a wooden dressing table, a solid wood chest of drawers as well as a bedside table. 

mango wood bedside table with drawer and blue velvet armchair

The stand out features of this range are the gorgeous wood grain patterns and the colour of the mango wood which is a rich warm honey. The pieces in the collection are styled with a nod to a retro look with simple unfussy lines and minimalist brass coloured wooden legs and brass metal drawer and door furniture. However, the real draw to this collection, apart from the natural features of the wood, has to be the stunning geometric diamond patterning featured on every piece. 

close up of mango wood bedside table drawer

These solid wood furniture pieces have been designed with the modern bedroom firmly in mind and combine this with expert craftsmanship. The Canford Sustainable Mango Wood collection will elevate your bedroom scheme whatever style or colour you desire. 

mango wood wardrobe with mirror door and large mango wood chest of drawers

To discover more about mango wood Shop the full collection here or discover more sustainable furniture at Modish Living.

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