Spruce up your hallway with these Christmas deco ideas

Small Christmas tree with fairy lights on a dark wooden mantelpiece with three hanging light blue stars

Small Christmas tree with fairy lights on a dark wooden mantelpiece with three hanging light blue stars

Create a winter wonderland entrance in your home this Christmas with these magical hallway tips and ideas…

First impressions last so spruce up your hallway by making the most of its architectural features and by adding a few well-placed accessories.

Bring the best of winter foliage in

Winter is not a completely grey month. There is colour in nature over the winter months. From the dark green of evergreen holly with bright red berries to other evergreen plants, such as ivy, there are options that make decorating your hallway banister easy – and with a stunning finish. Intertwine fairy lights as you go and it will enjoy an extra festive glow.

Clear away the clutter with a wooden shoe rack

As well as being beautifully decorated and full of a glorious winter scent, the hallway also needs to be free from clutter, which can be hard to do when there are bags, coats and shoes to hideaway. The solution is to invest in hallway storage that works for you.

Large Chedworth Wooden Shoe Storage

A wooden shoe rack, for example, is ideal. Shoes are slotted into vacant slots where they remain until they are needed again. You can also keep house slippers in the slots so when guests arrive, they have something warm and soft for their feet.

Add a seat for practical purposes

Reclaimed Wood Twin Basket Bench

The hallway is the place that guests pass through as they enter and leave your home. That means there are coats to be stored and outdoor shoes to be stored away too. As well as a unit with rattan drawers, you might also want to consider a hallway storage seat.

Another great option is for a hallway bench. And there are many styles and sizes to choose from. A simple yet stylish wooden bench is a great investment. It’s one of those items of furniture that can be used for many different purposes across the home. When winter arrives and you prepare your home to welcome guests, the wooden dining bench in the hallway is great for bags and coats.

Another option is a hallway storage bench. Similar to a blanket chest in the bedroom, the lid is lifted to so items can be securely stored but with a nice padded seat for guests to sit on.

Tan Leather Dining Bench on wooden legs

For even more elegance, go all out with a leather upholstered hallway bench. With button-back detailing, there is something very striking about this style of bench. The design has hints of the iconic Chesterfield sofa about it, making it perfect for the winter wonderland hallway.

Update the hallway console table

The hallway console table is an absolute must. Give it a fresh look with an arrangement of evergreen foliage and winter flowers, as well as a recycled glass lamp to cast a pleasantly warm and welcoming glow to the hallway. The console table would also be perfect for a scented candle or a diffuser too.

Don’t forget the mistletoe

There are many different varieties of mistletoe but the one we know and love at Christmas is the one with thin green leaves and white berries. Hang a sprig or two of mistletoe above your door for a chance to share a stolen kiss or two!