Christmas Fix Solved – Fitting Everyone Round the Dinner Table!

People huddled around a rustic dining table with lit candles

People huddled around a rustic dining table with lit candles, drinks and food

Christmas is a time to bring everyone together, but that doesn’t mean we all want to dine on top of each other. If you are hosting Christmas this year, ensure there are no Christmas Grinches at your table by following our top tips to seat everyone around the reclaimed wood dining table in comfort and style.

Consider table legs when seating guests at your table

As well as being too cramped at the dining table, there is nothing worse than constantly banging knees on table legs. Aside from it being painful, it also makes eating a long Christmas dinner very uncomfortable.

Industrial style dining table with a black steel spider leg, linen and ceramics on top

There are various options, one of which is a central pedestal type leg that keeps the perimeter of the underside of the table pain-free for knees! The Mitcham Industrial Oak Spider Leg Dining Table has a stylish twist on the central pedestal leg, perfect as an 8-seater dining table.

Greater seating flexibility with H bar legs

An industrial and rustic oak dining table with an H bar and tan dining chairs

Everyone wants seating flexibility when it comes to investing in a reclaimed wood dining table and so opting for one with H bar legs makes sense. The Amalfi industrial H bar rustic oak dining table has a delightfully contoured edge that makes it an instant stylish hit in the dining room.

Four taupe velvet dining chairs around a luxurious dining table

Of course, all this talk of large dining tables is only as good as the seating options you have available. Fabric dining chairs certainly make a decadent and luxurious addition to a wood dining table. We love adding jewel colours for more of a statement or for a classic edge, neutral colours, such as stone, work well.

Opt for a style of dining chair without arms and lower backs so the dining table looks less cluttered. Or ring the changes with a dining bench. As well as the elegant simplicity of a Scandinavian style wooden bench, there are also high-backed upholstered dining benches that are perfect for your Christmas guests.

The all-inclusive round dining table

The one thing about the rectangular dining table is that when you have a larger group of diners, it can split into one conversation at one end and another group discussing another matter at the other. The solution comes in the shape of a round dining table.

An oval shaped industrial dining table made of oak

The Sussex Oak Parquet Industrial Oval Dining Table is a must-have. It allows for every diner to see each other, for conversation to flow easily and for food to be enjoyed. As well as the delightful shaping of the table and plenty of room for diners, the parquet tabletop of this table is also a talking point.

Complement it with leather dining chairs to emphasise the elegance of this beautiful table.

An extendable table is the gift that keeps on giving

A reclaimed oak extending dining table with black steel legs and velvet dining chairs

An extending dining table is an obvious choice, especially if you enjoy entertaining. At times when you don’t need the extra dining space, simply remove or drop down the extending panel. The Kingsbridge is the perfect example of an oak extending dining table that guests will admire and enjoy being seated around.

Alternative plans

If the festive period will mean a large crowd gathering for dinner, thinking of an alternative to the sit-down turkey roast is also an option. Go for casual seating and a hot buffet – there’s nothing better than a hot turkey, brie and cranberry baguette, and pigs in blankets make for the perfect finger food?

You might also want to consider moving the dining table to another, larger space. If you have a conservatory or orangery, this would make the perfect temporary dining room or even the hallway. You just need to add plenty of festive decoration to set the right atmosphere!