Start now! Get ready for going back to school

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It feels like the school holidays have only just begun, yet, again, before we know it, we’re thinking about getting the kids back to school. After the holiday many children are excited to go back to school, so it’s good to be organised and ready!

Below are a few ideas that we hope will get them ready and excited to go back to school. This can be especially useful for younger kids who are starting their first or a new school – it will help them get excited about it – but it’s nice for any child to be involved in getting ready to start the new school year.

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School uniform

Check to see if last years uniform still fits and if you need to buy any replacement items. Start looking out for school uniform items now – large supermarkets offer some excellent value items – it is completely worth shopping around to see what you can find. While sorting out the uniform take a look at what clothes storage your child has in their room. A solid wood wardrobe with drawers gives plenty of space so your children know exactly where to grab stuff during the early morning starts!

two solid wooden wardrobes

School shoes

In our experience, kids never wear shoes out before they need the next size up! Now is the time to sort out the hallway storage bench and see which shoes still fit, what can be sold or donated and what replacements you need to buy.

New school rucksack and pencil case

Buying a new rucksack and pencil case is a highlight for most younger kids when it comes to getting ready to go back to school! Make space so the school bag has a permanent “home” in a wooden chest in the hallway – this could save hunting around for it on a Monday morning! It is also a good place to keep their PE kit – ready to grab it on the way out the door.

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Travel and bus passes

Get organised and buy monthly or annual travel passes. Your child’s school or the local council website should have information on what you need to do to get assistance with travel expenses for your child. It may also be worth getting in a few spare washable face masks in case they are needed during your child’s journey to and from school.

Create a study area

If your child is moving up to secondary school then they will definitely need a quiet place to do their homework, so think about creating a simple study area in their bedroom. Just a kids desk and chair in the corner with good lighting and a desk tidy is all that is needed. This is also a good idea for little kids – a place where they can keep their pens, pencils, colouring books and school things altogether neat and tidy.

children's study area with green metal chair and wooden desk

Desk tidy out

If your child already has a desk in their bedroom then have a sort out and give it a bit of a revamp – recycle old drawing books and activity books restock things you are running short on – maybe treat them to a new study chair, hang a cork board on the wall or get a solid wood chest of drawers to give a bit extra storage space.

grey faux leather desk chair next to industrial desk


If you haven’t already, make an appointment for the ‘back to school’ haircut – salons get very busy this time of year with all the kids getting a quick tidy up before they head back to school!