5 ways to help make your home more energy efficient

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Whilst we love getting cosy with the best of them, the closer we get to the colder months of the year when the nights are longer and we spend more times inside our homes, we can’t help but worry about the amount of energy in the home we’re going to be using. With even higher energy bills predicted to come, it’s wise to start looking now at how we can make our bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms more energy efficient to save power and money. Here, we offer some tips and tricks to improving the energy efficiency in your home.

1. Start with the heating

Turning the heating on this winter may be scary for many people, but higher bills doesn’t mean turning off the heating altogether. Simply dialing down the thermostat by just one or two degrees equals an instant reduction in your fuel bill. The Energy Saving Trust believes you could see a 10% saving for every degree you turn down. A smart thermostat, controlled through a phone app, is a great way to help energy efficiency as you can adjust it to only heat the rooms being used.

If it’s not feasible to turn down the heating, consider investing in thermal curtains to retain heat, and for the ultimate in cosiness, keep warm blankets in a wooden blanket box in the living room for an extra layer of warmth whilst sat on the sofa on colder nights. Try making your home as heat-retentive as possible in other ways. For example, choosing environmentally sustainable reclaimed wood furniture or a large solid rustic sideboard to help plug gaps in floorboards and keep drafts out could help keep a room warm.

Thick rugs or carpets are also a great way to help retain heat in a room, and the addition of a stylish industrial coffee table as well as a large rug will instantly elevate the look of the room, as well as the warmth.

brown leather chesterfield sofa with rustic coffee table and blue rug

2. Switch to LED light bulbs

With nights getting longer, we are going to be switching on the lights earlier. Nobody wants to spend the winter sitting in the dark, so consider swapping to LED bulbs, which are more efficient and long-lasting than the old-style incandescent bulbs or the newer fluorescent bulbs. They are easy to fit, don’t need replacing very often and can be used as spotlights or in dimmable lamps. Replace the bulbs in your table lamps on your wooden display cabinet or rustic sideboard for instant, money-saving impact.

industrial sideboard with two cupboards and four drawers

3. Switch off!

It may sound obvious, but get into the habit of turning off lights and appliances that aren’t in use. TV’s, game consoles and computers or laptops all use energy even when in sleep mode, so try to remember to shut down and switch off!

girl turning off light switch for 5 ways to help make your home energy efficient

4. Insulate, insulate, insulate

Any heat-saving measures will be lost if you don’t take steps to insulate as much of your home as possible. Start with the loft and cavity walls. Whatever the age of your house, any original insulation material may well have deteriorated, so have an insulation specialist check yours out. Proper insulation can help to reduce your home’s carbon emissions as well as save money on your energy bills. Check here to see if you qualify for a home insulation grant from the government.

Other insulation best practices is to look around all the windows and doors and fill any gaps where possible using a caulk seal or for larger gaps, expanding foam may be a better choice. A simple way to plug under-door gaps is by using a draft excluder, whilst double-glazed or triple-glazed windows will trap more heat inside the home than single-glazed windows and could save you around £175 per year.

person insulation a loft for 5 ways to help make your home energy efficient

5. Consider a new boiler

A new boiler may be expensive depending on the size of your home, but it will be a good investment as you could save around £300 per year on heating and hot water with an A-rated boiler. Swapping your old appliances for new A+ rated one will help save money in the long run.

We hope all these tips will help you save some energy and keep your home cosy and warm as we head into the cooler months. For more handy tips and home interior ideas, sign-up for our weekly newsletter below.

Want to know how to celebrate an amazing Thanksgiving?

want to know how to celebrate an amazing Thanksgiving?

bunch of autumn berries tied with string thankful label attached on a rustic dining table

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the USA, celebrated in all states up, down and across the country. It is believed that Thanksgiving was to commemorate a harvest festival back in 1621 by the Pilgrim fathers and was declared a national holiday in the USA in the early 1940’s.

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November followed by a bank holiday Friday, which is now commonly known as Black Friday, this four-day weekend is seen as one of the most important holidays of the year, definitely one to get the family together and enjoy a traditional celebratory Thanksgiving meal.

Whether you’re American or not, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner here in the UK is a lovely reason to get family and friends together. But how to decorate the table for your Thanksgiving dinner? Here we look at a few styles you might like to bring to the table.

1. A classic or rustic setting

rustic dining table with pumpkins and string tied around knife and fork and rustic napkin

This is well suited to a rustic dining table like the newly launched Ringwood mango wood dining table and a great theme for a Thanksgiving dinner with a very traditional touch. Pumpkins are a big part of Thanksgiving in the US so you could set a rustic theme for your table by opting for natural fauna, dried flowers and also some gourds. The tableware to use for this theme should be chunky, homely earthenware in neutral colours.

2. A contemporary setting

top of mango wood dining table with cup and napkin

For this, you will want ultra-modern tableware, modern simple lined minimalist candlesticks, white plates to almost achieve a retro look that would complement the striking design of the top of the Canford mango wood dining table. A simple table setting and serving dishes that will sit easily on the striking diamond patterning of the tabletop.

3. Go glam

white pumpkin and champagne glass on wooden dining table

Our new Farnham collection of mango wood furniture blends industrial style with golden glamour and is perfect for a sophisticated, high glamour stylish table setting for Thanksgiving. Merge glamour with an industrial dining table to achieve the trending look of the season. With the wooden sideboard in your dining space too you would be bringing extra bling in the shape of the gold etching which is a unique feature of this gorgeous new collection.

mango wood dining table with brass metal legs and blue velvet dining chairs

How to engage all 5 senses with an autumnal tablescape

How to engage all five senses with an autumnal tablescape

solid wood dining table styled with autumnal accessories and lighting

Looking to incorporate the seasons into your home decor? We asked Hayley Baddiley from the ceramics and homeware brand Denby to share her top tips for creating an autumnal tablescape to engage all of your senses.

There are so many things to love about this time of year, from the beautiful autumnal scenery to the warming and delicious seasonal foods and drinks. This season inspires beautiful home design too — autumnal décor is stylish, inviting, and the perfect way to add rustic charm to your home. If you’re looking to incorporate the season into your interior design, why not try doing this by creating an autumnal tablescape on your rustic dining table?

Not only does this make your home look beautiful, but making a sensory simulating tablescape can even be good for you too. You can manage your stress levels with your senses, as certain scents, sights, and sounds can be soothing and induce relaxation (Verywell Mind). So take some time to put together a seasonal tablescape and celebrate all of the senses of autumn.

To add a seasonal touch to your home, read on to find out how to create a stylish seasonal tablescape which engages all of your senses.

1. Sight

Create a beautiful display to admire and evoke positive emotions by choosing the right colours for your tablescape. A good place to start is by looking at shades of brown. Not only is brown found on every autumnal colour palette, but it’s also associated with feelings of comfort and warmth, which is exactly what we need around this time of year. Plus, there are so many ways to incorporate it into your table setting, including through a reclaimed wood dining table, or a set of faux leather coasters and table mats.

reclaimed wood dining table with terracotta vaseFarringdon Reclaimed Wood Extending Trestle Dining Table

Of course, there are a number of other colours you could incorporate into your tablescape too. Vases, decorative bowls and floral bouquets consisting of warm greens, orangey reds and rich cream can give your display a splash of colour, while still keeping with the warm and cosy theme.

To create an appealing look, decide on a theme for your interiors. Rustic furniture is a great theme to go for in the autumn and upcoming winter months as it can create a cosy atmosphere. Plus, this style of furniture tends to be durable and versatile, making it a great eco-friendly option. To add a rustic touch to your tablescape, use a large jug as a vase for an autumnal bouquet and invest in sturdy and reliable reclaimed wood furniture.

2. Scent

The chances are that your sense of smell is more sensitive than you think. In fact, a human’s sense of smell has been found to be just as strong as a dogs. And as scents have the ability to soothe us and boost our mood, incorporating natural and calming smells into your tablescape is a must (Stylist).

For fresh scents, opt for a colourful and fragrant floral bouquet to display in a high-quality vase or jug. Roses, crocosmia, and cosmos are popular autumnal flowers, which both look and smell delightful. If you’re looking for something to last a little longer, a candle is a great addition to your tablescape. Opt for one that comes in a reusable ceramic pot to add to the beauty of your table setting.

3. Sound

Wind down during your evening meal by incorporating relaxing sounds into your solid wood dining table display. A great way to do this is by placing your furniture next to the window to listen to the noises of nature, such as birdsong, or the sound of autumnal British weather, whether it’s wind, rain or thunderstorms.

Or if you’d rather, play soft and slow music in the background to create a relaxing atmosphere. Gentle classical music works well when it comes to winding down and it has been found to be good for both the body and the brain (The Healthy). But don’t worry if this isn’t your thing, as you could try slow country or smooth jazz instead.

spider leg oak dining table with bamboo chairsMitcham Industrial Oak Spider Leg Dining Table

4. Taste

No dining table is complete without a delicious meal! And one of the best things about autumn is all of the delicious seasonal produce on offer, including butternut squash, carrot, apple, pear, and pumpkin, to name just a few. By using seasonal produce, you’ll both maximise the flavour of the meal and make more of a conscious choice too, so it’s a win-win.

There are so many delicious autumnal meals to make which the whole family will love, such as butternut squash soup, pumpkin risotto, and apple and blackberry pie.

5. Touch

To engage your sense of touch, use a selection of fabrics and textures in your tablescape. Not only do high quality textiles appeal to our senses, but incorporating a variety of them into your table setting can make the display look full and complete.

There are a variety of textures to choose from, so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to use a range in your presentation. A great base for your tablescape is a reclaimed wood dining table. As well as being high quality and durable, reclaimed wood furniture has a unique texture that feels great to touch. Plus, when it comes to reclaimed furniture, no two pieces are identical so you know your dining table is unique. Pair with a wooden dining bench or faux leather dining chairs to bring the look and feel together.

Top the table with a soft table runner and a set of placemats or coasters of your choosing. Faux leather placemats or ceramic coasters are great options. Not only are they incredibly versatile, but they’re easy to clean too. Finish the tablescape off with a centrepiece that has an appealing texture, whether it’s a glazed ceramic vase with a floral bouquet or a decorative ridged bowl filled with pine cones to bring the best of autumnal nature into your home.

rustic dining table with autumn foods and candles

If you use the tips above, you should be able to create a stylish autumnal tablescape that appeals to all of your senses. For more inspiration when it comes to seasonal interiors, make sure to check out the other articles available on the Modish Living blog!

Easy ways to elevate your Halloween decorations

easy ways to elevate your Halloween decorations

Halloween is often thought of as a bit kitsch – something just for kids to get dressed up and go trick or treating – but adults can get in on the action too with something a little more sophisticated and grown-up. If you have any reclaimed wood furniture or rustic furniture in your home then you already have a great foundation to set off some super stylish Halloween decorations. Here we look at a few alternative ideas that will help you elevate your Halloween house decor.

5 Stylish Halloween Decor Ideas

white pumpkins and white halloween decorations

1. Paint pumpkins

Instead of carving out creepy faces on the standard orange pumpkins, you can paint the pumpkins a stylish white. Paint simple black scary faces on them if you like, much easier than pumpkin carving! Get a selection of different sized pumpkins and create an attractive and elegant feature on a reclaimed wood coffee table in your living room or on a rustic console table in the hallway ready to welcome your guests as they arrive.

black painted small squashes with coffee beans for easy ways to elevate your halloween decorations

2. Fill glass jars or vases with Halloween decor

Keep your Halloween decorations in more impressive clusters rather than scattered all around the house. Use glass jars to display Halloween decorations and attach several cutouts of black bats together on a string and suspend them from a witches broom or add simple cob webbing to the corners of rustic furniture for a spooky feel.

halloween decorations black witches hat on hallway bench

3. Go for a cosy and welcoming look

Mix mini white painted pumpkins or white squashes with cosy autumnal textures like wool and faux fur. Dim lighting will help create a more spooky and cosy atmosphere, candlelight is perfect for a Halloween dinner party or you can use fairy lights scattered with mini painted squashes on your reclaimed wood dining table. Marry Halloween with autumn and bring in warm-coloured autumnal flower, or twig, displays.

dried flowers and stylish Halloween decorations on front door step

You can also decorate your front door with Halloween wreaths and a few different sized pumpkins by your front door, they don’t even need to be carved. Garlands of autumnal leaf displays framing the door also look lovely and give a warm welcome to guests.

4. Go all black!

Halloween doesn’t have to be orange. Stick with black and decorate an area of your dining room or living room; maybe around the fireplace to make a really impressive display. If you don’t have a fireplace then consider the top of a wooden sideboard. A witches hat or cape is a really handy accessory, hang one on a hook by the fireplace in the living room.

white fireplace with broomstick and black Halloween decorations

5. Keep it simple

If you are just having a quiet Halloween night in then there is no need to go all out and spend hours decorating your house! Bring in a hint of Halloween and add small accents here and there in your home. Just a little display on a sideboard, wooden side table or rustic bookcase is all you need to be part of the fun.

Start now! Get ready for going back to school

small blackboard and pot with pencils for start now! get ready for going back to school blog

It feels like the school holidays have only just begun, yet, again, before we know it, we’re thinking about getting the kids back to school. After the holiday many children are excited to go back to school, so it’s good to be organised and ready!

Below are a few ideas that we hope will get them ready and excited to go back to school. This can be especially useful for younger kids who are starting their first or a new school – it will help them get excited about it – but it’s nice for any child to be involved in getting ready to start the new school year.

blackboard with Back to School written for get ready to go back to school blog

School uniform

Check to see if last years uniform still fits and if you need to buy any replacement items. Start looking out for school uniform items now – large supermarkets offer some excellent value items – it is completely worth shopping around to see what you can find. While sorting out the uniform take a look at what clothes storage your child has in their room. A solid wood wardrobe with drawers gives plenty of space so your children know exactly where to grab stuff during the early morning starts!

two solid wooden wardrobes

School shoes

In our experience, kids never wear shoes out before they need the next size up! Now is the time to sort out the hallway storage bench and see which shoes still fit, what can be sold or donated and what replacements you need to buy.

New school rucksack and pencil case

Buying a new rucksack and pencil case is a highlight for most younger kids when it comes to getting ready to go back to school! Make space so the school bag has a permanent “home” in a wooden chest in the hallway – this could save hunting around for it on a Monday morning! It is also a good place to keep their PE kit – ready to grab it on the way out the door.

blue children's ruck sack with pencils and pens for Back to School blog

Travel and bus passes

Get organised and buy monthly or annual travel passes. Your child’s school or the local council website should have information on what you need to do to get assistance with travel expenses for your child. It may also be worth getting in a few spare washable face masks in case they are needed during your child’s journey to and from school.

Create a study area

If your child is moving up to secondary school then they will definitely need a quiet place to do their homework, so think about creating a simple study area in their bedroom. Just a kids desk and chair in the corner with good lighting and a desk tidy is all that is needed. This is also a good idea for little kids – a place where they can keep their pens, pencils, colouring books and school things altogether neat and tidy.

children's study area with green metal chair and wooden desk

Desk tidy out

If your child already has a desk in their bedroom then have a sort out and give it a bit of a revamp – recycle old drawing books and activity books restock things you are running short on – maybe treat them to a new study chair, hang a cork board on the wall or get a solid wood chest of drawers to give a bit extra storage space.

grey faux leather desk chair next to industrial desk


If you haven’t already, make an appointment for the ‘back to school’ haircut – salons get very busy this time of year with all the kids getting a quick tidy up before they head back to school!

How to go green this Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving in wooden blogs on rustic wood with scattering of acorns

Traditionally an all American celebration but we, across the pond, are now starting to see it as the start of the final countdown to Christmas. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Thursday, is generally the day when our American cousins start their Christmas shopping and when all the high street and online stores start their Christmas gift promotion sales. The origins of Thanksgiving are thought to date back to 1621 when it started as a 3-day festival to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year.

As with many celebrations, it has all become a bit over-commercialised and “disposable”. If you’re having a Thanksgiving celebration, discover here how to give it a more environmentally conscious meaning – with some principles that you can carry over to your Christmas dining table and maybe even some good, long-lasting habits.

Industrial reclaimed wood dining table with velvet dining chairs

Photo featuring: Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Dining Table

A reclaimed wood dining table is a great start, this will give you a great foundation for your sustainable Thanksgiving celebration, consider an extendable table if you like to entertain a lot. Although celebrations may be a bit more subdued than normal this year, a wooden bench is a great way to fit more people around your table for years to come. Not only that but they are also right on trend and look gorgeous dressed with cushions to sit on or a small throw. Start a sustainable theme in your home now and beyond, and invest in reclaimed wood furniture next time you need to replace a piece of furniture.

Close up on various squash and pumpkins on rustic dining table

Keep the look rustic with your table decorations – use gourds rather than plastic or throwaway decorations – these will give your rustic table an earthy look and will be completely in keeping with the time of year and the harvest origins of the celebration. Think also about decorating other pieces in your dining space, such as a reclaimed wood sideboard.

Napkin with bunch of dried berries tied with string and tag saying Thankful

There are many ways to incorporate nature into your table setting – autumnal leaves and twigs in a vase look great. The beauty of natural decorations is that they can be easily sourced outside and are fully compostable when finished with.

Close up of lots of different autumnal foods on a wooden dining table with people's arm serving

Even for large gatherings, you don’t need tonnes of different serving dishes. This is another area that you can purchase a few good quality versatile dishes that will work as well for your autumnal Thanksgiving table setting as they will for a summer barbecue. Table linen is another area where you can embrace sustainability, use a crisp white linen table cloth and add a runner and linen napkins in one or two coordinating earthy colours – this will give your table a much more polished feel than cheap throwaway serviettes.

Fruit and vegetables displayed on rustic table and baskets in a farm shop

Try to purchase locally grown organic food from farm shops – this will help support local small businesses and have less impact on the environment as very few chemicals are used in growing organic crops. This is, after all, a celebration of the local harvest! You can also extend this to the drinks you serve by purchasing local or organic wine in recycled glass bottles and avoiding soft drinks in plastic bottles. Try to reduce food waste. Many of us hugely overestimate how much food we need to put on the table so make a little less food. You can also ask your dinner guests if they want to take any leftover food home with them…. to save it just ending up in the bin. Any biodegradable food waste and vegetable pairings can be composted.

How to enjoy a family bonfire night party

Young children in dark holding sparklers

An alternative bonfire night is on the cards for most of us this November. There will be very few large organised events so we have come up with some suggestions on how to create a safe bonfire night to remember at home with your family.

Two steel fire pits in a field with small wooden stool

Photo featuring: Barrington Steel Fire Pit

Obviously, one of the main elements to get the ball rolling is a bonfire but having a great big bonfire in your garden may not be a very practical option, so we love the idea of a wood fire pit! This is a great addition to your outdoor garden furniture that will bring you many warm and cosy evenings under the stars, long after bonfire night has been and gone.

There are so many gorgeous types of fire pit available now and they’re perfect for small or large outdoor sitting and entertaining areas. A metal fire pit will make your garden become an area where you can spend many more hours – they provide light into the night and make your garden a cosy and warm place to be during the colder months and of course, they are just gorgeous to just simply sit and watch….on extra chilly nights you can wrap up in a blanket and sip a hot cocoa!

Small round steel fire pit with concrete base

Photo featuring: Lyneham Round Fire Pit

Back to Bonfire night….!

During the day get your garden furniture ready in situ with your fire bowl, load it up with a couple of fire starters, kindling and wood ready for lighting later.

Bowl of chilli con carne on wooden table with tortilla chips

To get organised in the kitchen – we suggest getting a hearty chilli con carne in the slow cooker for dinner – it’s a bit of a bonfire night classic, full of flavour and soul-warming spices. We love this firework cupcake and we’re pretty sure the kids will love them too!

Bonfire night theme cupcake with sparkler in the top

When the kids come home from school you can do bonfire finger paintings – get some large sheets of thick paper along with yellow, orange and red liquid paints – get those little fingers into the paint and swoosh the paint from the bottom to the top of the page to look like flames – paint some logs on the bottom and sprinkle over some glitter for a bit of sparkle!

Close up of marshmallows being roasted on sticks over a bonfire

You can set the dining table with a bonfire night theme. We love how the colours of bonfire night, warm red, orange and yellow work with the natural tones of reclaimed wood furniture, use a vase of fresh-cut autumnal flowers as your centrepiece, use red napkins and some candles to create a cosy atmosphere. Or if it is a milder night, you could take your evening meal outside and sit in the cosy light and warmth of the fire, followed by toasting marshmallows over the flames. You can still get some garden fireworks, a few Catherine wheels and some sparklers for the kids. Probably the best and safest way to spend the 5th of November this year. Enjoy!

Young girl in thick coat holding sparkler in the dark

Quick tips to create a fun indoor Halloween party

Halloween decorations including wreath with small pumpkins and pine cones with Happy Halloween wood sign

Halloween is going to be quite a bit different this year, so we thought we would look at how your household could enjoy an alternative Halloween and how to make the most of spending it at home. We’ve put together a few suggestions on how to give a rustic dining table a quick Halloween makeover, a few activities to do and easy to set up games you can play with the kids.

Halloween table decorations on wooden table with orange plates and large plastic spider

Creative kids

If you have little ones they can still get dressed up, but maybe they could let their creativity run wild by getting them to design and make their own costume (with a little help of course) and have a go at painting their own faces.

For autumn / Halloween themed decorations you can make leaf garlands, they’re free, quick and easy….. and the kids will love to help make them. Being natural and earthy, they look fab with rustic furniture – hang some over a round wall mirror and drape fake cobwebs over chair backs, a wooden bench or the dining room or kitchen sideboard.

Platter of Halloween themed foods, including spider cupcakes and pumpkin biscuits

Spooky snacks

Prepare a Halloween themed dinner – A platter of ghouly appetizers followed by spaghetti pasta (worms) and red tomato sauce (blood) with hot dog fingers. For dessert, something as simple as cupcakes (you could use green food colouring for the sponge mix) with a cobweb piped icing and some bat or spider decorations on top would look great on the Halloween rustic table. You can also make some coloured biscuits and add spooky eyes before serving!

Bowl of green, purple and blue Halloween biscuits with wide eye decorations

Table decorations

A reclaimed wood dining table, with its gorgeous natural characteristics, lends itself perfectly to a Halloween theme! For quick and simple table decorations add some fake cobwebs and spiders or bats. If you have rustic or reclaimed wooden sideboards in your room you can dress them also – add some large candles to achieve a spooky atmosphere along with a Halloween wreath, carved pumpkins, gourds, twigs and autumn leaves.

Wooden table decorated in Halloween theme with small pumpkins on plates and in middle of the table

Halloween fun and games

Just because you can’t go out and do the normal trick or treating doesn’t mean you can’t play some classic Halloween games in your own home or in the garden. Of course, there is the traditional pumpkin carving, pin the spider on the cobweb or the tail on the black cat, alternatives to the donkey! Bobbing for doughnuts – although this may be one for the garden! String up some doughnuts and with hands behind their backs, the kids see how fast they can eat them. Just like an Easter egg hunt – do the same for Halloween themed treats – you can hide treats around the house, under your reclaimed wood bed or in the garden – you might even want to turn the lights down low for a more spooky feel.

Two kids in Halloween costumes playing eat donut on string game

Which media storage cabinet is for you?

Girl in pink cardigan sat on sofa with bowl of popcorn holding tv remote control

Now the nights are getting colder and darker we will most likely be turning to the TV more to provide entertainment. Here we have put together a few of our top picks for this autumn, whether you prefer closed media storage or like to have all your tech on show.

Reclaimed wood industrial coffee table with matching tv unit with TV on top


The rustic Standford range

Our Standford range of reclaimed wood furniture is hand made by skilled craftsmen right here in the UK. It’s Made from 100-200 year old timbers that have been salvaged from old Victorian houses and factories – meaning each piece is completely unique. 

Photo featuring: Standford Reclaimed Wood Small TV Unit


Industrial style really is a style that continues to be popular, combine that with full of character reclaimed wood and you have some really gorgeous furniture happening. With some open and some closed storage, the Standford industrial TV stand looks stunning in a contemporary living room. To complete the look you can choose other industrial furniture items from the same range to really embrace this stylish interior theme. If you prefer a more glamorous industrial look in your home, the Tavistock TV stand is perfect for you. The black industrial legs have been swapped for a more unusual gold / bronze finish and with two shelves and a cupboard, you will have plenty of media storage space.


Cut out of reclaimed wood industrial tv table with two drawers

Photo featuring: Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood TV Unit



For a mid-century / retro feel to your living room, the Rocco and Mitcham TV units really are style setters. The Mitcham rustic TV stand offers loads of style and bundles of storage in one beautiful piece of oak furniture. If you prefer something with a lighter oak finish, the Rocco could be more for you. Layer some living room rugs and get the popcorn out for the kids and you will have lovely a cosy area to watch your TV on a cold and blustery Sunday afternoon.


industrial tv unit with tv on wall above and white rug on floor

Photo featuring: Rocco Industrial Oak TV Unit

Modern country

For a rustic but stylish modern country look the Soho TV Unit is a must-have – with two shelves for surround sound systems or games consoles you will have plenty of open shelving for the things you don’t particularly want to see in your living room. With cut-outs in the back of the unit to feed unsightly cables through this TV stand will do everything possible to help you keep your media nice and tidy!

Photo featuring: Soho Solid Wood TV Unit


If you are looking for a high-end media unit then you can’t ignore the Derby TV Unit. This gorgeous range is the epitome of glamorous style. This TV unit allows to you see the beauty of the reclaimed wood in all its glory. The long characterful reclaimed wood shelf have been skillfully crafted from old railway sleepers, the industrial shelving will give you plenty of space to stand a very large TV with more than enough space to spare for all your TV accessories.

Photo featuring: Derby Reclaimed Wood TV Unit