Style fix: chairs for an industrial dining table

Industrial dining room with reclaimed wood dining table and six velvet dining chairs

In a new regular feature, each month we help one of our customers with a styling quandary. This month our customer is interested in buying some new industrial furniture for her dining room but needs some guidance before making the final decision.

“I would really love to buy an industrial framed reclaimed wood dining table but am hesitating as I can’t decide what chairs to buy for it. Will metal and leather-look too industrial and cold? Would wooden chairs feel warmer? What are my options…?”

This is a great question and one that is often asked! So let’s dive right in and look at some options

Reclaimed wood dining chair next to industrial dining tablePhoto featuring: Standford Reclaimed Wood Cushioned Dining Chair

All wood

The Standford range of reclaimed wood furniture has everything you need to furnish a house in industrial style paired with eco-friendly reclaimed wood. The dining room furniture from this range is definitely our best-seller, so we’ll start here! The Standford industrial dining table is available as a fixed top table as well as an extendable dining table and includes wooden dining chairs that look great together – perfect for a family as the chairs can be wiped down. You can also opt for a wooden bench, which are very fashionable right now. They are easy for people to squeeze up on and a bench fits in perfectly with the rustic-industrial feel. To cosy an all-wood dining set up a little you can add cushions or faux fur throws to soften and bring it into your existing colour scheme.

Brown leather dining chairs around a round reclaimed wood dining tablePhoto featuring: Standford Brown Leather Dining Chairs

Leather or Faux leather

The Standford range also includes a round reclaimed wood dining table – perfect for the smaller dining space – but of course, we don’t want to compromise on comfort just because our dining space is small. We think the Standford leather dining chairs are perfect with this table – stylish industrial legs with a soft Italian leather seat to relax back into – if you prefer not to have real leather then you can opt for the faux leather dining chairs. The Tilde vegan leather chair is also a perfect match!

Photo featuring: Skye Dark Grey Dining Chairs

Luxurious velvet

If you opt for an industrial dining table with a glamorous touch like the Standford then you can add plush upholstered dining chairs, velvet is a top choice – the Celine stone grey velvet chair is a perfect match for a dining room with a west end look. The silver legs of the dining chairs match the silver legs of the Mayfair table, complementing each other perfectly. Of course, these chairs are superbly comfortable, perfect for long dinner parties.

We absolutely love how the Knightsbridge reclaimed oak dining table looks when paired with the modern spider leg Knightsbridge chairs. These velvet chairs are available in grey or striking teal. We think the teal works well to give your dining room a more contemporary feel, for a more neutral colour scheme the grey will work a treat.