Styling a coloured sofa with industrial style chic

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table and Leather Sofa

You love the colour and the shape but worry that once you get your new sofa in situ at home, it won’t blend with the rest of your home.

It’s all down to how you will style your sofa and we have three ways of making the best of your new sofa, using three of our popular sofas to illustrate the point.

Contemporary and uplifting

What we love about a coloured sofa is the statement it makes and so, if you have been wise and bold enough to choose a coloured sofa, for example, then let it shine.

Padstow Velvet Sofa

The Padstow sofa comes in the most amazing plush olive velvet colour and fabric, a sheer delight from whichever angle you admire it from. But we understand that as a colour, the olive green can be a beast that is difficult to tame.

Let the colour shine but give it a contemporary and uplifting feel with hints of rustic with a brick red patterned rug to bring out the hues of the velvet sofa.

Mary Rose Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

A round mirror would bring it all together nicely with a reclaimed wood coffee table being the perfect framing piece for the gorgeous sofa.

Add your own scatter cushions with a geometric design keeping the colours similar to that within the rug and the olive sofa. If you think mixing patterns is too big a risk, opt for a rug without defined shapes or pattern, opting for a more abstract finish.

A neutral shade

Is it a biscuit? Is it cream? Is it grey?? However you choose to describe the colour, the neutral tone of the York button-backed sofa is delightful.

York Cream Buttoned Sofa

Neutral it may be but that doesn’t mean it blends into the background. If you want to make a colour statement, there is no better choice than a light colour and with the iconic Chesterfield shape to it as well, you are on to a winner from the moment its legs hit your living room floor.

Dame Grey Fabric Armchair

As accompaniments to the main dish, serve it alongside grey fabric armchairs with stud detailing, complementing the whole look with a reclaimed wood storage trunk as a coffee table.

Retain the neutral grey and beige tones with a grey floor rug, neatly knitting it together.

Pops of majestic colour

We have long been in love with the Byron sofa. Its plush velvet pile a tactile delight but it is the colours too that attract us, like bees around a honeypot.

Byron Crushed Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

From the shimmering depths of amethyst to the midnight tones ebony, this low-backed Byron crushed velvet sofa also comes in charcoal grey and fuchsia.

You wouldn’t think that an industrial styled living room would welcome a coloured sofa but with some clever tweaks here and there, this stunning piece coloured velvet sofa will work in a chic, industrial setting.

Luxe Kensington Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The rustic wooded top of the reclaimed wood industrial coffee table would effortlessly frame the Byron sofa, important for placement in the room.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Side Table

Another way to support the main piece is with side tables and these lush reclaimed oak side tables would look stunning on either side of the sofa, complete with stunningly statuesque side lamps would work fantastically well.

And finally, pull it all together by bringing out the tones of the back in the metal frame of the industrial furniture and the colour of the sofa with a black and white rug. Opt for one with an abstract design.

Be brave. Be bold. Opt for colour!