Styling a small dining room with reclaimed furniture

Barclay Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

There is no reason why the bijou dimensions of a small dining room cannot be stylish and beautiful and contain a reclaimed wood dining table– and all without compromising on functionality either. However, it is a pragmatic move to make the most of the space, no matter how little there is, as well as emphasise the space within the room. To do this, you need clever alchemy between colour, texture and detail.

Floor space

When it comes to maximising the feeling of how big a room is, there needs to fewer ‘ends and boundaries’. Surprisingly, this starts with the floor. If the eye can see the edge of the room, the room feels bigger.

Reclaimed Wood Sideboard with Hairpin Legs

Thus, if you opt for a small sideboard that sits flush to the floor, it instantly chops a chunk of space from being visible to the eye. If you opt for a sideboard with hairpin legs, however, you can see more of the floor. Combined with clever detailing across the rest of the room and an extendable dining table and chairs the smaller dining room will feel bigger.

Colour scheme with accents of gold

We know that lighter colours work better in a smaller room but that doesn’t mean white, beige or magnolia. It can mean pale blue and green, with twists of emerald green with shimmers of gold coloured accessories for detail without the clutter.

It can mean a statement wall with pretty patterned wallpaper – stick with smaller pattern shape for a clever play on maximising the space you have available – or even a glorious pale yellow colour palette with hints of warm golden accessories.

Subtle changes in texture

Any room, irrespective of how large or small it may be, needs a change in texture to lift it from being ‘flat’. Ditch the heavy, shag pile rugs and scatter cushions along with fussy drapes, in favour of more subtle changes in texture.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench with Patterned Throw

Alongside the utilitarian dining bench by the 6 seater dining table, opt for leather dining chairs. Both are smooth and cool to the touch but the note change between the hardest of wood is foiled by the softness of the leather. Keep the detailing minimal and the shape too – the simple, yet stylish elegance of brown leather dining chairs are not be underestimated.

Brown Leather Dining Chair with Angled Legs

If you prefer the warmth of upholstered dining chairs, there is no reason why the smaller dining room cannot accommodate them. Perfect for introducing texture, choose the focus on the dining chair and stick with it. For example, upholstered dining chairs with a strong colour or opt to make the most of the stylish shape of the dining chairs – the Daley dining chair, for example, has shape and detailing, as well as beautiful legs.

Pink Velvet Dining Chair and Cream Dining Chair and Grey Dining Chair

Or let your fabric choice sing such as this slimline, beautiful velvet upholstered dining chair.

Minimising the edges

When we talked of floor space, we mentioned edges and how blurring the full stops in a room helps the flow and feeling of space within it. The same is true where walls meet the ceiling. Choose a light wall colour and continue it onto the ceiling too, minimise the note change between wall and ceiling colour. If you feel this is too monotonous, use artwork clustered on the walls to break the sequence.

What tips do you have for maximising the feeling of space in a small dining room?