How to mix gold and velvet furniture in a workspace

Belfort Dining Table and Green Velvet Chairs

There is no reason why your boardroom, complete with conference table, can’t be a stylish, creative space. In fact, forward-thinking companies are realising that a stylish work environment is an important consideration in productivity and employee happiness too.

There is no denying the sublime fusion of a gold finish with the opulence of velvet. And it has its place in the boardroom too.

Working with strong players and accents

Colour is an accent and a statement as too is the use of materials such as velvet. They are not easily siding lined – and they shouldn’t be – but creating a seamless, stylish fusion between the strong characters that are gold and velvet can be a tall order, even for those with a clear vision and a stylistic eye for detail.

It isn’t a case of determining which one will sing the loudest, but how to create connection and cohesion between each. Opt for items from one collection, such as the Blackbone range, whilst also attempting to keep the shade of the gold finish the same. Flecks of colour will work, opting for variations in the shade of one colour. Don’t be too light in your colour choices as the danger is it will look insipid against the dramatic backdrop of the dark furniture.

Black, gold and velvet

Using colour in any design is always welcome and for the work environment, it brings a welcome note of the change. Getting the right combination is key and if you are looking for opulence and a sense of luxury, then the fusion of black and gold is simply perfect.

And that’s why so many business clients opt for items from our Blackbone Collection, where black industrial oak marries perfectly with the gold coloured finish.

Better still, all the items are ideal for the workplace, including the boardroom as well as staff and client areas.

Industrial Dining Table with Golden Legs and Dark Top

The extendable dining table, for example, would make a superb boardroom table with leather or velvet upholstered boardroom chairs to match. Sitting alongside it the drinks cabinet would make an ideal storage unit and a large bookcase as a display unit would be a versatile addition to the meeting room too. You could even throw in a velvet armchair or two if you have the space.

Dark Drinks Cabinet With Golden Frame

Work and social space

Many more business clients are creating social spaces within the workplace. How we work has changed beyond all recognition and that means the workplace is no longer row upon row of desks or cubicles that isolate colleagues from one another.

Creating breakout areas or social areas is defined by what is used. Just as you would create a welcoming, comfortable informal space at home, you would do the same at work.

Louis de Poortere Fading World Grey Rug

Build from the floor upwards, opting for a gold rug that brings a warm, happy tone to the space. For a neutral base, consider using a grey rug to allow the metallic gold finish of the items to glow and shimmer.

Against the backdrop of the dark drama of the Blackbone Collection, lighter shades can look too insignificant. Thus adding yet more colour with earthier shades on the colour spectrum if a failsafe way of combining and contrasting colours.

3 Seater Velvet Sofa

The terracotta orange shade of the Chestey velvet sofa is fast-becoming one of our most coveted sofas. For the home, it adds depth. For the workplace, it adds comfort and style too.

Is this a landscape you could see working in your boardroom?