6 styling tips for a feel-good bedroom

cushion with happiness written across it for 6 styling tips for a feel-good bedroom blog

bed cushion with happiness written on it for 6 styling tips for a feel-good bedroom

We might spend about a third of our life in our bedrooms and in our beds, but this is often a overlooked room in the home when it comes to decorating, and it really shouldn’t be. Whilst personal styles may vary from one person to another, there are a few unwritten rules that you should follow when it comes to creating a feel-good bedroom. So, put a smile on your face both at the start and end of the day with our styling tips for that all-important bedroom that is a pleasure to spend time in.

1. The most important piece of furniture

Go on, take a guess! You got it, your bed is the most important piece of furniture you will pick for your bedroom and one that will spark the most joy. Whilst choosing the right mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep, don’t forget to give plenty of consideration to the type of bed frame that you pick. A statement bed is a great place to start when styling a bedroom and a wooden bed with storage dressed in your favourite colours and cushions will make a real impact.

2. Consider your colour palette

The colours you choose for your bedroom will influence on how calming and relaxing a room it is, so look for colours that make you smile and, quite literally, feel good. These colours should be soothing as well, so if you like pink, then opt for a more muted and pastel shade. Darker shades tend to be more cossetting and protecting, rather than uplifting, so keep deep hues to accent walls or in the decorative details to keep the room light and airy.

white bedroom with rustic solid wood bed and pink covers

3. Keep things tidy

There is nothing worse than clutter for destroying the feel-good factor of your bedroom, so make sure you keep the muddle and mess to a minimum. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have personal belonging in your bedroom, however. Just consider some storage options that will help you keep a clutter-free space. A large bedside table with drawers, for example, is a great place to store bits and pieces you want close to hand but out of sight.

wooden bedside table with drawer and shelf and plant on top

4. Add some personal touches

As we mentioned above, keeping an uncluttered bedroom doesn’t mean avoiding those personal touches that really make it your space. A wooden dressing table makes a great place to put some photos of loved ones, whilst the wall opposite your bed is the perfect spot to hang some artwork as well as adding a splash of colour. Reclaimed wood furniture works really well in the bedroom as it adds instant personality and individuality.

5. Is there room for a seating area?

Having a spot away from the rest of your household to sit, relax, read or listen to music is a great way to tap-in to those good vibes. If you have a larger bedroom, then consider adding a small seating area. A window is a great place to do this, especially on a sunny day, and if you don’t want to add a more permanent window seat then a wooden blanket box with cushions or a comfy accent armchair can add the perfect touch.

cushioned window seat for 6 styling tips to create a feel-good bedroom blog

6. Consider bringing the outdoors in

If you live in a more urban area then why not consider adding some greenery to your bedroom. Studies have shown that house plants reduce stress levels and boosts your mood, so you could either opt for some easy to care for plants, fresh flowers or even faux plants. This will not only add scent and life to your room, but also help to soften the lines of your furniture. It’s a great way of bringing the outside in, especially if you can’t see much green from your bedroom window.

solid wood bed with large green house plant

So, there you have it, some tips and tricks for making your bedroom the feel-good haven it’s meant to be! What additions have you made to your home to give it a happy and uplifting vibe? Leave a comment below and share your ideas or follow us @modishliving for some interior inspiration.