How to create a calm feel in your home

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A deep sense of worry, pounding headaches, being unable to control breathing, an uncontrollable fear… there are many triggers to someone’s anxiety, the symptoms of which also vary from one person to another, from one ‘attack’ to the next.

Home should be the space in which anyone should feel safe and for someone battling to control anxiety, it is imperative it is designed and maintained along lines that really do make them feel safe and calm.

It is known that design plays an important role in helping people to leave anxiety at the front door and so with this in mind, we looked at styling tips to help people with anxiety to feel exactly that: calm, in control and safe.

Space and Light

For some people feeling closed in, in small dark spaces can be a trigger for feeling unsafe. And so, ensuring that your home has as much natural light as possible and an open plan design is a clear winner when it comes to helping allay anxiety and fear.


But for others, this is a nightmare scenario. Similar to agoraphobia, all that ‘openness’ can lead them into a world of feeling exposed. Using moveable reclaimed furniture and accessories, such as display cabinets to ‘shorten’ the space can help.

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Top tips:

  • Choose neutral colours with a warm undertone such as creams and beige
  • Neutral tones furniture works well too to create a sense of cohesion and order; for example, cream dining chairs will add texture to the smaller dining room and look great with any style of dining table and furniture
  • If natural light is an issue, choose soft glow bulbs and lighting solutions throughout the home, but especially when it comes to living room lamps.


It is an emotional journey but there is no doubt that decluttering, freeing space and bringing in order and light can be a useful (but sometimes painful) task for anyone suffering anxiety.

Decluttering is not just about ‘throwing things away’, it is about creating a storage system that works so that clutter doesn’t accumulate. It is a way of changing how you live in your home so that you maintain it as the space you want it and need it to be.

  • Create a storage system that you know you can stick too
  • Pretty boxes and furniture with ‘hidden’ storage such as a blanket box for a coffee table in the living room are also great solutions

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    Which Style Works Best?

    Of course, you need to style your home according to your taste and budget, from oak bedroom furniture to glossy cupboards, but the Scandinavian style is one worth considering. A seamless blend between warm, natural materials, its modern feel also works well for those that prefer a more traditional approach, slimline, without sharp angles, it is a popular styling choice for the home and your workspace.

    Wycombe Oak Bench

    Anxiety – a Hidden Issue

    It is not something that people have commonly shared, preferring to keep their anxiety locked away. But in recent times, we have seen a changing attitude toward mental health and how issues, such as anxiety, a more common than what we think.

    We often think that we are the ‘only one’ and that others will deride it as being something we ‘just need to get a grip on’. Our surroundings play a big part in helping us to deal with anxiety and other issues. Make this the year you style your home that gives you not only pleasure but the safety and control you crave.