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Stylish and Functional – The Amazing Options for Office Storage

Stylish and Functional – The Amazing Options for Office Storage

Man sitting at Reclaimed Wood Desk

Whether you are a student of one of the many millions of people who enjoy working from home, a stylish, comfortable and practical home office is a must.

Creating a stylish home office is something we have looked at a few times but this time we want to take a look at storage and how storage units, like industrial shelving, can be used in other ways.

Far from basic

You have basic storage requirements but that doesn’t mean the bookcase or storage unit has to be basic.

What tends to happen is, despite spending hours of our time in the home office, we opt for items to ‘make do’. Up your home office game with pretty items that offer the best of both worlds.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Bookcase

The Mitcham bookcase industrial styled unit gives you everything from open shelves to cupboard space, perfect for when you have confidential stuff that needs hiding away but books and the like on display.

Limited space?

The smaller home office usually means we have to be at our creative best to make the best use of space but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your style.

Rocco Industrial Oak Console Table

Console tables with storage work really well in the smaller office, providing valuable store solutions such as the Rocco console storage table.

In fact, we think that an item like the console table is perfect for use as a divider in a room too. It is not uncommon for couples to work together in the same space, or even have the kids in there doing their homework whilst you continue to work.

A divider is great for giving a room, like the home office, a little more structure. And, of course, using something like a console table limits the floor space it takes up whilst giving you open shelving to display things too.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Console Table

The Kingsbridge industrial console table is the perfect example of this with its symmetrical design and beautiful industrial appeal. Not everything on display in your office needs to be ‘work-related’.

Why not include stylish sculpture, over-sized table lamps and fresh flowers for heady scent?

Repurposed furniture

Don’t forget that just because a piece of reclaimed wood furniture is in the ‘living room’ section of the website or featured on the ‘dining room’ pages doesn’t mean it can’t be used in the home office…

Raffles Reclaimed Wood Industrial TV Unit

·The Maddox reclaimed wood TV unit is perfect for a TV in the living room as it is for low-level storage in the home office. The top is perfect for a pair of heavy bookends and files, and the slender shelf perfect for hiding away those smaller items that we all seem to accumulate. The Raffles TV unit offers the same versatility in the home office.

·A sideboard is an underrated piece of home office furniture in our opinion. The perfect complement to the reclaimed wood desk, the dining room sideboard easily fits into a productive office space. The Chalfont industrial wood sideboard with both cupboards and three drawers is perfect or maybe the bookcase is more your thing.

Chalfont Industrial Wood Bookcase

What are your home office storage requirements?

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