Top tips to create an eco-friendly interior design

Top tips to create an eco-friendly interior design

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Many of us will have welcomed the new year with a reassessment of our impact on the planet. The pandemic and pressing climate change focus has encouraged us to look at our homes and interior design from a different perspective. If you’re planning any renovation projects this year, take a quick look at our tips on ways you can create an eco-friendly home and space that benefits your life and the environment.

Reuse what you can

Now that we are all so much more aware of the climate issues, we are looking at our living spaces and looking for ways to live more sustainably. One easy change to making your home more eco-friendly is to avoid throwing old furniture pieces out when you can give it a stamp of individuality and a new lease of life by upcycling. That old rustic wardrobe can be brightly painted and used in a child’s bedroom or even in the garage for storage! Reusing and repurposing what you can, when you can will help create less waste and energy. If you want to buy new items, invest in good quality pieces that will last or look for reclaimed wood furniture, such as a reclaimed dining table, that has been crafted from wood previously used for other purposes.

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Be energy efficient

Talking of less energy, if you are replacing your fridge freezer, oven or washer/dryer in the January sales, then pay special attention to its energy consumption. Yes, the more energy-efficient appliances do cost a little more upfront but with energy prices showing no signs of decreasing anytime soon, you will get this money back many times over in ongoing usage costs, not to mention the wider benefit to the environment.

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Introduce plenty of greenery

Leave some space in your renovation plans for plants and greenery. During the lockdowns we all realised how much we need to connect with nature so make sure you can bring a little (or a lot) of it into your homes where you can. Plants are good for your mental wellbeing as well as simply looking good in the room. Do some research and pick easy to care for varieties to start with. Industrial wall shelves can be softened by displaying some greenery on them, you can put a house plant on an industrial sideboard in your dining room or on a rustic console table in the hallway to bring a sense of the outdoors into the home.

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Natural materials

Think about filling your room with natural materials – a rug made out of jute, a stone floor or a leather couch – look out for the words eco and sustainable when shopping around for accessories or furniture. Mango wood furniture is completely sustainable; it’s a solid hardwood that is easy to work with and has a lovely rich honey colour and features stunning wood grain patterning. Find out more about mango wood and why its the sustainable furniture of choice here.

Get smart

Try to use smart technology where possible to help you run your home in a more eco-efficient way as well as save you money on your household bills. Things like intuitive heating systems, smart strips and power adaptors which stop electricity travelling to idle appliances or chargers, automated lighting and smart irrigating systems for the garden.

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