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Get comfy with these luxurious industrial chairs

The industrial style is still a firm favourite in contemporary home design. A perfect way to add a unique twist to more traditional reclaimed styles, industrial seating is a great option for dipping your toes into the style without going all out and making a statement all at once. 

In the dining room


Chairs are always the obvious pairing for with a dining table, but an industrial twist will keep the look of your space fresh and exciting. 

The Hyatt Industrial Vintage Cafe Chairs are a hugely popular style which are perfect if you want to inject pieces which will keep your home right on trend. They will create a fantastic urban look in your home and look stunning paired with a reclaimed wood dining table. As they come in pairs, they would also work wonderfully to create a his and hers office with plenty of style and charisma. 


If you are short on space in your kitchen or dining room, industrial bar stools are a great option as they don't take up much space. Alternatively, if you have a larger space, and a designated breakfast bar or bar table, breakfast bar chairs are also the way to go and industrial style in a great way of adding individual, urban style to the space.

The look of the Thurlow Leather Bar Stool is right on trend at the moment. The stunning moulded metal frame creates a sleek look which pairs wonderfully with the brown leather upholstered seat for something a little different. The chic, industrial style of these metal bar stools is bound to become the focal point of any kitchen/diner.  

If you are blessed with a little extra space, bar stools with backs can look stunning. The Union Button Back Bar Stool is the perfect blend of vintage with contemporary. The brown leather upholstered seat of the leather bar stools with the button back give a real classic feel which will never date, but the leather bar stools are brought up to date with the industrial yet elegant mental legs. A real head-turner. 


As an alternative to dining chairs, dining benches are becoming increasingly more popular in kitchens and dining rooms, and it is easy to see why - they are stunning, and perfect for entertaining!

The simplistic style of the Vardo Reclaimed Wood and Steel Bench makes this the perfect choice for pairing with any dining table. The rustic piece is crafted using reclaimed timber which is contrasted against raw steel legs for a bench with plenty of character. Pair with a reclaimed wood table for a natural rustic look, or even with a glass topped table for a industrial twist on elegant design. 

For something a little different, the Hyatt Canning Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench is perfect. With the round detailing to the strong steel frame, the sophisticated and stylish dining table bench would be the perfect compliment to any natural reclaimed wood furniture. You could even pair two of these benches with a Hyatt Industrial Vintage Cafe Chair at each end for the best of both worlds. 

In the office

When it comes to your office, finding comfortable seating is important, especially if you spend long days working from home. Go for an upholstered seat with padding to ensure you can sit on your chair for long periods of time. 

The Bauhaus Cerato Leather Dining Chair is perfect for your home office - seamlessly blending comfort and practicality with style. The real leather upholstery of the brown leather dining chairs add a touch of glamour to your home office and would look great with any reclaimed wood desk. The beautiful chairs feature a metal frame for an industrial twist, and could double up as stylish extra seating for big dinner parties and occasions. 

For a smaller office, a chair with no arms creates a more streamlined look, and the illusion of more space. The Industrial Vintage Grey Dining Chairs would look stunning in any home office with a subtle grey finish and a contemporary take on the button back style. A perfect blend of classic and industrial style. 

To view the full selection of industrial seating available at Modish Living, please visit the website or get in touch with one of our team members with any questions. 

Industrial shelving & Italian leather for an avid explorer

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Coppertone Interior Rug in living room

The traveller sees things, hears things, experiencing cultures, sounds and sights that live forever in the memory. But this travelling instinct, this thirst for knowledge of other lands can be translated into a home interior style, ready to welcome you back from your next adventures. A mix of natural materials, it is a deceptively simple style, the sharpness of angles dulled by memorabilia gathered from across the world, beautifully displayed.

So how do you get the effortless chic and elegance of the ‘avid explorer’ style? 

The Floor

The mantra is ‘simplicity, but with warmth, form and character’ and this means starting with the floor.

Everything in this interior design has its place and a purpose. On a hard floor surface, choose from modern rugs, with modern colours and designs but without a striking, grabbing-attention patterning, such as large rugs from our Louis De Poortere collection.

The Living Room Furniture

With muted walls, hard floor and rug in place, you can begin to add the details:

Sofas and Armchairs

Planning your next journey, you will need places to sit and this means opting for the clean look of either a brown leather sofa or this modern black Chesterfield sofa that adds detail and depth to a space.

Team the Triumph brown leather sofa with its matching brown leather armchair. The Italian leather sofa is exquisite to touch with the criss-cross pattern adding a pleasant detail, the matching brown leather armchair offering extra seating with the same level of detail.

Coffee Tables and Side Tables

Now you have your leather sofas in situ, you will need to add functional, yet contemporary furniture items to begin adding form to the space.

The Avid Explorer style is gender-neutral with unique furniture and pieces being the order of the day. What could be more exquisite for your glass of Italian red wine of an evening than this Aviator coffee table?

For a cohesive look, this Aviator sideboard offers a truly unique look to a space that is modern and practical, with minimum fuss but plenty of character.


With so much memorabilia, photos of places you’ve been and people you’ve met, along with delightful pieces of art work, you need something as delightful to show them off.

The industrial shelving is the ideal partner in the avid explorer look. The steel frame of this shelving unit or the reclaimed wood shelves of this bookcase are great partners in the explorer style.

Now Add Atmosphere…

And that means adding lighting.

This desk lamp is the ideal shape – curvaceous and practical – for pouring over the travel guides for your next far-flung adventures. 

Floor lamps also add to the ambience and atmosphere of the living room. Plenty of light without it being overly-luminescent is a tough call. Cluster the Arc floor lamps in various corner of the living room for maximum effect.

Is it the look for you?

If you are looking for an interior design that is unique, with minimal fuss but with a depth of warmth and character, then this could be a style that fits you perfectly.

How to choose the perfect wood dining table

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Macy grey dining chairs

Your dining table and chairs are substantial pieces of furniture. You should choose your wood dining table with care, thinking about how it will need to adapt in the future, but you’ll also know only too well what you like the look of – so it’s essential to strike a balance between great design and versatile functionality. Here we bring you some tips on what to consider when purchasing your dining table.


A round dining table or a rectangular table are the two most favoured options, but which will work best for you? A small round dining table works well when space is limited as with a little squeezing, you can seat a fair few diners around your table without encroaching on too much space. This rectangular oak dining table and chairs is also ideal for when you want a streamlined, minimal look but without compromising on quality.

Which comes first, the table or the chairs?

Some people prefer to purchase dining room table sets, whereby the table and chairs match perfectly. But, if you want to make a statement, choosing chairs and a dining table separately could be the answer.

Making the table the centrepiece of your dining room

There is nothing quite as attractive as a grandiose dining table. No matter what your style, a fantastic dining table really packs a punch. This exquisite example of a reclaimed wood dining table is the perfect example. The distressed look of the wood, full of history and character, works well with the modern gloss of the metal frame. Even the sumptuous upholstered dining chairs cannot detract from its beauty.

Making the chairs the stars of the show

Dining chairs can really add va-va-voom to a dining room. There are almost unlimited options when it comes to upholstered dining chairs, with all shades of colours, as well as a choice between fabric and leather.

Of course, fabric dining chairs don’t work for everybody. A great option are wooden dining chairs. Equally as elegant, wooden chairs are easy to keep clean and suit a range of styles, from farmhouse to rustic

Most of our dining chairs are customisable too, so you can create something truly unique for your home that diners will admire.

Choose your style

Of course, a large factor in your choice of dining table and chairs is your style.

This oak farmhouse table works well in a dining room or kitchen space where you want the pleasing feel of the farmhouse style.

Likewise, opting for the rustic dining table or the industrial dining table style is ideal in a busy home where you don’t want to compromise practicality and function for style.

Adding details

The ‘how and why’ of your dining table are also important considerations.

For example, if you regularly host family dinners and extensive gatherings, an extending dining table with chairs make perfect sense.

But we think that dining furniture is a great way of adding detail without overpowering the space. The legs of the dining table are often forgotten in terms of design which is why we have added details to ours…This reclaimed wood round dining table with the circular, art deco-esque leg adds a wow factor to any dining space. If you want detail but without too much fuss, this rectangular dining table with robust legs is one choice. The circular elements add the right level of detail. And there is something pleasingly ‘chunky’ and firm about the end-of-table column legs on this farmhouse table.

Many pieces in our dining furniture ranges can be customised to suit, giving you even more scope on creating a dining table and chairs that you will love for a long, long time to come.