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Make a big impression with these clocks

With the clocks going forward this weekend, it is the perfect time for a little decor overhaul with one of our statement wall clocks. An oversized clock is great for creating a sophisticated feature on your walls and is handy for time keeping too! 

Clocks are fantastic in any room, but look especially great in rooms you probably spend a lot of time in, like your living and room, kitchen and home office. 

In your living room, use your wall clock as a fantastic, classic decor piece, instead of art on one of your walls. In a black and white living room, our Extra Large Black Metal Wall Clock would be fantastic. The industrial style and open design would make a wonderful vintage addition to a stylish, contemporary space.

Extra Large Black Metal Wall Clock size 110cm

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Alternatively, the strong style of the black metal wall clock would look great in a bright white Scandinavian inspired space with injections of soft pastels. 

In a glamorous living room, with a gorgeous brown leather sofa, like one of our classic Chesterfield designs, the Large Metal and Gold Wall Clock would create a opulent finish. The blend of the slim black metal frame with the golden numerals is fantastic for a stunning injection of industrial style. 

Large Metal and Gold Wall Clock size 102cm

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Zinc looks great in the kitchen. The elegant style of Large Zinc Effect Wall Clock is perfect for placing in any contemporary kitchen, especially if you create a strong contrast against glossy worktops. The simple zinc effect frame is perfect for blending with any colour scheme but with a mix of mid-grey walls and reclaimed wood furniture it would look simply stunning. 

Large Zinc Effect Wall Clock 109cm

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For an old-style home office, go for a vintage inspired design like the Large Rustic Metal and Gold Wall Clock. The subtle colour of the bronze effect frame and vintage style golden clock hands would make a wonderful addition to a neutral colour scheme. Keep the rest of your furniture and decor simple to make your clock the star of the show.

Large Rustic Metal and Gold Wall Clock 76cm

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Take a look at the full collection of wall clocks available at Modish Living, or get in touch with one of our team for any enquiries. 

Prepare your kitchen for spring with a fresh look

With spring on the doorstep, the promise of warmth after winter and longer daylight hours are the signs we need to throw open the windows and blow the cobwebs of winter away.

Stanford Cross Leg Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table

The kitchen is the place the family gather, especially over the winter months where food and warmth are the basis of comfort. Is it time to make a few changes?

Follow this hints and tips for preparing your kitchen for spring (and summer!);

Farmhouse Sink

One way to add a practical element to your spring kitchen it to opt for the staple ingredient of every country farmhouse kitchen: the big, deep, ceramic sink, perfect for washing all sizes of pots and pans. Beautifully robust and chunky, it has an aesthetic appeal all its own.

Freestanding Not Fitted

Rather than opting for everything fitted in the kitchen, freestanding furniture is a great way of adding detail. Freestanding kitchen furniture suits almost any style, from the industrial to the farmhouse, country kitchen look.

Choose the style and material of a freestanding piece, like a reclaimed wood dresser to compliment your style.

Dorset Purbeck Reclaimed Wood Dresser

Panelled Wall

Cheap and easy to fit, panelling one wall with tongue and groove panels is a quick decorative tip for transforming your kitchen into a country house styled room. Paint either a matte white or opt for a pastel or soft colour. Grey works well, as does a very light, pastel shade of pink.

Family Appeal

A kitchen, so they say, is the heart of the home and as such, you want to encourage and welcome family, as well as guests and visitors to feel comfortable – and stay a while.

And that’s why you need to invest in two staples of the farmhouse, country style look:

  • A large farmhouse table, simple and yet superbly stylish is the key feature. Used as both a dining platform and a worktop, the kitchen table is the central point of the kitchen.
  • Farmhouse chairs complete the look. But if your budget is creaking at the thought of both table and chairs, updating the chairs on their own can be enough to complete the transformation of your spring kitchen.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table

Not Too Smooth…

And finally, we assume that the best materials are the ones that are smooth and finished, engineered to be striking and stylish. But, the stories that weathered wood can tell are amazing in any space but certainly the kitchen.

When choosing items for your kitchen, leave the modern, cut-and-dried style behind. Choose furniture and accessories that complement the space, but are not necessarily too neat. Weathered or distressed wood is a great addition, but so are scales, for example, that have been well used, or jugs for flowers that have a slightly faded pattern or the odd chip on the rim.

Your kitchen must be both practical and clean, but you also want it to be light and airy, with more than a dash of style.

And why not? Welcome spring into your kitchen with a contemporary farmhouse style.

How to add an island to your kitchen

Islands look fantastic in any kitchen. Not only will they make your kitchen a more sociable space, perfect for entertaining, they will add extra storage and workspace for the family chef. To get the most out of an island in your kitchen, think carefully about the best positioning.

Mary Rose 6 Drawer Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

First of all, think about the measurements of your space. Make sure that there is enough clearance space around the entire island to ensure free and safe movement around your kitchen. Also make sure there is enough space to fully open doors, drawers, ovens and dishwashers safely. 

Then think about the size of your island. Size is likely to depend on how you want to use your island, for example you may need a bigger space to house an oven than a sink. Alternatively, you may wish to simply use your kitchen island as a space for entertaining guests with a couple of stools placed around, or as a breakfast bar. 

You could also think about the option of a kitchen peninsula (meaning 'almost an island') rather than a full island. Peninsulas are a practical option for small kitchen spaces because they take up much less kitchen floor space by being fixed to a wall. 

Alternatively, for a more creative take on a kitchen island, a sideboard works wonders. They are also a great option if you have a smaller space and you are worried about an integral island looking too big for your space. You could even push one end of your sideboard against the wall to create a unique peninsula that adds far more character than an extension of your kitchen worktops. 

In a reclaimed wood kitchen, the English Beam 2 Door Reclaimed Wood Sideboard would look stunning. Handcrafted in Britain using 100% reclaimed wood, the piece features natural markings to create a warm, charming finish. For a unique contrast, place in a glossy white kitchen for a fantastic statement and to add a touch of history.

English Beam 2 Door Reclaimed Wood Sideboard















The Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Medium Sideboard would make a stunning centrepiece in a contemporary kitchen design. The sideboard is a perfect blend of rustic and contemporary style with the certified recycled wood, sleek lines and minimalist drawer handles. 

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Medium Sideboard


In a rustic kitchen, an injection of white with your sideboard is fantastic. The Medium Dorset Reclaimed Wood Sideboard is the perfect sideboard for any space. The simple design and distressed base is finished with antique brass handles for a shabby chic look with plenty of character. Pair with other reclaimed pieces for a modern take on rustic style.

Medium Dorset Reclaimed Wood Sideboard



To find the perfect sideboard for your kitchen, take a look at the selection available at Modish Living, or get in touch with one of our team members for any enquiries.