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How to make reclaimed wood work in your home

Today marks International Day of Forests, a day used to enjoy everything that is green, lush and from the forest - and this includes the repurposing of wood.

International Day of Forests Reclaimed Wood Modish Living

Using reclaimed wood gives furniture a unique look – and we really mean that! There are stories etched into the surfaces of tables and other items. Notches, twists, dents and scratches all add to the beauty of the piece and that is why reclaimed wood furniture is our passion.

Take a look at these great ideas on how to use reclaimed wood furniture in the home – and no, it doesn’t mean a rustic-only style…

Dining at Its Best 

Dining tables are the places around which you will have many years of laughter and tears. If you don’t have acres of room in your dining space, this smaller reclaimed wood dining table is the perfect choice.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table

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Frame the dining table with bright white walls, and a few well-placed glass accessories and candles and let the dining table be the star of the show.

And don’t forget, reclaimed furniture doesn’t have to stay inside. This trestle table would be just as good for al fresco dining on the patio.

But, possibly the easiest way to add reclaimed wood into your home is with these wonderful Stanford reclaimed wood dining chairs.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Upholstered Dining Chair pair

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Upholstered, they add warmth and character to the dining room without feeling or looking too chunky but not too lithe looking that they are too fragile for robust family meetings at meal times.

In the Bedroom

There is something incredibly romantic about the Lazy Days high headboard reclaimed wood bed. Again, for it to stand out frame it in white, with crisp white walls and high quality, white bed lined. If you want the reclaimed wood bed look but without the chunkiness, choose a slatted headboard and a bed with less of a frame.

LazyDays Reclaimed Wood High-Back Bed in Bedroom

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We love the use of mirrors in a space as well and the reclaimed wood mirror we think, compliments either of our beds.

English Beam Floor Standing Reclaimed Wood Mirror

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Accessorise to Your Hearts’ Content 

Whether you have a library worth of books, or a mixture of fine sculptures and plants, reclaimed wood shelving works well in any interior design style. Clearly fitting with a rustic look, this book case with cubed shelves and cupboard space is fantastic in the industrial design too.

Nilsson Rustica Reclaimed Wood Shelving Unit

Staying with the storage theme, we love the reclaimed wood box. Ideal in so many spaces, this is an investment in a box that will perform a myriad of uses over the years, from kids toys to woolly blankets.

Untreated reclaimed wood can be washed in white oil, to bring out a Scandinavian flavour. If ever there was a piece of furniture ripe for this, it is this useful and practical wooden box.

Bremnes Reclaimed Wooden Toy Box & Blanket Box

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Coffee Table with Character

In the lounge, welcome the Scandi-style into the space with a well-made, stylish reclaimed wood coffee table. Slightly white-washed, this finish works well in any room but for lazy evenings in the front of the fire, this coffee table is the perfect addition.

Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

There is a romance to reclaimed wood. Why not take a look to see if you can fit it into your space?

How to seat more people with less chairs

With both Mother's Day and Easter approaching, you may well be entertaining larger numbers of family and friends. Now is the perfect time to start planning ways to seat more people around the table. Our suggestion is to use a reclaimed wood dining bench

Allegro Live Edge Oak Dining Set with Oak Dining Bench

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The advantage of using a dining bench is that it takes up far less space than lots of dining chairs to sit the same amount of people will. A dining bench can be neatly tucked away under your table, but when you are using it, you'll be able to squeeze more people around the table. 

However, there are two considerations to think about when finding the perfect dining bench for your home; how long you want your bench to be, and how tall it is. If you have a low table, be careful with the height of your bench - you don't want your guests to struggle to fit underneath it. When it comes to length, try to find a dining bench which is as close to full length as you can to create balance. If you have table legs on the very corner of your table, you may wish to find a slightly shorter dining bench that will easily tuck underneath. Here are a few of our top picks available at Modish Living. 

If you have a wood dining table, the simple style of the Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench is fantastic. The slim design of the dining bench is perfect if you have a smaller space to keep it looking clean and elegant.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

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The Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bench is perfect for pairing with any contemporary or industrial dining table. The bench features a wooden top crafted from 100% solid reclaimed wood which features natural markings for a gorgeous, charismatic finish and this is contrasted against the striking black metal base. A wonderful statement piece for any kitchen or dining room. 

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench in Dining Room

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You can even find designs which pack even more storage into your home. A storage bench like the Rattan May Wicker Storage Bench would look great paired with any wooden furniture. The rustic rattan basket is made from the highest quality rattan and opens to reveal a large space perfect for storing anything from dining accessories such as table cloths to blankets. A sophisticated addition to any classic or contemporary space. 

Rattan May Wicker Storage Bench

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Modish Living also offer a number of wood dining table sets. The simply stunning Dorset Purbeck Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table Dining Set is perfect for a contemporary twist on classic reclaimed wooden styles. The blend of natural, light reclaimed wood and distressed white paint looks great in any colour scheme. Not only this, the set comes with a mix of dining chairs and a dining bench for the best of both worlds.

 Dorset Purbeck Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table Dining Set with Dining Bench

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See the full collection of dining benches available at Modish Living, and contact our team for more information.

How to add an island to your kitchen

Islands look fantastic in any kitchen. Not only will they make your kitchen a more sociable space, perfect for entertaining, they will add extra storage and workspace for the family chef. To get the most out of an island in your kitchen, think carefully about the best positioning.

Mary Rose 6 Drawer Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

First of all, think about the measurements of your space. Make sure that there is enough clearance space around the entire island to ensure free and safe movement around your kitchen. Also make sure there is enough space to fully open doors, drawers, ovens and dishwashers safely. 

Then think about the size of your island. Size is likely to depend on how you want to use your island, for example you may need a bigger space to house an oven than a sink. Alternatively, you may wish to simply use your kitchen island as a space for entertaining guests with a couple of stools placed around, or as a breakfast bar. 

You could also think about the option of a kitchen peninsula (meaning 'almost an island') rather than a full island. Peninsulas are a practical option for small kitchen spaces because they take up much less kitchen floor space by being fixed to a wall. 

Alternatively, for a more creative take on a kitchen island, a sideboard works wonders. They are also a great option if you have a smaller space and you are worried about an integral island looking too big for your space. You could even push one end of your sideboard against the wall to create a unique peninsula that adds far more character than an extension of your kitchen worktops. 

In a reclaimed wood kitchen, the English Beam 2 Door Reclaimed Wood Sideboard would look stunning. Handcrafted in Britain using 100% reclaimed wood, the piece features natural markings to create a warm, charming finish. For a unique contrast, place in a glossy white kitchen for a fantastic statement and to add a touch of history.

English Beam 2 Door Reclaimed Wood Sideboard















The Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Medium Sideboard would make a stunning centrepiece in a contemporary kitchen design. The sideboard is a perfect blend of rustic and contemporary style with the certified recycled wood, sleek lines and minimalist drawer handles. 

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Medium Sideboard


In a rustic kitchen, an injection of white with your sideboard is fantastic. The Medium Dorset Reclaimed Wood Sideboard is the perfect sideboard for any space. The simple design and distressed base is finished with antique brass handles for a shabby chic look with plenty of character. Pair with other reclaimed pieces for a modern take on rustic style.

Medium Dorset Reclaimed Wood Sideboard



To find the perfect sideboard for your kitchen, take a look at the selection available at Modish Living, or get in touch with one of our team members for any enquiries.