The Feng Shui bedroom: how to achieve it

The feng shui bedroom: how to achieve it

grey fabric bed with rustic tall chest of drawers

Bring in a zen-like vibe with a feng shui bedroom and create a stylish space flowing with positive energy, balance and a sense of calm.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice centred around balance and positive energy flow. It’s rooted in the belief that every element channels the earth’s energy, or chi, and in order to bring the right balance to a space, the yin and yang needs to flow in the right direction. In the home, it’s believed that if the positioning of our interiors, furniture and colours are aligned in a room it allows positive energy to flow and keep negative chi away. According to feng shui, the bedroom is a peaceful ‘yin’ space and a place to relax and recharge energy. Read on for tips and ideas on how to master a feng shui bedroom and zen the life out of your bedroom.

1. Clear the clutter

De-cluttering, organising and creating space is a fast-track way to ensure that energy is flowing freely. Cluttered surfaces, clothes hanging off of furniture and ‘stuff’ jammed under the bed will not make a happy feng shui bedroom. Keep the room neat by having a clear out, keeping only the things you need and putting everything else in a large chest of drawers or double wardrobe with drawers.

2. Feng Shui bedroom layout

The position of your bedroom furniture is a key factor in feng shui to allow energy to flow freely. Make sure your bed is in the ‘commanding position’, a foundational concept in feng shui that refers to placing important objects facing the door, but not in line with it. When you are in a commanding position you are in control of your life, so place a solid wood bed in sight of the door without being directly opposite it to optimise the positive energy and find peace.

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3. Go natural and neutral

Unsurprisingly, nature is big in the feng shui bedroom, connecting us with life’s innate energy. Neutral or muted earthy colours are soothing and are the best shades to choose from as they won’t overstimulate the energy of the room, whilst tactile materials, such as wood or reclaimed wood furniture represent growth and life, adding an instant natural element.

solid wood bed and dark wood bedside tables for how to achieve a feng shui bedroom

4. Serene symmetry

As we’ve already touched on, balance is fundamental in feng shui to maximise chi levels and a great way to create instant symmetry and balance in a bedroom is with bedside tables. Consider placing a bedside table on either side of the bed and enjoy a more harmonious and soothing space.

5. Hide electronics

To create a space that promotes a restorative night’s sleep you have to literally unplug from the world. Lap tops, phones and TVs are known disruptors of our circadian rhythms, but they also go against the core principles of feng shui, which is based on the natural world. Leave tech in another room or hide it away inside a bedside table with drawers when you turn out the lights.

rustic bedside table with drawers