The low down on bookcases

Chalfont Wooden Bookcase with Doors

It is a staple addition to the furniture of many a home across the country – and no wonder because the bookcase offers many solutions to storing certain items and not just books. The small bookcase or large bookcase can work in any room in the home, from the entrance hall to the landing, to the bedroom, the living room and beyond.

The traditional bookcase

Half-height or full height, there is a ‘format’ to the styling of the bookcase that many of us see as traditional.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Tall, sturdy and with detailing synonymous with the traditional style, the Chelwood bookcase embodies everything we think of as needing in a bookcase. Showcasing the beauty of reclaimed wood furniture to its full potential, if you are a lover of symmetry, then this open shelved bookcase is simply perfect. It’s closed back gives it definition, something that adds to its grandeur as a piece of must-have furniture.

Bookcase elegance in the bedroom

Storage in the bedroom has followed a certain routine for many years – the wardrobe for hanging clothes, chest of drawers for folded clothes and bedside table for the bedside lamp. Giving a streamlined finish, the ‘closed’ nature of bedroom storage is not to everyone’s taste.

Chalfont Industrial Wood Bookcase

Having items in display adds character and warmth to a bedroom and thus a mix of open shelving for those things you want to see and small closed cabinets for the things you don’t is the perfect combination – which you will find in the elegant industrial bookcase with doors from the Chalfont range.

Streamlined success

Sometimes, you need a bookcase that has height and width. Or, in other words, a bookcase that is big enough to support weighty tomes like ‘war and peace’ along with the statement vase you have and other accessories that give your home style.

If you want a larger bookcase without the feeling of it being larger and cumbersome, then open shelving is the solution.

Colette Reclaimed Wood Display Unit

With no back, the bare frame on show melds with its surroundings, whether that is the lounge, the home office or even the dining room. A slim bookcase, the wood and metal combo of the open display unit from our Colette collection is our largest and yet, it isn’t imposing.

Deceptively simple, open shelving bookcases and units are ideal for those of us who like to cluster items and enjoy being surrounded by harmonious symmetry.

Bringing its own style – the ladder bookcase

Thinking outside the box reinvigorates and when you apply this equation to the bookcase, the resulting is the stunningly stylish ladder bookcase.

It does everything the ‘traditional’ shaped bookcases does – open shelving, stores books and other items, can be a delectable piece of modern furniture – and yet its nonchalant lean gives it an air of being something different.

Quinton Reclaimed Wood Ladder Bookcase

The Quinton ladder bookcase is a freestanding version of this design. Its lowest shelf is the widest, with the shelves above it reducing in size with each step. Slimline and stylish, this bookcase is ideal for the living room or even the hallway.

Light Raw Oak Bookcase

This light oak small ladder bookcase also has a nonchalant lean but without obvious support of a frame as its Quinton counterpart. It fills the gap seamlessly between its style and the appeal of any room, whether you have a modern and minimal style or err on the side of the traditional or Scandinavian.

How would you use these bookcases in your home?