The luxurious four poster bed and how to make the most of it

Wooden Four Poster Bed in Bedroom

There are many trends tipped for next year but the one that caught our eye was the four-poster bed trend. What is it about this beautiful bed style that catches our eye, and oozes opulence and luxury? Is it a trend you’ll opt for?

Interior design trends come and ago but there are some that hang around for a long time and when they do, their style is updated and changed to reflect our modern tastes.

Alongside minimalist bedrooms and natural materials, the four-poster bed is expected to make a comeback. But if you are thinking of the grand four-poster with ornate columns and yards of drapery, you need to take a fresh look.

The modern four-poster bed

Like the rest of our reclaimed furniture items, the 4-poster bed is the epitome of style and grace but why do we fall in love with the iconic shape time after time?

  • Imposing – typically, the four-poster bed makes a huge statement in the bedroom in its size. It tends to be larger – that is, taller – and more imposing on the eyeline than other shapes and styles of bed. From chunky columns to ornately carved wood, beds of this ilk are imposing but the modern version is streamlined without losing impact.
  • Style – there are various styles available from the huge and very imposing dark wood, carved style to the minimalist style such as our beautiful Bahamas four-poster bed. With four columns extending upright, the connecting with the side panels gives it a true four-poster quality but without swallowing the room.
Bahamas Wooden Bed

Will a four-poster bed work in a small room?

It’s tempting to assume that the four-poster should only grace a boudoir with acres of space but we think this beautiful style of reclaimed wood bed can suit the smaller bedroom.

In the case of the Bahamas four-poster bed, for example, the streamlined beauty of the columns and crossbar give the overall style but without shutting down the room too much.

Likewise, the absence of heavy drapes common to 4-poster beds means that the eye is allowed to wander around the small space, with nothing cluttering it or sucking at the light.

The supporting bedroom furniture items are also important choices in the smaller master bedroom with a four-poster bed in situ. For example, opting for taller, statuesque items such as a tall chest of drawers helps to balance the symmetry. A well-placed wooden blanket box along with matching bedside tables helps to pull the room together too, ideal for a cohesive style that isn’t overbearing.

Not convinced…?

You may love the idea of a four poster bed but are unsure that it will work in your bedroom. Maybe ceiling height won’t allow it, or the dimensions or shape of the room dictate a different approach.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Bed

As well as the four-poster with a streamlined, modern edge, the interior design trends for the bedroom in 2019 suggest that the bed should be simple, with clean, elegant lines to match the uncluttered appeal of the room – just like the Standford reclaimed wood bed. Dress the room carefully and similar to the suggestion with the four-poster bed – opt for a versatile wooden blanket box and matching bedside tables with a rug of our choice to bring it all together.

What changes will you make to your bedroom décor this year?