The pros and cons of a round dining table

The pros and cons of a round dining table - Modish Living

It’s the time of year where our thoughts turn back to indoor improvements after spending summer focusing on the garden and other outdoor spaces. So read on if you’re thinking of replacing your main dining table or round kitchen table. In this blog, we look at the pros and cons of opting for a round reclaimed dining table.

PRO Perfect for a small space

A small round dining table is perfect for a more compact dining space…one reason they are so often found in the kitchen for less formal dining areas like breakfast and lunch! They fit well into a dining alcove or corner in an open plan living and dining space and with rounded edges, they do give the illusion of taking up less space.

round industrial dining table with tan leather dining chairs

PRO More sociable and great for families

A large round dining table is ideal for families who like to wind down together for mealtimes, playing cards and board games. They are also much more sociable as diners can easily make eye contact and engage in conversations with others around the table.

PRO A round table with a pedestal base

This is a good choice if you like to entertain, without legs and corners, it is easier to seat more at the table.

round reclaimed wood dining table with pedestal leg and orange velvet dining chairs

PRO A good choice for homes with small children

A round dining table has no sharp corners – this may be a consideration for those who have young children and toddlers in the home – they are much less likely to bang their eye or head on a sharp edge.

Now you know about the pro’s, let’s look at the other factors you need to consider before you decide between a rustic dining table or opt for a round dining table.

CON A dining bench will not work

One downside of a round dining table is the fact that a bench will not work with it. This is a shame as we do love how a wooden dining bench allows you to squeeze up and fit more people around the table – they’re perfect when you’re entertaining and for larger families.

CON It could be too big or too small

You need to get your measurements right with a round dining table and make sure you have enough space all around the dining table to pull out your dining chairs.

round oak dining table with brown leather dining chairs

CON Less space in the middle for serving dishes

Yes, a round dining table does give you less space to place your serving dishes in the middle of the table – however, if your dining space is big enough you can team it up with a wooden sideboard or a console table in a smaller space. Both these will give you some hidden storage too!