The useful guide on renovating a conservatory

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Home Extension Orangery Renovation

The conservatory is a welcome addition to many homes. The terms sunroom, orangery and conservatory are used interchangeably and although there are differences between the three, they all spell out one thing: more social space.

As a renovation project, it can be one of the most pleasing in which you can really create a stylistic splash. But, like all renovation work, there are pitfalls.

Think through the renovation project by considering;

How will you use the conservatory, sunroom or orangery?

They may have had distinct uses in the past – an orangery was not a social space but rather a hothouse connected to the home – but in modern times, we can use the space for almost anything.

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One example of many is the creation of a dining space, complete with reclaimed wood dining table, fabric dining chairs and beautiful accessories that make it a divine spot to eat with family and friends.

But all too often, we don’t consider how we will use the space until after we have built or renovated it.

Does it need to be that big?

In most cases (but check with your local authority planning rules), conservatories are a permitted development providing that they don’t swallow more than a quarter of your outdoor space. Anything bigger will usually need permission.

There is a balance that needs to be struck between how much interior space you gain and whether this detracts from the beauty of your outdoor space. And so, even with your ideal conservatory being the relaxing sunroom, complete with sumptuous furnishings, leather armchair, reclaimed wood coffee table and a unique Louis de Poortere rug, do you really need all that space.

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Style starts with the appeal of the conservatory

There are many different examples of fabulous conservatories, sunrooms and orangeries, thus it pays to take your time and get the right style, finish and appeal to your renovated or newly built conservatory.

It can be easy to be swept away in a tide of idealism when it comes to style but to combine everything seamlessly and without effort, you need the conservatory to match the style of your property. If the exterior is slightly off centre, then creating the perfect interior may not be easy to achieve.

Home Extension Orangery

Does it flow? Does it combine with the rest of your home?

Cohesion is important in styling your entire home and it is not enough to just opt for everything rustic or industrial or Scandinavian. It needs to be more than just the furniture you choose.

It needs to be the colour of the walls and the lighting – the two factors that combine to give your home its ambience – and it needs to be the flooring options too. When it comes to flowing either choose the same throughout the ground floor of your property or, if this is beyond your budget, create a definite divide between the two spaces with a different colour of flooring.

With the ‘basics’ in situ, you will have renovated your conservatory, sunroom or orangery to be a desirable space.