How to make the most of white bedroom furniture

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Bedroom

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Bedroom

White bedroom furniture brings crispness and freshness to a bedroom. But is it a favourite choice? We took to our popular Houzz poll to find out…

We Asked, You Answered

    We wanted to know – for your bedroom, would you opt for white furniture or stay with tried and tested dark wood bedroom furniture?

    We gave four exquisite choices – two from our white bedroom range, the Dorset and Savannah ranges – and two from our darker wood collections, the Winchester and Beam reclaimed wood ranges.

    Three-quarters of those that voted – why not join in next time? – were clear: white bedroom furniture held the most allure, with the beautiful stylish Savannah winning the most votes. Of those people that loved the earthiness of darker wood, it was the smooth lines of the Winchester range that attracted them most.

    What Influences our Choices?

      The results of this poll got us thinking – what influences us when it comes to making a choice about the colour of furniture? Is there a reason why many of us opt for lighter painted or stained items, as opposed to those items that retain their natural patina?

      Time of year – light and dark

      In the UK, we should have four separate seasons, characterised by both weather and light. We wondered if we asked the same question again in the depths of grey winter, would we get the same result?

      Savannah Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture

      Lighter coloured furniture, like a white bed frame from the Savannah range, plays along with the natural light of spring and summer, whilst the darker tones of dark wood furniture such as the wooden side table may be more welcome when we want to feel cosy in our homes in winter.


      There is no denying that personal choice, as well as our chosen style, is a major influence on whether we opt for painted bedroom furniture or darker wood tones.

      The rustic style, for example, is always a popular choice. Practical, functional but with a twist of elegance, it makes the perfect statement in any room. And it is a versatile style and one in which both white and dark furniture works.

      Take the Savannah range, for example, easily the most popular among voters. There is a crispness that is delightful but with soft furnishings softening the edges, it is perfect for the rustic or even the nautical styled bedroom.

      Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bed

      For those that want a sense of country or farmhouse in their rustic style, the rawness of reclaimed dark wood, as in the English Beam collection is ideal. The Winchester collection adds a smoothness, and more refinement to the rustic style, perfect for anyone wanting to add even more elegance to a room. Just look at the sleigh bed, and you’ll see what we mean.

      Using painted bedroom furniture or dark wood furniture in the remainder of the room allows for a sense of cohesion. Or to ring the changes and add a touch of the unexpected, why not mix and match, using a painted chest of drawers, for example, to stand out against darker furniture in the bedroom?

      It’s your choice so which would you choose, white bedroom furniture or darker wood items?