Things homeowners with cats know to be true

White Cat on Cross Back Wooden Chair

White Cat on Cross Back Wooden Chair

They stalk in when it pleases them. They will eat when it pleases them and you will serve what they desire. They will snooze where they like and when they like. Every cat owner knows the truth of the situation – the cat owns you! But you wouldn’t be without your feline friend simple because there is nothing better than a home with a pet – and a home with a cat or cats is a very rich one indeed.

But science has got in on the act, confirming what cat owners have known all along…

1 Cats lower your stress level

There is a whole load of research that suggests being with and around pets, cats included, lowers blood pressure and ‘stress levels’. The simple act of stroking your cat and cuddling up with them on an even in front of a roaring fire on a wingback armchair or modern sofa is rejuvenating for mind, body and soul.

2 They are great with kids

Cat and Boy on Sofa

Cats and other pets, dogs included, are great for a household with children. As well as teaching responsibility, compassion and how to care for them, cats and other pets play an important role for children with additional needs, including autism. The change in autistic children around pets is unbelievable, helping them to gain the social interaction skills some children struggle with.

3 Cats heal

Purring is a wonderful sound, isn’t it? It shows that Tiddles is content and you feel a sense of well-being too. But did you know that there is therapeutic value to their purring and healing? Studies have found that the gentle vibration of purring at 18 to 35 Hz has a positive effect on joint mobility, especially after injury. There are all kinds of studies ongoing that hope to find out more about how cats purring help to heal bones, muscles and ligaments in humans.

4 They fuel romance

Cat with Blue Eyes Modish Living

You’ve enjoyed a romantic meal, the candles are flickering and along comes Tiddles to share the sofa with you and your beau. But don’t throw your feline friend out as there is research to suggest that potential partners find the presence of a cat in the home a welcome one.

5 Your kids are healthier

It may be the bane of your life but cat hair all over the house and feline paw prints on the surface of your reclaimed wood furniture are actually great for boosting your immune system and that of your children too. Because your kid’s immune systems are tackling dirt, detritus and cat hair, it is stronger and more able to ward off common germs.

6 Allergies are kept at bay too!

Cat on Cat Day Modish Living

Of course, if you are allergic to cat or dog hair, then this is not good news but research has shown that the common day trend for keeping everywhere scrupulously clean is harming our ability to fight off allergies. And so yes, those pawprints across the wooden furniture and the fur left on a Harris Tweed sofa are all doing sterling things for your immune system.

7 Cats are great for mental health too

Mental health is a hotly debated topic at the moment, great for increasing exposure and changing attitudes towards this common problem. Cats have it sussed – when they curl up on your lap or walk across your laptop keyboard, they are sending an important message: let’s cuddle and let your emotional well-being receive a boost. The repetitive act of stroking your cat, its purring, its cuteness and its warmth all help your brain and mind to unravel and slow down.

8 Don’t have a cat? Cat videos are the next best thing!

It was a huge study of over 7,000 participants and the findings cannot be disputed: after watching cat videos, people said they felt better, they had more ‘mental energy’ and positive emotions. So yes, watching those endless cat videos online all in the name of procrastination is doing you some good.