Why a sheepskin is the best winter warmer

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bed

With the cold months of winter only a few weeks away, our thoughts turn to making our homes warm and cosy. The sheepskin rug is the ideal addition but it isn’t just for keeping your toes toasty warm.

On the dining bench

Allegro Live Edge Oak Dining Table and Bench

The family dining table is an important piece of furniture. On cold winter evenings, it will be the place you gather to discuss the day that has been. There will be times when you have guests too and by placing a large sheepskin rug on the dining bench – or smaller rugs on the dining chairs – and you will instantly feel warmer.

IN the bedroom

Grey Sheepskin Rug

If there is one place you will no doubt retreat to when the gales are howling outside the door and winter rain lashing at the window, it will be the cost sanctuary that is your bedroom. Imagine getting in and out of bed, with the delight of a sheepskin rug and its deep, fluffy pile tickling your toes?

ON the bed

Winchester Reclaimed Wood BedThere are nights when you need an extra layer of warmth in your Scandinavian bedroom, and the sheepskin is an ideal solution. As a natural material, complete with its hide as backing, wool and sheepskin is one of the best materials with insulation and cooling properties, making it an ideal material for all kinds of products for use all year round. The sheepskin, lightly laying across your feet on the bed will banish any chills. And it looks stunning in the bedroom too!

ON the office chair

Chills and draughts can reach you, no matter where you are, even if your home is well-insulated. We love the idea of spending the day, hard at work in the home office with a sheepskin on the chair to keep your legs and lower back delightfully warm. The additional soft layer also helps you take a comfortable seat too, ideal if you plan on being at your desk for long periods.

For the dog or the cat…

We all know how much Fido and Tiddles enjoy curling up in the warmth of the home when the worst of the winter weather is battering at the door. You may think that this is the height of decadence – a sheep pile sheepskin in front of the fire by the rattan basket log holders just for the cat and the dog – but there is a method in the madness. Again, it is the natural material of sheepskin that is ideal for the dog and cat, ensuring that they are not irritated by the ‘ingredients’ in some synthetic rugs and beds.

A stylish accessory

Ornamental Stag Head

The sheepskin is, without a doubt, one of the most stylish accessories for a winter living room too, alongside the majesty of an ornamental stag head. Add statuesque tall candle holders to the mantelpiece so that you have the romance of flickering candles and you have really set a cosy scene for a winter’s evening.

Adding warmth to a room means adding texture, as much as it is about adding colour, and the sheepskin, no matter what colour or size you choose, it simply perfect.