Tips to create a revision-friendly study space

tips to create a revision-friendly study space blog

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After the upheaval of the last two years, the moment that students and parents across the country have been dreading has arrived. With two years of disrupted study under their belts, students are sitting their GCSE and A-Level examinations – the first classes to do so since the summer of 2019.

There has never been a more important time to help your child with their studies and you can do this by creating the right learning space for them to revise in. From giving them their own space with desk and storage to encouraging meal times all around the dinner table, here are some tips to help you help your young person through their studies this summer.

Create a dedicated study space

Peace, quiet and a space where they can leave all of their study materials just how they want them is essential when it comes to creating a revision-friendly zone. This means creating a dedicated space. The right desk is really important, consider something like a reclaimed wood desk with a good space for working and office drawers are handy for keeping the area tidy. A comfortable chair is also essential to creating a calming study environment, invest in a good office desk chair that can be set to the right height for comfortable studying.

reclaimed wood desk with brown faux leather desk chair

Sleep matters

Cramming as much revision as possible into a short space of time is counterproductive. Make sure your teens get enough sleep. A good quality wooden double bed with storage will provide them with plenty of space to get a good night’s sleep and a clear bedroom floor….maybe! Remind your young person of the importance rest and sleep can have on their studies.

A healthy balanced diet

A healthy diet, including healthy drinks and snacks, can also play an important role in revision. Encourage your child to take time away from their desk in order to have a snack and a drink; studies have shown just how beneficial this can actually be to concentration and memory.

woman at wooden desk with books and bowl of cereal

Breaks and exercise

Fresh air is also a really important consideration when studying, and this doesn’t mean simply opening a window. Remind your child that getting away from their bedroom or study space can be really good for their mental health and can help them to return to their studies feeling refreshed.

Limit interruptions

Whilst breaks are great for study, interruptions can be a problem. It can be a good idea to suggest limiting tech interruptions during study time by turning off notifications on laptops and mobiles. Whilst the temptation to pop your head around the door and ask how things are going is natural, help your child arrange a schedule for their study with blocks of revision and stick it somewhere in the house where everyone can see it, that way they won’t be interrupted.

Spend quality family time together

reclaimed wood dining table with white painted legs

It is really important to not become too isolated when revising, so encourage your young person to spend some time with the family. Sitting around a rustic dining table as a family can be a relaxing way to spend quality time together. It also offers a good opportunity to talk about how the revision is going and any worries that might have arisen. An informal family dinner can provide a relaxed atmosphere that will really provide them with an opportunity to open up about things, allowing them to relieve some stress and feel supported.

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