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How to create the perfect study space in a new home

Creating a study space is similar to creating a home office type of space where you can work undisturbed. But, all too often, we ‘settle’ for a dark corner or a gloomy desk facing a wall.

This is how to create the perfect study space at home…

Oldman industrial reclaimed wood orange desk

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Choose the Space Carefully

You may be fortunate enough to have a spare room - an ideal location for a study or home office. At the end of a working session, you power down the PC, switch off the printer and shut the door.

Or, you may struggle for space. The good news is that even in small spaces, you can create an amazing home study space with a reclaimed wood desk and comfy chair. Choose a space that is free from distractions, and in a quiet location, and that’s half the battle.

Bring in Light

No matter what work you do, in any working space, the right lighting is essential and industrial style lights are a great choice for the modern office or study space.

  • Pendant lighting – this is the main central light and although there are many stylish options, if you are working with the light behind you, you will be working in shadow.
  • Desk or table lamps – excellent for adding on-the-desk luminosity and prevents you working in shadow. Be as bold as you light with design and style.
  • Floor lamps – movable about the space, floor lamps can add height and texture to a room. Consider a floor lamp that could act as a spotlight too.

Rainbow Vallen Floor Lamp for office

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    The Desk

    Your work is important and this, the working platform at which you will sit for often hours at a time needs to be able to accommodate everything that you do. But this does not mean throwing style out of the window. You can be as stylish and as vibrant with your choice of desk as your budget and imagination allows.

    Of course, you will want a desk that matches your style, whether that is an industrial styled desk or a rustic inspired table. There is no reason why you can’t be quirky with your choice either. This is why the Aviator desk is possibly one of the best buys when it comes to study desks and spaces.

    Aviator Wing Desk for home office

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    Made to Order

    There is a chance that a pre-made desk simply cannot be shoe-horned into a space that is smaller than the average study area. This is why our Oldman office furniture collection allows you to specify the dimensions, as well as choose the final finish including the leg detailing on your bespoke office desk. This offers an ideal solution for when you want a stylish desk to fit into a space exactly.

    The Chair

    Ergonomics is the study of everything that makes life easier and more comfortable. If you do spend hours at your desk, it needs to be the right height. Your bespoke leather chair needs to support you, especially in the lumbar region.

    Mustang Brown Leather Office Chair for home office

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    But again, this doesn’t mean opting for the ‘plain’ or the ‘normal’ office chair. The Mustang brown leather office chair is on castors, perfect for wheeling yourself about the to fetch books or notes from around the room. Or, if you prefer, you can opt for quirky again with the Aviator chair to match the desk.


    There is no reason why you cannot create a study space that inspires and enthrals. Why wouldn’t you want a study space that is stylish, with depth colour and texture?

    Nickel Torre Taper Holder pack of 3 for home office

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    Keep an eye on the time with a wall clock whilst being surrounded by appealing items such as contemporary candle holders or even a wall or floor mirror to maximise light in the study. Or, add an industrial bookcase to keep things organised. The addition of an urban modern rug will add a softer tone to your space that may make it feel a little more relaxed if that helps you study better.

    How will you design your study space?

    How to make your small home office stylish

    The way we work is changing. Increasingly, more of us are choosing to work flexibly and from home. This means creating a work space at home that is comfortable, ergonomic, suitable and stylish.

    Oldman Orange Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk with leather desk chair

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    Finding the Right Space

    What is the right space for some, may not be for others so this is a personal choice. You are, however, looking for a space that offers:

    • Plenty of space to work and store a few things – being too cramped means an uncomfortable home office that you won’t be able to work in for longer than a few minutes.
    • Good light – natural is, of course, best but ambient light is also needed. Don’t work in shadow as poor lighting leads to eye strain.
    • Minimal distractions – you may love looking out the window and this is all well and good but if the habits of the garden birds because all encompassing then your workload will suffer.

    Creating a Bespoke Space

    Working from home means taking on the exciting project of re-modelling a part of your home to be a comfortable and stylish workspace.

    Once you have decided on where you are going to locate your small home office – spare bedroom, a corner of a room, conservatory, small extension, rooms under the stairs – you can choose the furniture accordingly.

    The Desk

    A primary piece of kit is the desk. A flat-pack, mass produced item is not always the most practical nor ergonomically comfortable. This doesn’t mean spending thousands of a bespoke design. We love the look and character of reclaimed wood items, especially when the old wood is teamed with modern stainless steel to create an industrial desk. Take a look at our Oldman range, such as this reclaimed wood desk with white steel frame – other colours are available.

    Oldman White Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk with office clock

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    In terms of bespoke design, you will need to consider the space you have available - thus, if a narrower desk would suffice, you can order a made to measure desk that will fit your space perfectly.

    The importance of getting the right desk for your work cannot be under estimated for your comfort as well as for not swamping the space.

    You need a clutter-free environment that is appealing as much as it is to keep clean and organised.

    The Chair

    If you work at a PC or design at your desk, then the right chair is a must to make sure your back in well-looked after.

    We have a range of leather office chairs, perfect for supporting you. This Hudson vintage style chair is perfect in so many ways. Note its cleanliness and uncluttered appearance. The open frame the smaller office space from being ‘closed down’.

    Hudson Living Brown Capri Leather Chair for desk

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    We also love the fact that our office chairs look nothing like ‘office chairs’! In other words, they are robust, comfortable and stylish.


    With so many documents and data kept on the cloud, storage needs for the home office are now different to how they used to be. Our bespoke console desks can be made with an under-desk shelf, perfect for keeping those smaller things that don’t need to be used on a frequent basis.

    Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console Table for office

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    Bookcase and shelving options made from reclaimed wood can also be helpful in keeping your bijou home office organised.

    What tips do you have for creating the perfect home office?

    How to achieve an Industrial office space

    Creating an office interior often means choosing from furniture and pieces that are, at best, bland but functional. The industrial style looks set to change all that. With new collections specifically for the office, including the stunning Aviator Keeler Desk Wing maverick Modish are here to bring you industrial style that will make a real impression on your office space.

    Aviator Keeler Wing Desk Chair for office

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    What is the Industrial-Inspired Style?

    The industrial style means mixing raw materials – exposed brick walls, naked steel beams – with the warmth of natural materials – the cool elegance of leather and the warmth of wood. But to add the industrial edge, mix it with well-known materials that with additional processes look stunning – like polished concrete worktops or desk tops.

    Impressions Start in Reception

    No matter who is visiting – customers, interview candidates or other stakeholders – creating the right impression is key. And that means reception or front of house needs to be styled too. Our bespoke leather chairs are the ideal seating solution for reception and social areas of the office too.

    Caesar Brown Leather 3 Seater Chesterfield Sofa

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    They can be customised with leather in the colour of your choice, so you can be as daring or subtle as you want. Alternatively, why not sink into a comfortable yet stylish armchair from our Heritage collection?

    Social Areas

    There is research that shows office spaces that have a mix of spaces – ‘formal’ working areas, social areas etc. – have a staff team that works collaboratively. As well as bespoke leather chairs, opt for industrial styled coffee tables. This concrete-topped coffee table is the perfect combination of industrial inspired materials.

    Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Shelf

    Shop Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Shelf

    This reclaimed wood coffee table is perfect for when staff need informal spaces with colleagues and customers, huddled together on leather sofas and armchairs.

    Style Out the Boardroom

    The boardroom is the place where deals are struck, and debates and discussions are held. There is no reason why it can’t be stylish but it needs to be comfortable too – we all know how long meetings can go on for. The industrial boardroom table is the ideal addition – strong, robust and delightfully stylish, it is the main focal point of your boardroom space. Match it with comfortable seating for maximum effect.

    Oldman Raw Steel Industrial Reclaimed Wood Table

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    And, ergonomic and bespoke desks are also a fantastic way to add character to an office space too.

    Storage Solutions (Not a Filing cabinet in Sight)

    The business landscape has changed so much. The digital age means that paper is no longer needed to be stored in such vast quantities as it once was. The filing cabinet may soon be defunct and replacing it with reclaimed wood shelving is a stylish addition to any room or unit within your company.

    Industrial Lowry Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

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    Because, there is no reason why you cannot accessorise a work space.

    Lighting – Functional and Stylish

    We have a growing range of industrial-style inspired items in the Heritage collection garnering favour with business customers. As you recline on the studio drum leather chairs or enjoy the curves of the Maverick collection, bask in the stylish, industrial style lighting too.

    We love the minimal look of the Indiana pendant light that cast a warm glow but plenty of luminosity without being stark.

    Metal Arc Ravland Floor Lamp

    Shop Metal Arc Ravland Floor Lamp

    For spotlighting without the harshness, these elegant arc floor lamps are perfection – and affordable too.

    Extend Work Space to the Outdoors

    On a glorious sunny day, why can’t you team innovate in the sunshine or, enjoy lunch or a break in the garden or outdoor space, such as a roof terrace? The garden sofa set is robust, strong and weather resistant and great for creating a working space in the outdoors.

    Harting Rattan Garden Sofa Set

    Shop Harting Rattan Garden Sofa Set

    All too often we assume that there is only one way of styling a workspace. Think again. Think industrial styling and you’re sure to make the right impression on anyone who enters your office.