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How to choose a bespoke desk for your child

A small wooden desk is a common sight in homes across the country. A desk and chair is an important addition in a child’s bedroom, play space or anywhere in the home. But, how do you create a bespoke desk for your child that will last the test of time? And can you really find one that goes with your other industrial reclaimed furniture? 

Reclaimed Wood Desk bespoke Oldman


You will have heard about ergonomics. Ergonomic design is about creating a space that flows and one that fits with those people that are using it.

Creating and choosing a bespoke desk for your child is no different. In fact, in terms of ergonomics, it is vitally important you get it right for a child’s desk. Your child will grow, meaning that the desk that ‘fitted’ them perfectly last year could be too small for them now.


Children like to be involved in exciting projects, especially one that benefits them! A bespoke design for a child’s desk should be stylish and versatile, such as a reclaimed wood desk or one with a contemporary design.

Colour is important in your child’s development, so choosing the right colour is essential. Red for example, is associated with passion and strong feeling with yellow being the sunshine colour, and is ideal for use in a study space.

Green helps children to relax, and pink is known to lower heart rate. Purple is a popular, attention-grabbing colour, and orange has been known to enhance critical thinking skills.

Choose the colour of the study space, desk and chair so that it enhances your child’s study experience.

The Correct Size

We have referred to ergonomics, the science that impacts on the flow of work in a space but size is everything.

When the desk and chair is the right size, it is comfortable to sit at. When a child is focussing on a creative or developmental task, having to constantly change position to get comfortable will intrude across their study and work.

Our team can help you determine the right height desk, and match it with the right height chair too from our Oldman desk range.

Function, Function, Function

Remember, this is not an office desk, where the child will be shuffling paper and stapling - it is a platform on which they will create and study, play as well as work.

Storage is key in any child’s bespoke desk. Storage solutions need to be instantly accessible – too much effort means important things don’t get put away.

Accessible, simple storage solutions also help children to learn about keeping work areas tidy, essential if you want to innovate and create at a desk. An industrial reclaimed desk could have in-built cubed shelving and pen pots, for example.

Other Practical Considerations

  • Material – desk material needs to be robust and sturdy, and easy to keep clean. There are many materials that offer these qualities, as well as being uber-stylish, important for any child’s bedroom or teenage study space. Steel and wood desk designs go with almost any décor.
  • Position – a child’s desk should be bathed in light, therefore positioning it near or close to a window is a great position. If natural light is in short supply, focussed light, not too bright as to make the desk area ‘startling’ is a welcome addition.

There are many styles of desk, from contemporary desk to the industrial furniture look. It is important to get the right desk that fits your child, as well as looking great in your home.

The myths and marvels of reclaimed wood

Luxe Kensington reclaimed wood dining table close up sleeper

Reclaimed wood has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Here at Modish Living we supply some truly exquisite examples; we feel privileged to be working with such an exceptional material and we’re always happy to discuss the merits of reclaimed furniture.

There are a few well-held myths about reclaimed wood, and we feel it’s important to refute many of them, but first it may be useful to clarify the meaning of reclaimed wood in the furniture industry. If you’re buying a reclaimed wood dining table, for example, you’re not buying an original dining table that has simply been restored. Instead, you’re purchasing a brand new piece that’s using reclaimed wood that has then been turned into your table.

Myth number one: Furniture using reclaimed wood is more expensive

This isn’t necessarily true at all, and in fact some pieces may be cheaper. Reclaimed wood contemporary furniture can take a great deal of work, because the wood has to be de-nailed, cleaned and specially treated, so it’s not an easy process. The overall cost of many items, such as a reclaimed wood desk, may be cheaper than you would think.

Myth number two: Reclaimed wood is dirty

All our reclaimed contemporary furniture pieces are thoroughly cleaned by our craftsmen using tried and trusted techniques, and only after they have been deemed suitable does the major work begin. Reclaimed wood is often taken from old houses, so the environment may not be clean, but once the wood has been treated it is more than usable.

Myth number three: Reclaimed wood is not pretty

One look through our website will convince anyone of the sheer beauty of our reclaimed wood items, including our superb choice of living room furniture pieces. The wood that’s been used has a story to tell, and each piece has its own unique character. It may not feature the clean lines and sterile feel of brand new wood, but of course it’s not supposed to. Reclaimed wood is, in our opinion, utterly beautiful.

Myth number four: Reclaimed wood doesn’t need maintenance

Clearly this isn’t true at all. Every item of wooden furniture, including brand new wooden pieces, needs to be maintained. Wood, by its very nature, is strong, robust and can last for a lifetime and beyond, but only if it’s well looked after. Our rustic furniture will always look impressive if it’s maintained properly. If you purchase an English beam table, for example, from Modish Living you will receive information about proper care for the wood.

Myth number five: Reclaimed wood is poor quality

Our craftsmen select only top quality wood before creating heavenly pieces of furniture. Reclaimed wood is more dense than new wood because it has been allowed to grow naturally, and of course using reclaimed wood is better for the environment. It’s solid, dependable and extremely attractive.

Myth number six: Reclaimed wood makes a room look old

Reclaimed wood can be used to create many different styles, so it depends on how it is used. We supply many examples of iconic industrial furniture, for example, which use reclaimed wood to showcase modern styling. Of course, other themes such as rustic and contemporary can be created using reclaimed wood, so it’s worth remembering that it can be used to make rooms look old or new.

How to set up a perfect home office for two

Oldman Reclaimed Wood Bespoke Desks with Bespoke paint

Couples who work together from home can face an occasional extra stress or strain on their relationship at times, but of course they can also look forward to the possibility of becoming more synchronised and more harmonious than ever before. Usually, the key to successful co-working lies in the working environment itself, so the way a home office is kitted out can be of paramount importance.

There are questions to be asked from the earliest stage, such as whether to face each other or whether to be back to back, how best to come to an agreement on the optimum working temperature and, often a crucial one, how to put up with their choice of music without tearing your hair out! Here at Modish Living, we have a range of exquisite furniture items which can make your home office the perfect spot for productivity.

Reclaimed wood furniture lends itself perfectly to office working, and the beautiful Oldman Pink Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk is always a good choice. This exquisite piece is available in several sizes, so it’s ideal for both large and small rooms. A couple of these will be perfect for working couples, especially perhaps when paired with the supremely comfortable Hudson Living Brown Capri Leather Chair. Home office furniture can look wonderful and feel practical at the same time, after all.

Take a well-earned break and relax

Modern office design usually includes rest areas or break-out zones these days, and your home office can do likewise. Unwinding in style on the sumptuous Maverick Retro Leather Armchair is a must at times, in part because a leather armchair will help you regain your energy. When accompanied by either the Spitfire Cerato Brown Leather Footstool or the luxurious Leather Storage Footstool, you can relax like never before.

Whether you choose a reclaimed wood desk or an ultra-modern contemporary desk, you will also want to think about the rest of the home office. Storage can be a major issue, because the last thing you want is to face a mountain of clutter every morning. Thankfully, beautiful solutions can be implemented, such as the elegant Saltash Reclaimed Wood Bookcase, a must for those who want to remain organised.

Beautiful artwork has the power to inspire in any office environment, and this applies just as much in the home office. Whether your choice would be the quirky, such as the delightful Laughing Donkey Canvas Art, or the more serious, like the majestic Stag Canvas Art, it has to be something that speaks to you both.

Once your office is complete, be sure to reward yourself with a break in the rest area. Settle back on your comfy armchair with a satisfied smile on your face, a cup of coffee on your Luxe Elm Parquet Reclaimed Wood Side Table, and a wonderful sense of achievement in the air. Your home office may just end up becoming your favourite room in the whole house.