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Get comfy with these luxurious industrial chairs

The industrial style is still a firm favourite in contemporary home design. A perfect way to add a unique twist to more traditional reclaimed styles, industrial seating is a great option for dipping your toes into the style without going all out and making a statement all at once. 

In the dining room


Chairs are always the obvious pairing for with a dining table, but an industrial twist will keep the look of your space fresh and exciting. 

The Hyatt Industrial Vintage Cafe Chairs are a hugely popular style which are perfect if you want to inject pieces which will keep your home right on trend. They will create a fantastic urban look in your home and look stunning paired with a reclaimed wood dining table. As they come in pairs, they would also work wonderfully to create a his and hers office with plenty of style and charisma. 


If you are short on space in your kitchen or dining room, industrial bar stools are a great option as they don't take up much space. Alternatively, if you have a larger space, and a designated breakfast bar or bar table, breakfast bar chairs are also the way to go and industrial style in a great way of adding individual, urban style to the space.

The look of the Thurlow Leather Bar Stool is right on trend at the moment. The stunning moulded metal frame creates a sleek look which pairs wonderfully with the brown leather upholstered seat for something a little different. The chic, industrial style of these metal bar stools is bound to become the focal point of any kitchen/diner.  

If you are blessed with a little extra space, bar stools with backs can look stunning. The Union Button Back Bar Stool is the perfect blend of vintage with contemporary. The brown leather upholstered seat of the leather bar stools with the button back give a real classic feel which will never date, but the leather bar stools are brought up to date with the industrial yet elegant mental legs. A real head-turner. 


As an alternative to dining chairs, dining benches are becoming increasingly more popular in kitchens and dining rooms, and it is easy to see why - they are stunning, and perfect for entertaining!

The simplistic style of the Vardo Reclaimed Wood and Steel Bench makes this the perfect choice for pairing with any dining table. The rustic piece is crafted using reclaimed timber which is contrasted against raw steel legs for a bench with plenty of character. Pair with a reclaimed wood table for a natural rustic look, or even with a glass topped table for a industrial twist on elegant design. 

For something a little different, the Hyatt Canning Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench is perfect. With the round detailing to the strong steel frame, the sophisticated and stylish dining table bench would be the perfect compliment to any natural reclaimed wood furniture. You could even pair two of these benches with a Hyatt Industrial Vintage Cafe Chair at each end for the best of both worlds. 

In the office

When it comes to your office, finding comfortable seating is important, especially if you spend long days working from home. Go for an upholstered seat with padding to ensure you can sit on your chair for long periods of time. 

The Bauhaus Cerato Leather Dining Chair is perfect for your home office - seamlessly blending comfort and practicality with style. The real leather upholstery of the brown leather dining chairs add a touch of glamour to your home office and would look great with any reclaimed wood desk. The beautiful chairs feature a metal frame for an industrial twist, and could double up as stylish extra seating for big dinner parties and occasions. 

For a smaller office, a chair with no arms creates a more streamlined look, and the illusion of more space. The Industrial Vintage Grey Dining Chairs would look stunning in any home office with a subtle grey finish and a contemporary take on the button back style. A perfect blend of classic and industrial style. 

To view the full selection of industrial seating available at Modish Living, please visit the website or get in touch with one of our team members with any questions. 

Why allow your dog at the writing desk for Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Reclaimed wood desk with dog and cat - Modish Living

June 23rd is ‘Bring your Dog to Work Day’, a fantastic opportunity to introduce Fido to the office. Even if you work from home, having a dog loitering by your home desk bring many benefits alongside an ergonomic and stylish home office.

But if you think that taking your four-legged canine pal to work is just about being trendy, you need to know that there is evidence to suggest that pets in the work place make people happier and healthier.

So how do dogs take the edge off a stressful day at work?

1 They’re stress-reducing

Small white dog on brown sofa

Studies over the years have shown that humans interacting with animals reduce stress. By petting Whiskers the cat or walking Fido, the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin is produced which can cancel out the stress inducing effects of cortisol.

Frankly, spending just a few minutes in between tasks making a fuss of your pet is a great way to lift your mood too.

2 They increase productivity

The modern workplace, including the home office, can mean several hours a day of screen time.

You may be comfy in the best office chair at your modern desk, but health experts warn that breaks away from the screen and varying your physical position is important to maintain physical and emotional health.

A five to 10-minute break every 50 minutes of screen time is not a bad rule to follow, and is likely to be better for you than a 15-minute break every two hours.

With a puppy in the office, you could take a quick spin of the grounds to stretch their legs and your own too – the perfect working partner!

3 They improve bonding

Man with laptop and dog

A workplace can be a stressful place, fuelled by tension and unease. Working together with a unified spirit is essential for the culture of your workplace to be attractive to both customers, partners and, when you need it most, new talent to fill vacancies.

There are many thinks you can do to pull people together, from team building exercises to designing the office, complete with reclaimed wood desks and funky comfortable chairs.

But sometimes, you need something more – and that is where your pet dog comes in! There is nothing like a cute pet in the workplace to get people talking. Why not try it?

“What about health and safety?!”

There are of course, health and safety issues to bear in mind. So before you take Fido and hide him away under your contemporary desk at work, you need to consider the following;

  • Allergies – not everyone can tolerate pet fur, leading to sneezes, swollen eyes and other uncomfortable allergic reactions.
  • Fear – not everyone loves Fido. As hurtful as this may be, not everyone finds the eyes of your dog soppy or the dribbling cute. Some work colleagues could be scared witless of your daft puppy.
  • Dog-friendly amenities – it sounds great but, it may just not be feasible to have your dog running in and out of your small office desk and chair.

But with a few basic things taken care of, and agreement from colleagues, your dog could soon be enjoying your work too!