Tips to get a family friendly living room

how to get a family friendly living room

We all want a nice stylish living room but some believe that when there are children involved, be it toddlers or teens, that it will all go to pot! In this blog we look at some top tips that we have gleaned over the years to help you keep your living room spic and span and looking fabulous at all times.

industrial coffee table with two drawers next to grey fabric sofa

Stay on top of clutter with clever storage

Nowadays there are stylish storage solutions for everything in the living room. From a large wooden sideboard for books and board games to a rustic coffee table with drawers for coasters and remotes to a reclaimed wood TV stand with shelves for DVD players, games consoles and compartments galore – nothing in your living room need ever be out of place again!

Use adaptable furniture

To add in even more extra storage opportunities you can opt for a Blanket Box that can also double as a hidden storage space perfect for scatter cushions and winter throws. 

Keep the colours bright and approachable

A light and bright colour scheme will always work well in the family living room, but don’t be tempted to go for a pale colour as it will be tricky to match if you need to do any little touch-ups. Of course, you can bring in some bright and bold accent colours for the younger ones in the household – all kids love a bean bag so pick a bright one – perfect for sitting on to flick through a book, a little afternoon nap, watching a film or when extra seating is needed.

hand holding a black and white photograph

Add a photo gallery wall

All kids love seeing photos of themselves and their family around the house – ready to remind them how cute they were and how much they have grown. A family photo wall is also a great way for other people to see your favourite photos, they’re always a great way to start lovely conversations with your family and friends. What’s more, it brings an informal and personal feel to a room. We like to keep it stylish and simple and stick to more monochrome black and white prints.

Invest in a stylish TV unit

Watching a movie is a family pastime everyone enjoys, so keep everything organised and your DVD collection easily accessible with an industrial TV unit like the Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood TV Unit. There’s plenty of room for games consoles, remotes and other TV and media-related paraphernalia you want to have close at hand, yet out of sight.

two brown leather sofas and round wooden coffee table with black metal legs

Get family friendly furniture

Family friendly furniture is a must-have in your living room with leather furniture being a perfect choice. Choose a 2 seater sofa as it is easy to wipe up any spillages or, of course, there is the faux leather, vegan friendly option. When it comes to furniture go for a rustic coffee table – small wear and tear dents and scratches will barely be noticeable and will blend in with the natural undulations in the wood. Of course being reclaimed and solid wood, any more major damage can also easily be put right by a furniture technician.