Top pick living room sideboards for under £500

Top of a reclaimed wood sideboard with large clock

You can never have too much storage space in the living room and the best kind of storage is one that not only provides hidden storage but also looks great! A reclaimed wood sideboard is of course the sustainable option, it is an investment piece of furniture that will bring individuality and warmth into your room for years to come.

Terracotta plant plot and green plant with wooden sideboard against dark blue wall

A living room sideboard is not only used for storage, but also provides an extra surface to place some of your prized possessions or to add another feature to your living space. This could be decorative vases, pot plants or candlesticks – by hanging a mirror, wall decoration or clock over it you can give this additional feature some height too.

Here we have a look at some fab sideboards….and, even better, are a steal at under £500!

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Medium Sideboard

The chunky Farringdon sideboard is a great choice. Sure to stand out in your living room, this modern sideboard is produced from reclaimed wood and finished with a slight hint of grey. The beauty of this range is that there can be slight variations in the finish which ensure every piece wonderfully individual and unique.

Cut out of medium reclaimed wood sideboard with plants and ornaments on top

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Medium Sideboard

The Dorset Reclaimed Sideboard range is almost identical to the Farringdon, produced in the same beautiful chunky reclaimed wood but hand-painted in distressed white with just the top in natural wood with the hint of grey. The white finish will help give your room a lighter airier feel. This sideboard, like the Farringdon, has two drawers and one cupboard with a shelf for storage.

Cream fabric armchair in front of white wooden sideboard

Savannah Small Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

This gorgeous small white sideboard will add a touch of rustic charm to your living room, the vintage brass cup handles on the drawers add an elegant vintage element. What a wonderful place to clear away all your living room clutter into. Books, magazines, DVD’s and kid’s books all tucked away in order, ready to be easily found when needed.

Cut out of medium white painted wooden sideboard with vase on top

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Medium sideboard

A piece of furniture from the Standford Industrial range will always catch the eye! Rough sawn reclaimed wood, salvaged from factories and transformed into stunning industrial furniture. You will see the various shades of wood, the old nail holes and natural undulations shine through the hard-wearing finish, ensuring every piece from the range is completely unique.

Industrial coffee table on rug with grey sofa and reclaimed wood sideboard in background

Chelwood Medium Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

This simple but stylish sideboard is perfect for the Scandi style minimalist living room. Crafted from gorgeous pale reclaimed wood, with two drawers and double cupboards, the Chelwood Reclaimed Wood medium sideboard will add to a light and airy colour scheme with the neutral colour ensuring it will blend beautifully with other pieces of reclaimed wood furniture you already have in your room. If you need something a little larger then this is also available as a large sideboard.

Rustic reclaimed wood sideboard with two drawers and cupboards