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Top tips to bring Classic Blue into your Bedroom

Top tips to bring Classic Blue into your Bedroom

A reclaimed wooden bed with blue bedding, a blue recycled glass lamp, a blue rug and blue linen

As we head into a new year and a new decade, Pantone has released its Colour of the Year 2020. This year, it is luring us into a world of relaxation with a subtle hint of drama in the shape of Classic Blue. It’s a beautiful shade and one that has a place in every room, but for the bedroom, it is simply sublime.

How to use Pantone’s Classic Blue in the bedroom

Blue has a natural cool undertone, one reason why it is so popular. But this year’s colour of the year is a darker, dramatic shade and yet there is something tranquil about the hue too. If you are a fan of blue and what it brings to your home, then you will love this shade.

1 Team it with the rustic style

A blue recycled glass lamp on top of a rustic wooden bedside table in a bedroom

If there is one style that this colour suits it is the rustic furniture style. As a style, there is an elegance to it that makes it ideal for the bedroom. Essentially, you want to create a relaxed, luxurious backdrop to your bedroom, a calming space where you can unwind at the end of the day.

Classic Blue has the level of warmth you need but if you feel it will be too overpowering on the walls, add main accessories using this colour. For example, a rustic reclaimed wood bed frame with dark blue bedding would welcome your tired self at the end of the day. The dark blue shade of the recycled glass bedside lamp would also slot right into the rustic bedroom scheme and would look at home on other bedroom reclaimed wood furniture too.

2 Works with the Scandi and Nordic styles too

On one hand, you want the drama of this beautiful shade, but you're worried it will feel too dark or oppressive.

A Scandi style living room with a grey sofa, wooden coffee table and blue wall

The solution if you want the darker shades on the walls is to opt for lighter coloured wood furniture.

The Scandinavian and Nordic styles are ideal. Both are similar with only the smallest of differences between the two.

As well as a lighter coloured wood, Scandinavian and Nordic style furniture tends to be lighter in silhouette too. And so whilst rustic reclaimed wood furniture for the bedroom has a decisive and ‘present’ style, the leaner silhouette of these two styles lend themselves very well to creating a fresh, contemporary feel with all the warmth and cosines you want in a bedroom.

Against the backdrop of Classic Blue walls, opt for light oak bedroom furniture, including an opulent king size wooden bed frame. Opt for lighter shades of blue or grey bedlinen, perfect for complementing the wall colour with a layer of texture and cosiness.

It’s important to match the litheness of Scandi and Nordic style furniture in accessories too. And so a beautiful rattan pendant light would be ideal, along with lighter shades on bedside table lamps.

3 Layering is essential

A Louis De Poortere rug in a blue ombre pattern

Classic Blue lends itself to any style and no matter which you choose, it will be sure to work. But don’t forget to lift the room by adding texture, as well as colour. A bedroom rug is more or less essential in our style bible. A blue rug will bring cohesion and balance to the space, giving the room the ‘border’ and emphasis it needs. Opt for one large enough to frame the bed frame or opt for two smaller, identical rugs either side of the bed.

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