What Potential Buyers Don’t Want To See In A Bedroom

A rustic wooden bed with white bedding in a bedroom

A reclaimed wooden bed in a bedroom with matching bedside tables, a blue rug and chest of drawers

With the New Year comes new ambitions and plans, one of which may be to sell up and move on to another place to call home. Selling your property can be a minefield with all the things you think are delightful are actually off-putting to buyers. When it comes to the bedroom, a very personal and intimate, space, what is it that buyers don’t want to see?

1 Dark and dinginess

A rustic wooden bed in a bedroom with soft blue walls and white bedding

Firstly, you need to be confident that the décor and styling are appealing to buyers and if there is one thing that immediately puts people off it is how dark and dingy the bedroom appears to be.

Avoid a dark bedroom by;

  • Minimising window dressings to maximise light
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Adding layers of light with bedside table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lighting
  • Using mirrors, especially to darker corners

2 Clutter, clutter, clutter

A reclaimed wood chest of drawers in a bedroom with a vase of flowers and a picture on top

Clutter doesn’t mean you are untidy (although it can be!) but what it certainly does highlight is lack of bedroom storage. Essentially, you need to declutter and then take a look at how bedroom storage can be improved from bedroom side tables to chest of drawers and more;

  • A small bedside table maximises floor space but make sure it has a combination of drawer space, shelving and/or cupboard space
  • Make storage part of the bedroom scene such as a wooden blanket box that complements the wooden double bed
  • Opt for a wooden wardrobe that is stacked full of storage solutions so there are no clothes and other accessories hanging around

3 An unmade bed

A pillow and bedding in an unmade wooden bed

By making your bed in the morning, you have started your day by accomplishing an essential task.

If potential buyers are viewing your property, you want to show it off to the best of its ability and when it comes to the bedroom, making the bed is paramount. Why? It allows people to focus on the room and to admire your style. In other words, they will notice the beauty (and size) of your beautiful rustic double bed rather than the heap of crumpled bedlinen…

  • Make the bed
  • Add sumptuous layers such as throws and cushions to create the right styling vibe

4 Clear the clothes

A painted wooden wardrobe with two doors and drawers at the bottom

We mentioned the importance of bedroom storage in an earlier point. Clutter, we said, was a giveaway as to lack of storage and so clothes hanging over bedroom chairs or the trouser press are also not what buyers want to see;

  • Make sure all clothes are cleared away, hung in the wooden wardrobe and folded in the chest of drawers
  • If you are struggling to fit everything in, it is time to recycle

5 Too many personal items

A wooden wall with strings of polaroid pictures

Buyers get that this is your home and they will expect your things about the place but spaces that are overly personally accessorised can be a little off-putting. Why? Because feel like they are trespassing in your home and they can’t see past these things to the bedroom as a whole.

  • Remove or reduce personal belongings

6 Smell

A Rathbornes scented candle in a black jar

We all know the estate agent tricks of fresh coffee or baked bread, but what about in the bedroom? Scent is a key sense when it comes to selling properties and although you don’t want your bedroom smelling of a bakery, it is still an important consideration;

  • Throw open the windows to change the air
  • Use scented candles and diffusers to add a gentle wisp of perfume to the space

Reclaimed wood furniture is ideal in the bedroom and can really show potential buyers just how beautiful your home is. But if other things cloud their vision, they won’t be rushing to make any offers.