Top tips to successfully mix metals in the home

top tips to mix metals in the home blog

industrial dining table with gold metal legs

Want to give your home the wow factor? Whether you prefer modern or rustic furniture, a sure-fire way to elevate the interior of your home is by adding a sparkling array of mixed metal accents. And you don’t have to be an interior designer to get it right. From glittering gold to burnished bronze, polished silver to powder-coated steel, a mix of metals will help make your home shine. Here we set out some top tips for styling metals in your home.

How to mix metals in your home

Going for Gold

For all-out glamour, gold will bring a certain uncontested decadence into your home. Gold is timeless and can effortlessly transform a room with its connotations of luxury and class. A rustic coffee table with a gold metal frame, for example, is a great way to add a chic twist to a traditional piece of rustic furniture. We love how the Chelwood Nordic Reclaimed Wood Console Table really catches your eye with its rustic beauty, whilst the straightforward design maintains its character and charm. If you’re worried about having too much bling, why not introduce subtle gold accents in the form of gold ornaments, lighting or gold detailing on cushions and throws – we’re talking grandeur here, not gaudy. When it comes to colours, gold is a precious metal that can really shine when styled with shadowy neutrals or warm shades – think comforting rusty oranges and reddish tones. If you prefer cooler shades, create a serene environment with plenty of interest by paring gold accents or furniture with cooler jewel tones such as emerald greens and sapphire blues.

Hi-ho Silver

For an elegant and polished look that never goes out of style, you can’t go wrong with silver. We love how the sleek silver metal base on our best-selling Standford Large Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table adds instant sophistication to this piece of reclaimed wood furniture, whereas the texture and rugged nature of the wood brings a balance to the flashiness of the metal. To complete the look or gradually integrate silver into your home, you can use silver accessories such as candle holders, vases or hanging clocks to add a sparkle to any room. Like gold, silver is also a precious metal that can truly shine in many types of interior schemes. It will enhance bold colour schemes such as majestic purple, crimson red, royal blue or deep sea green, and whilst it will add shine, it won’t take your attention away from the richness of the colour. Pastel colours however do just the opposite, particularly pinks, blues and mint greens, which work well to embrace and complement the metallic qualities of silver.


Bold as Brass

If you are looking to add a subtle pop of metal to a room, brass is great for quietly elevating an interior that oozes opulence and style. Burnished or matte brass pairs superbly with reclaimed wood furniture, but we also love how the warm and earthy tones of brass complement the golden hues of mango wood furniture. Our Ashington Mango Wood Dining Table with it’s X-shaped end frame is a great example of how mango wood creates such a lovely design. Alternatively, you may want to opt for brass accessories such as doorknobs, art frames or mirrors, which are also great for adding a subtle but modish look to your home. To create an art-deco feel, you might consider pairing brass accessories or statement pieces with dark and bold colour schemes such as a deep turquoise or a rich grey. For lighter interiors, it can also complement pastel colours beautifully. Baby pinks or pistachio greens paired with brass help create a pretty and softer aesthetic.

pastel coloured bedroom with brass hanging pendant light and bedside light

Matte le Black

Matte black steel is the metal for you if you want to add a contemporary and urban feel to your space. The industrial style takes inspiration from when we began converting old warehouses into living spaces and has become an increasingly popular design trend since. Key and statement industrial furniture pieces such as our Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Spider Leg Dining Table and industrial sideboard can help you easily achieve this raw aesthetic in your home. The rough sawn wood combined with matte black steel frame and handles create the perfect juxtaposition of modern and vintage materials. If you wish to achieve a cohesive industrial look, we would suggest exposed brick walls, a statement vintage sofa and industrial-style accessories such as pendant lights, lampshades or metal clocks. However, the beauty of the industrial look is that you can mix it with other styles. You can truly embrace a minimalist design and simply accessorise with black steel ceiling lights or pipework style shelves to achieve the authentic stripped-back style or take a prettier approach and blend muted colours and soft textures into your scheme.



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