How to style chairs with your industrial dining table

Industrial dining table with faux leather dining bench

Photo: Rocco Spider Leg Dining Table with Lansford Dining Chairs

The dining table in your dining space really has to be the star and an industrial style dining table with its mix of reclaimed wood and cool steel or dark metal is a timeless and stand-out choice that fits in all styles of homes. But it’s all well and good having a striking industrial dining table, but what seating should you choose to put around it?

First and foremost you have to look at the space available in your dining room – if the space is small, imposing dining chairs will make it look cluttered. Ideally, you need a minimum of one metre around your table to place chairs and allow people to move freely. It’s also worth considering if the dining chairs can fully tuck under the table when not in use to maximise the space, as well as allowing space for a wooden sideboard and other dining space storage.

Industrial is an unpretentious and laid-back style that places function ahead of aesthetics and there are lots of different styles of dining chairs to pick from. Let’s look at what type fits this timeless table best…

Keep it industrial with faux leather dining chairs with metal legs

Grey faux leather dining chairs with industrial table

Photo: Cleo Faux Leather Dining Chairs with Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Dining Table

This option keeps the industrial theme going, but you can choose from a whole range of seat styles depending on your own personal preference and the size of the room. From an elegant thin metal leg to a more chunky industrial dining chair, with or without armrests. A bonus is that faux leather is vegan-friendly and the quality is so good today it is hard to distinguish them from a real leather dining chair…..apart from the cost, of course! Another huge plus with faux leather chairs is that they are wipe clean – perfect for wiping off any spillages or of course, little sticky fingerprints.

Room for everyone with dining benches

industrial dining table with faux leather industrial bench

Photo: Cleo Grey Faux Leather Corner Dining Bench and Low Dining Bench with Standford Industrial Dining Table.

Dining benches have come a long way since the medieval days! They are as popular in traditional farmhouse style kitchens as they are in elegant and sleek dining rooms. A reclaimed wood dining bench with industrial legs will always be a perfect match for an industrial dining table, add a cushion or two and a small throw and it will look like something straight out of a designer magazine. If you choose a dining bench with no back it will also make your dining area appear bigger as there is no back of the chairs breaking the space up. As mentioned above they are also a great way to squeeze a few extra guests around the table.

A faux leather dining bench is also a good option, especially if you need people to squeeze up a bit from time to time, to make an extra bit of room around the table.

Add some soft velvet contrast to the industrial look

industrial dining table with blue velvet dining chairs

Photo: Knightsbridge Velvet Dining Chairs with Knightbridge Industrial Dining Table

Industrial style does not have to be solely about thick black chunky legs, it can also be an elegant take on this loft-living interior style. Pair sumptuously upholstered dining chairs with a polished metal or slim coated steel to your industrial or reclaimed wood dining table to glam up your dining space and add a softening contrast. A velvet dining chair in a rich colour will brighten the space, such as blue, green or even yellow. If you prefer something more classic stick to neutrals hues, such as cream, taupe or a soft grey. And of course, always think about who will be sitting on the chairs before making a purchase. Fabric chairs may not be the best choice if you have young children with permanently sticky fingers, but if you enjoy hosting dinner parties with friends and like to linger around the table into the early hours, an upholstered chair would be a very comfortable choice. If you’re worried about how to look after your upholstered dining chairs think about the colour and texture and what works best in your home.

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