Update the home office to get the best from your work space

Quinton Reclaimed Wood Desk and Bookcase

Barclay Reclaimed Wood Desk

We think of the office as a formal place of work which, for most of us it has been for a long, long time. But in recent years, designers have shown us another way.

It doesn’t have to be functional metal filing cabinets, monstrosities that graced many an office over the years. It doesn’t have to be an office desk, devoid of all character and detail.

In other words, it doesn’t have to be dull and functional. The home office can be beautiful and functional without compromising on style with reclaimed oak furniture, and all the right accessories.

So ditch the whiteboards and the filing cabinets, ditch the expanse of desk and miles of shelves, bereft of any character or personal bits and bobs.

The home office is about to undergo a Modish Living renovation.

What the home office means to YOU

Before we fire full steam ahead into creating the perfect home office, we need to ask the important question: how will you use it?

Just as we ask this question before we style a new kitchen or create the perfect family dining room, you need to be clear how you will use the space, for the answer to this question informs the best choice of home office furniture.

Are you a student? Is this your main place of work? Will it be the space where your kids do their homework? What tech do you have? How do you work – on a PC or stood at a desk, designing, sketching and drawing?

You see, we don’t all work the same thus the home office shouldn’t all be designed the same.

The home office desk landscape

It is, perhaps, the most important piece of home office furniture. And that means, getting the right home office desk, whether a wide or narrow desk, should be your priority.

Before you consider storage, consider dimensions. You may have space for a huge home office desk but do you need such a vast table?

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk White

Consider bespoke home office desk options for when you a. need lots and lots of work space and/or b. when you have limited space to work with.

Keep it stylish

Not everyone has the gift of a spare room to convert to an office and so, a smaller corner of the living room or dining room becomes the workspace.

Quinton Reclaimed Wood Desk

It can work but in terms of style, choosing a desk that is functional but uber-beautiful and in keeping with its surroundings is essential. This simply designed home office desk, for example, is understated but functional, perfect for the minimal or even the rustic styled space.

Stylish storage

Storage is also essential in any office but again, it seems that for too long we assume that the only option was a filing cabinet and that the office had to be completely devoid of anything pretty or personal.

Those days are gone – hurrah! – and so you have a whole range of options before your very eyes. Choose from sideboards to display and shelving units to elegant bookcases.

Rocco Industrial Oak Dining Bookcase

And accessorise to your heart’s content. Beautiful sculptures mixing with books and files, offset with the glamour of standing floor lamps and tabletop lamps, dressed with mirrors are diving.

In fact, the home office will become a place you will WANT to work…