How to decorate your home office like a pro

Chalfont Wooden Bookcase

Working from home is something more and more of us are opting to do. And no wonder – the combination of working and home life can be balanced, although sometimes the scales drop in favour of one or the other.

But clearly, creating a space that is ‘the office’ is somewhat essential. But getting it right can be harder said than done.

Start with… THE DESK

Whether you are sat at a desk typing or making phone calls or need a space to do your paperwork every now and then, the desk is an essential piece of kit in the home office.

But a one-size-fits-all approach to a home office desk is not the right approach because what suits you, won’t suit another home worker. And what fits in your allotted workspace may not fit into another.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk in Orange

And so, when it comes to a customised industrial desk choose one that meets YOUR needs and the DIMENSIONS of your office.

But consider… THE LIGHT

We can often be driven by the shape and size of the room to place the desk in a spot where it means we are working in shadow.

Ber very conscious of where natural light is – you want plenty of it but not satin harsh, glaring sunlight for part of the day – and what ambient light you will need to add to make it a workable space.

Be conscious of… STYLE & FUNCTION

If you welcome clients into your home office, you need to be extra conscious of the impressions the home office leaves on them. And that means getting clever with;

Lowry Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

·Storage and organisation – the chaos of piles of papers and documents may not be the impression you want to convey but (here’s the great news!), metal filing cabinets, irksome and awkward in shape and size, are no longer the only option. Opt for reclaimed wood furniture that doubles as hand storage in the office, complete all the warmth, style, and the beauty of wood.

Mustang Leather Office Chair

·Seating – as well as your own ergonomic desk chair, you will want seating for your clients. Make sure you have plenty if you expect groups of people to call in or for smaller, 1-2-1 sessions choose an informal but comfy modern armchair.

Spend time… ON STYLE

Décor is important. It stimulates as much as it soothes, whilst allowing for function and form in the home office.

The small touches matter just as much as when you work on your own as when you share the space or when you have clients or visitors in your office.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Small touches can be anything from plants to a reclaimed wood coffee table with storage because can we ever have too much storage in the office?

Don’t forget… OPEN SHELVING

Books, sculptures and other items on display can be the perfect foil in the business meeting setting. There is a saying within interior design relating to commercial or business spaces – and certainly when designing the industrial style office – and that is personality, not personal.

Chalfont Industrial Wood Bookcase

So yes, add quirkiness and character but without adding the family portraits and the cute photos of the dog. Why not opt for an industrial shelving for those ‘bits and bobs’ or to showcase your work that adds character? Or opt for a stylish bookcase, for example, that is a talking point in itself…

The home office should be anything but boring – how do you plan on styling yours?