Want to work from home? Let’s get your home office ready!

A laptop

You’ve delivered on your New Year resolution to work from home and even if this is only for some of the time, you need to create a functional, versatile and stylish WFH space. Here’s how.

Computers on top of a dark wooden home office desk with a table lamp, a mug and a desk chair

The number of people working from home has doubled since 2009, according to BBC figures, with 1.54 million people working their main job from the cosy confines of their home or apartment. And the trend looks set to continue.

But, it’s important to find the right space in your home and when you do, that you create a home office that is perfect for you.

Unused nooks and corners

In older houses especially, there tends to be space that we don’t use simply because it’s in an awkward place. Don’t waste the space any longer – utilise it as your office.

Worcester Reclaimed Wood Desk with a white painted finish

As well as adding a perfectly proportioned home office desk, invest wisely in the best office chair you can afford so that you are not only supported as you sit and work, but it looks stylish in your home. Leather office chairs look and act the part and are also perfect if you have clients or work colleagues over for meetings.

Focus on light

Whether you are sat at your PC for most of the day or use other equipment, lighting is important. Avoid shade where you can, making the most of natural light (but not harsh sunlight) in the space.

Kiel grey table lamp

You’ll need to consider layers of light in your WFH space too. As well as a pendant light, opt for a table lamp on your reclaimed wood desk and floor lamps to illuminate darker areas.

Choose your style

We spend many hours ‘at’ work and it’ll be no different when you work from home. There may be times when you spend more time at your desk to deliver a project than you normally would and so getting the right style that sparks and nurtures your creativity or focuses the mind is essential.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk with books and a cafetiere on top

As well as the warm but minimal Scandinavian style, the industrial style is popular. Clean lines with a fresh, appealing look, an industrial desk is the perfect place for clever thinking.

Don’t forget accessories and office storage

Forgetting storage means that within a few days, your home office will begin to look cluttered. If there is one thing that stifles creativity and production, it is mess and clutter.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Display Unit with accessories

As well as choosing a home office desk that suits you and your work, you need to consider storage. A small sideboard, for example, could offer the storage solutions you need, as too could a shelving display unit and drawer and cupboard space in the desk. There are many options but which one would suit you?

Try something different

A warm Brown Leather office desk with Two Drawers

Working from home and choosing your own office furniture is a welcome change from the corporate style we are accustomed too. That means you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. As well as reclaimed wood furniture for the office, why not consider something completely different like a leather writing desk?

Mean business – embrace the outdoors!

If you are blessed with garden space, why not consider a garden office? A fantastic addition to your garden, it may an ideal place to work. With plenty of light, you’ll have all of nature around you to inspire your creativity too. Add insulation and heat, and you have an office space ideal for all year round.