Ways to get your kitchen ready for summer

reclaimed wood dining table and green velvet dining chairs

This summer we may all be spending a little more time at home, so we thought we could see how we can bring the garden into the kitchen and make it a more summery place to be.

On the continent, outdoor summer kitchens are a popular addition to many homes, perfect for living and entertaining outside in the warmer months. Here we look at how we can turn our indoor kitchen into a bright and summery place to enjoy.

Open your kitchen to the garden

If you are lucky enough to have large patio doors that look out to your garden, arrange your kitchen furniture to make the most of the view. Beautiful reclaimed wood kitchen furniture will bring an additional natural element into your kitchen. To give some continuity between the spaces, place some tall indoor plants in floor pots at the edge of the doors. If you can, position your barbecue near the entrance to your kitchen so you are not running back and forth on alfresco cooking nights.

gas barbecue with food on the griddle

Brighten your kitchen

Light, sunny and airy – use light linen in your kitchen and add an accent colour. Blue, green, yellow or red are wonderfully bright and summery colours which mimic the sea, grass, the sun and flowers. You can bring in these colours using relatively inexpensive items such as cushions, table napkins, plant pots, vases and candlesticks, with these you can easily produce a bright and summery display on a homely rustic wooden dining table. If your kitchen has a dark corner you can add a reclaimed wood sideboard with a table lamp, or fairy lights, on it and a wall mirror to reflect light around the room.

indoor plants on a  windowsill

Add some Indoor plants

An indoor herb garden is a great place to start and it doesn’t take up much room, you can just choose your five favourite herbs to get started. You don’t have to be restricted to just herbs either, tomato or houseplants in terracotta pots on a sunny windowsill will also do the trick. It’s a great way to get a bit of greenery in if you live in a flat or have a small garden. Cut flowers always look fab, go for something seasonal, a vase of bright sunflowers placed on a reclaimed wood dining table really adds a sprinkling of summer to a room!

glass vase with sunflowers

Get ready for Barbecues

Barbecues are the ultimate in summer entertaining – when we have guests the last thing we want to be doing is prepping and hunting around for barbecue utensils. Set aside some space in the kitchen to keep tongs, slices, glasses, plates and serving dishes……much easier than searching around last minute to find everything you need, when we would all rather be making a start on sundown cocktails! Have a few easy but tasty recipes up your sleeve, include some side dishes that don’t need cooking that you can prepare well in advance. Do any other prep work as early as possible, and have everything ready and waiting for your guests.

fresh vegetables and salad on a chopping board