5 breezy ways to make a relaxing garden

2 seater garden sofa and upholstered foot stool for 5 breezy ways to make a relaxing garden

garden sofa with round circular rug and hanging egg tree

On a warm summer’s day, there is nothing quite like opening the back doors and stepping out into the garden. Park, picnic and beach days are all great fun, but there’s something special about chilling out and soaking up the rays in the privacy of your own home. However, some gardens have a more laid-back vibe than others, so to help you transform your outdoor space into a zen zone this summer, we’ve pulled together 5 easy styling additions to ensure your garden is all about relaxing.

1. Outdoor lounging

rattan sun lounger with white cushion

Enjoying your garden horizontally is a sure-fire way to help you get into an easy-breezy kind of mood. Hotel-style garden loungers and reclining chairs are a must-have when it comes to outdoor furniture and will instantly add some poolside chic to your garden. While away the afternoon with a good book or mix up a cocktail and create your own beach club party. From a sturdy wooden sun lounger with a distinctly colonial feel to a faux rattan sun lounger that would look at home in a Hampton’s mansion, a classic outdoor sun lounger will force you to kick back and relax. Or up the relaxing game even further with a hammock – guaranteed to send you off to sleep.

2. Comfy outdoor sofa set

rattan corner set in grey

Creating a real living area in your outside space means you not only have a new room to use in the warmer months, but you have the perfect spot for outdoor laid-back living as well. A garden corner sofa set with an outdoor coffee table and garden armchair needs to be comfy, but also practical, so think about a rattan corner sofa with shower-proof cushions for that unexpected downpour. Style with an outdoor rug to really build on the aesthetic of your outdoor space and recreate an indoor/outdoor scheme.

3. Garden storage

rattan garden cushion storage with top open

Just like inside your home, a cluttered and messy garden will not encourage you to relax. To achieve an easy-going outdoor space you should think about storage and what you need to store. These could be cushions, blankets, toys and paddling pools – all items you want close to hand, but out of sight when they’re not being used. 

4. Lighting matters

Hanging egg chair at night with outdoor lighting

When dusk falls, illuminating your outdoor space will transform its look and feel. From pretty festoon lights and magical fairy lights to path lights, uplights and downlights, there is a myriad of options to choose from to give your garden an ambiance boost. Experiment with a variety of lighting options and apply the same method of layering lights outdoors just as you would in your living room. For example, hang festoon lights around a tree or pergola and tall floor lanterns around your rattan garden set.

5. Stay warm

wooden garden bench with iron fire pit

Nothing kills a laid-back and easy-going outdoor space than feeling cold. Not being blessed with a Mediterranean climate and its warm and balmy evenings, ensuring you stay warm once the stars come out is a vital component of creating your relaxed space. There are lots of options, including stylish fire bowls for a designer-style garden to rustic chimineas if you prefer a more rustic feel. You could even go all-out and invest in a patio heater in a sleek and modern design that will enhance your space rather than be an eyesore. And, of course, there is always the option of layering up with soft blankets – why not keep a stash specifically for the garden in some outside storage to grab once the temperature drops.

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How to style a small balcony

brown rattan corner sofa set for how to style a small balcony blog

outdoor corner sofa set with white cushions on balcony

When it comes to creating a great outdoor area this summer, even the smallest space can be important. If you only have a small balcony, then you still have plenty of outdoor space to work with.

With a bit of careful planning and some great design inspiration, it is possible to style a small balcony to create a great space in which you can enjoy the simple pleasures of lounging, dining or even entertaining. Read on and explore some of the clever design solutions that can help you to create maximum utility with the minimum of space.

Think about your seating options

When space is at a premium, being able to move some of your garden furniture out of the way can be incredibly helpful. Stackable or folding chairs make it very easy for you to do this with a minimum of fuss and allow you to create a seating area for just one person, two or maybe even three. Stacking garden chairs do not need to be the cheaper plastic ones, so shop around to look for something more in keeping with your overall design.

wooden outdoor folding chairs

Eating al-fresco

Depending on the size of your balcony, it is entirely possible with a little clever planning and arranging to put a small garden table and chairs on a balcony. Small bistro sets are a great option and can often be purchased with tables that can be folded away when not in use. As an alternative to this more traditional table and chair arrangement, a bar table complete with bar stools may provide you with a very good alternative. However, the positioning of taller bar stools will be key on any balcony as you want to ensure the safety of anyone using them.

2 seater bistro set in grey

Design a relaxing space

Of course, not everyone wants to create an outside space where they can dine. If you would prefer to create an oasis on your balcony where you can relax in the fresh air, forget the idea of a patio table and chairs and instead invest in a sun lounger, or loungers if you have the space. If you have enough room, consider an outdoor lounge set with a small coffee table, perfect for relaxed dining. The Portsmouth outdoor lounge set with its nautical feel would be perfect for a balcony with a coastal view.

4 seater bistro table and chairs in grey

If you have a very small balcony but would like to add seating that would work for a couple of people whilst still leaving space to move around with ease then something like the Swansea Love Seat.

Add some greenery

The one thing that a balcony can often be lacking as an outside space is foliage. However, a live wall with vertical planting is a great way to change this. Because the planting is done vertically you won’t be taking up some of that all-important floor space which can be all too lacking on a balcony. You might not have room for a garden dining table and chairs on your balcony but with a little imagination, there is always room for some clever planting to create the perfect space to relax.

live vertical wall for how to style a small balcony blog

Check out our luxury garden furniture collection and refresh your outdoor space, no matter how big or small. Or for some outdoor inspiration, take a peek at our blogs for styling tips and ideas.

How to design an outdoor living space like a pro

How to design an outdoor living space like a pro

outdoor living space with garden lounge set

With the weather in the UK changing and our summers predicted to get hotter and last longer, the desire to have an outdoor living space with all the comforts you enjoy indoors is an interior trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you have a large garden, a tiny courtyard or somewhere in between, read on for tips on how to design a welcoming and comfortable outdoor living space.

Think about function

Before you can design your outside space, you need to consider what function it will have. Ask yourself if you plan to use the space for simply relaxing in, or would you like an area where you can entertain with a space for alfresco dining? Perhaps you want a space that will offer you both options – one for outdoor dining furniture and also some more casual seating?

outdoor dining table and chair set

Style matters

A great design tip that works well for your outdoor space is to take a look at the style you already use inside your home. If one of your rooms open into the garden, then consider carrying the same style from one area to the other. This could help to provide a more cohesive look that will help you extend your indoor living space as well. Think about colours and textures as well as styles of furniture.

Clearly define each area

Having said that, you should also clearly demarcate all of the different areas in your outdoor living space to help establish each area in their own right. This may mean picking a rattan garden corner sofa as part of your seating area and opting for a completely different type of garden dining furniture for the space you have chosen for alfresco dining. Bold coloured planters and different textured foliage offer a great way to clearly separate and zone different areas, giving them each their own individual character.

rattan garden sofa set with white cushions

Consider adding a wall or ceiling

Unfortunately, as we well know, the weather here in the UK doesn’t always play nice so you may want to consider adding some form of canopy or ceiling to your outdoor living space. This will help to protect you against winds and light rains and make your space even more usable, not to mention cosy and inviting. A pergola or canopy is a great way to offer some overhead protection and can add a really visual contrast to your garden. You can also create more natural walls or a “ceiling” with clever use of planting, using small trees, bamboo planting or even some shrubs.

outdoor seating area with white painted wooden pergola

Pick similar furniture to inside your home

Just as you did when you thought about the style of your outdoor area, when it comes to picking the type of garden furniture, pick the same type of furniture you like the most indoors and use this as a base for your outside space. An ideal choice could be a garden dining table that echoes the same style you have chosen for your dining room. For example, if you have an industrial dining table, pick an outdoor dining table or outdoor chairs with dark metal detailing, such as our Poole Outdoor Dining Table and Poole Outdoor Dining Chair. You could also use outdoor lounge chairs and add bright coloured cushions that bring the same colour scheme of your living room into the garden.

garden sofa set with yellow and blue cushions

Lighting and heating

One final thing to consider to complete your outside space is the addition of some lighting and heating. These will make it easier to use your outside space for longer on warm evenings when the natural light fades and of course on lighter evenings when it gets cooler. Whilst candles might seem like a good option it only takes a light breeze to be constantly relighting them – it is much better to go for something like solar lighting which will be safe and more effective beside your rattan garden set.

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10 Easy home refresh projects for a long weekend

10 easy home refresh projects for the Jubilee weekend blog

couple painting a room for 10 easy home refresh projects blog

There is something about a bank holiday that drives people to try and do all of those garden, DIY, and home refresh projects that they have been putting off. Take a look at our list of 10 easy projects you may want to tackle during the Jubilee weekend.

1. Clean your kitchen cupboards

It’s one of those jobs that we put off all too often, but is greatly satisfying to undertake. So why not take some time to empty your cupboards, clean them and even make a list of things you want to use up. Check out This Girl Can Organise for some great tips.

2. Refresh your sofas

If your sofas are looking a little tired, then give them a new lease of life with some new covers for your cushions. This is a great time to try a new colour or pattern. If you are handy with a sewing machine, then you could make your own, but if you aren’t, then why not treat yourself to a shopping trip to purchase some.

woman at sewing machine for 10 easy home refresh projects blog

3. Elevate your entrance

The entrance to your home is the first impression you give to your visitors, so give it a little bit of attention. Paint the front door, organise your hallway, and add a bench, some shoe storage, and some hooks for coats. Add a piece of rustic furniture to help break up a longer hallway, and if your hallway lacks natural light, a mirror can help to give the impression of light and space.

grey reclaimed wood storage bench with rattan baskets

4. Jet wash your patio or balcony

Outside space is just as important as inside your home, especially if you are planning a get together over the Jubilee weekend. Give your patio or balcony a jet wash. Don’t forget to pay particular attention to your outdoor furniture, clean any cushions and give your outdoor dining table and chairs some love. A faux rattan garden set will need different maintenance than a wooden garden set, so check out our blog on how to make your outdoor furniture last longer for some handy tips.

5. Upcycle an old piece of furniture

wooden chairs being painted and upcycled

If you have an older piece of furniture that is a little neglected, then consider upcycling it. With the right treatment, it could be something really special and a focal point in any room in your home. If you are looking for some inspiration, then our feature with Cornish Milk Mineral paints will give you some great tips. The reclaimed wood look is a great way of upcycling something that was previously used something else. Reclaimed wood furniture will fit well into any room in your home and complements most décor styles.

6. Re-organise your bookcase

reclaimed wood shelving with metal frame

Don’t neglect your bookshelves. Remove all of the books and give both the books and shelves a good clean to get rid of the dust. Consider getting rid of some books, particularly if your shelves are very full, as this can make them look overly cluttered. Try breaking up the items on your rustic bookcase by adding some house plants for texture and colour.

7. Clear out your wardrobe or chest of drawers

With a little careful planning, your bedroom storage can really be made to work for you. So, clear out your wooden wardrobe or chest of drawers and be ruthless. If it doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn something in over a year, then bag it up for the charity shop. Once you have removed a few items, you will find you have a lot more space, and this will make it easier to arrange everything. By putting things away, you will create a more spacious bedroom that will be more inviting and where you can relax properly.

8. Add a pop of unexpected colour

When it comes to decorating, you don’t have to paint an entire room to refresh it and create maximum impact. Consider adding a contrasting vibrant colour to one wall; this type of colour can work really well in a dining space and offset a reclaimed wood dining table very well. Remember, colour can be added in other ways; cushions or even a change of window dressing can completely change the look of a room for minimum effort.

9. Add panel to your walls

solid wooden bed with dark blue painted wooden panelling

Panelling is a great way of achieving the modern rustic look and is surprisingly easy to do; it is now readily available in many of the bigger DIY stores. It is primed and ready to paint. You just need to stick it to the wall. If you want to add character to a new build, this is an easy way to do it, and when you combine it with rustic furniture, it can really change the look of a room.

Add some garden lighting

Finally, as we move into summer and hopefully those longer, warmer days and evenings, it’s great to spend as long as possible outside in the fresh air. Make the most of your garden in the evenings by adding some garden lighting; there are plenty of solar lighting options out there that are really easy to use. Don’t forget to add a garden armchair or sun lounger to create the perfect areas to relax in.

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Platinum Jubilee garden party ideas

union jack flag bunting for platinum jubilee garden party ideas blog

outdoor dining table decorated for platinum jubilee garden party

2022 marks a very important celebration for the British monarchy, the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. She is the first British monarch to have reached the incredible milestone of 70 years on the throne and to celebrate, many of us will have an extra-long weekend with the Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June official bank holidays. It is anticipated that approximately 10 million Brits will get getting together with friends and neighbours, for garden and street parties in honour of her Majesty. With this in mind, if you’re planning on celebrating over the Jubilee weekend, here are some top garden party ideas to help your festivities get the royal seal of approval.

Decorating your space

In terms of a colour scheme for your decorations, it has to be red, white and blue. Bunting, streamers and union jack flags make a great starting point. If you prefer something a little different then think floral; blue delphiniums, white peonies and red roses, there are plenty of different flowers in these hues that you could opt for. Floral arrangements in small vases would look particularly attractive on a teak garden table.

red, white and blue bunting for platinum jubilee garden party ideas blog

Don’t forget to decorate your rattan outdoor furniture as well – cover your rattan garden set or garden armchair with throws and cushions in Jubilee colours. You can also scatter picnic blankets and floor cushions on the lawn to bring some patriotic colour to the garden, not to mention extra seating for guests.

rattan garden sofa set

Ideas for decorating tables

Before you can begin to decorate it is important to take a look at what you have to work with. If your outside table and chairs are not up to scratch, then there are a couple of alternatives. You can use a trestle table and cover it with a tablecloth to complement your colour scheme, alternatively why not bring your rustic dining table outside and use that instead. Add touches of colour to your table with some vibrant coloured crockery that matches your colour scheme – you don’t need everything to match, think about using white for your plates with touches of red and blue to make your table really “pop.”

table decorations for platinum jubilee garden party ideas blog

Lighting and Heating

Whilst everyone will be hoping for some glorious summer weather, there is a good chance we might be in for chillier climes – we are talking about the great British weather, after all – so be prepared. If you don’t have a patio heater or a chiminea then see if you can borrow one from a friend. Make sure you also have plenty of blankets and throws to offer guests if it gets cooler, especially at night. Bring a wooden blanket box outside and fill it with blankets and jumpers to have in the garden, ready for if the temperature drops.

string of fairy lights above rustic dining table for platinum jubilee garden party ideas blog

Solar lighting is an excellent way of illuminating your garden if you want to carry your party on into the evening or stock up on candles, lanterns and fairy lights to give your garden a magical glow at night.

Food and drink ideas

jubilee cupcakes and champagne for garden party food ideas

When it comes to the type of food you want to serve this will depend on they type of party you are planning. An afternoon tea get together serving quintessential cucumber sandwiches, scones and jam and a royal Victoria Sponge is a lovely way to celebrate – don’t forget to use your finest china from your dresser and a crisp white tablecloth. For a more casual gathering, a picnic, BBQ or even a buffet is fun. How more British can you get having a BBQ in the rain! With any luck, it won’t rain, but if you are catering for a crowd, it’s a good idea to pre-cook some of your meats and vegetables before and then finish them on the barbecue to get the lovely chargrilled taste. The key to successfully catering for any type of event is to plan everything well in advance and keep things simple so that you can enjoy yourself.

glasses of Pimms for platinum jubilee garden party ideas blog

For drinks, Pimms and Gin and Tonic spring to mind as a typically royal tipple to serve – it is believed the Queen’s favourite drink is Dubonnet and Gin. You can also make non-alcoholic punches for children and designated drivers. Pop them on an outdoor drinks trolley and let guests help themselves.

wooden outdoor drinks trolley

Ideas for games

Don’t forget to organise some games for the kids, and the big kids. Sack races, pin the crown on the Queen and games like a tug of war are great outdoor activities that will work well at a garden party. You don’t need much in the way of equipment, just some sacks, a rope and plenty of willing volunteers.

children in sack race for platinum jubilee garden party ideas blog

Ultimately, the day is all about having fun with friends and family, so make sure there’s plenty of food, drinks and somewhere for everyone to sit, and you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

For more outdoor inspiration see our garden blogs or for furniture ideas, visit our luxury outdoor furniture collection.

How to host outdoors in style this summer

How to host outdoors in style this summer

People at an outdoor dining table with cold drinks

The British weather can be unpredictable to say the least, but we are an optimistic bunch and the merest hint of some warmer weather has us rushing to throw the perfect outdoor get together with friends and family. This can often mean planning things at the last minute, so preparation is key. Knowing how to host in style, no matter how much or little time you have to prepare, will certainly make sure you don’t lose your head while preparing a dinner or drinks get-together at home.

Think about your menu

Prepping as much of your food in advance as possible is one of the key things that you can do, and will allow you to spend more time with your guests when they arrive. Keep things simple. When hosting an outdoor get together don’t over complicate your menu with elaborate dishes. Whether you plan on barbecuing meat to go with salads or simply going with a more buffet style offering, simple recipes will be your friend. If the weather is very warm (we can always hope) then salads and fresh fruit will be popular choices with your guests, set out perfectly on the rattan table and chairs.

Prepare your garden

Dog running in a garden for How to host the outdoors in style this summer blog

You will probably already have such tasks as mowing the lawn on your list for getting your garden ready. Don’t forget to tidy all the kids’ toys and pets’ toys if you have them as well. If you don’t have enough space to put them all away, then make sure you neatly piled to one side. This will really open up the space in your garden for your guests.

Styling your table

outdoor dining table and patio chairs

Pick a theme for your table that ties in with your wonderful outdoor setting, and to make this match perfectly, take cues from your garden. Natural table mats and linens that pick up the colours of any flowers in your garden are a great way to decorate the perfect outdoor table. Set it as you would an indoor table. Bring your garden right up to your round garden table and chairs with a simple floral arrangement and your guests will be delighted.

Consider the number of guests that you have too. Do you have enough seating? If you are short on outdoor dining chairs, a rustic garden bench by a teak garden table can make all the difference.

2 seater bench seat with cushion and firepit

Plan for a dip in temperature

As we’ve already mentioned, even when you plan thoroughly, the one thing you cannot plan for is the weather. Even the warmest evening can see a dip in temperature, so be prepared with blankets and throws, cleaned and smelling fresh in your outdoor garden storage system.

If you have a firepit then stock up on firewood and marshmallows, because even if it doesn’t get too cold you are never too old to toast marshmallows around a flickering flame.

outdoor cushion storage with blanket


If your party is in the evening – or has happily drifted from day to night – plan the right lighting for when the sun goes down. Candles on your garden dining table will add atmosphere to your evening as well as a gentle light – maybe arrange in jars to stop the breeze from blowing them out – and festoon lighting will add additional lighting to the rest of your garden. You may also want to consider an outdoor floor lamp for additional lighting, particularly if you have some steps. If you don’t have one, how about a portable oil lantern for some flickering natural light. There are some great designs out there to consider.

outdoor dining table with festoon lighting for how to host outdoors in style this summer blog

And finally….

Don’t worry about getting everything perfect. Plan carefully and everything should be fine, just enjoy spending time with your guests outside and hopefully the weather will keep up its end of the bargain. If not, you can always pick up your plates and glasses and head indoors at a pinch.

Share your ideas

What kind of party will you host this summer? See more from our Ideas and Inspirations and create a fabulous entertaining space both inside and out. Plus, we’d love to see what you create, so share your styling tips in the comment box below and your images @modishliving.

Brighten a dining room with sunny yellow

yellow daffodils on a rustic dining table

Let’s face it, yellow can be a tricky colour when it comes to interior design, but we think it is a brilliant shade to work with and here we will look at some ways to bring summery yellow into the dining room whatever the season.

yellow wooden door with dining room sign

There are many hues of yellow you can choose, from barely a whisper of yellow to a much darker, bolder shade. Yellow works beautifully with reclaimed furniture, especially in the dining room. It might be considered a summery colour, but you can use yellow to brighten your dining space all year round. Use it as a base to bring in the oranges and reds of autumn, in the winter brighten the gloom and grey, and in the spring, it will quickly chase winter away!

Yellow and the farmhouse style

Yellow works with most interior styles you just have to vary the shade a little to get the look you are after. But when is comes to farmhouse style, yellow is definitely the go-to colour for many. You can choose a gentle buttery yellow for the walls and brighten it up with other bolder yellow pieces throughout the space. We are all familiar with the farmhouse dining table with a yellow checked cloth on it with a striking vase of fresh-cut flowers – it gives off feel-good vibes and adds a happy brightness to the entire room.

white jug with yellow flowers in front of rustic wooden shutters

Be bold with yellow

To bring in a subtle hue of yellow then opt for a soft coloured yellow wall, a colour reminiscent of old fashioned vanilla ice cream – if it really isn’t your thing you can easily paint over a pale colour! However, if you are leaning more towards a vibrant statement yellow then go for it! You can bring in this colour by using a few key pieces in your room.

A rug – a rug in the dining room anchors the dining table – choose yellow!

An armchair – we love to use accent chairs in any room and the same goes with dining room furniture – choose a bold statement-making yellow armchair – set this in the corner of your room to really bring in a dash of sunshine.

Dining chairs – yes, why not show off your style by opting for yellow dining chairs. We love how modern accent items work absolutely beautifully when styled with a reclaimed wood dining table

Accessorise in yellow

If you want to bring in a small ray of sunshine then opt for yellow accessories on a rustic dining table such as ornaments, vases, plant pots and dining chair cushions. Fresh cut flowers is another way to bring in just a little yellow and will lift the room.

yellow flowers and napkin on white round dining table

Yellow for the body and soul

Research suggests that eating yellow food as well as orange and red is a way of getting some good sunshine into your body and if it is good for the inside it must be good on the outside too!.

Yellow is a colour associated with communication, self-esteem, and power – making it a positive colour to use in your home. It conjures up feelings of happiness, summer, positivity and optimism – so it sounds like we should all be using it a whole load more in our homes!!

Hot tips for successful summer dining

hot tips for successful summer dining blog

Outdoor dining with friends is just the best way to while away a balmy summer evening – sip sun downer cocktails before dinner, a delicious light evening meal followed by after-dinner drinks around a fire pit – the perfect summers evening!

Here we look at how to dine in style whether it be indoors or al fresco – whether just a get together with close family and friends, a big birthday bash or another milestone celebration. We hope our top summer dining tips will help you hit the nail on the head when it comes to summer entertaining.

people sat around outdoors wooden dining table

1 – Glamourous tableware

More than ever before we are all enjoying and valuing the time we spend with our friends and family, so if you’re entertaining, really roll out the red carpet. There is nothing more wonderful for your guests than walking into your dining room or garden and seeing a stunning dining table set ready for them to feast at – we do after all eat with our eyes first.

In the summertime, especially in the garden, use beautiful glass dishes to make use of any natural light – at lunch, in the midday sun, it will look blue and at sundown, it will take on the pinky colours of the sunset sky. If you have lights on or hanging over your garden table your glass dishes will continue to sparkle throughout the night.

If you choose to dine indoors then sparkly glass dishes work wonderfully against a rustic dining table and chairs – the contrast of sparkly glass and rustic wood just works so well.

Blue plates on a rustic dining table

2 – Set a theme

Opting for a themed table is sometimes seen as being a bit predictable but why not? Choosing a theme brings cohesion to the dining table. Whether you are dining indoors at a homely farmhouse table, or outdoors around the garden table you can go for a rustic farmhouse theme – dried or fresh cut flowers and rustic earthenware dishes are a winning and on-trend combo for summer dining.

You can also set a summer colour theme for your dining space and opt for blue or green fabric dining chairs. If you have a wooden extendable dining table and a wooden dining bench then dress the bench with colour coordinated cushions and use this colour to blend or add contrast to the plates and serving dishes you use.

Green fabric dining chairs around a reclaimed wood dining table with ivy table decoration

3 – Light it up

To host the perfect dinner party you need ambience and atmosphere – the ambience is created by the surroundings you are in and the atmosphere will be created by your dinner guests.

Great lighting is your best friend when it comes to creating the perfect ambience. Work out where your guests will sit and spend time and add your main lighting source there – layer the lighting so you have a brighter area for serving and eating but then have the option to switch off or dim some lights as the evening wears on. A wooden sideboard is the perfect piece of reclaimed wood furniture for the dining room – use the top to add light features like some twinkling fairy lights in a glass bowl – you can place this under a wall mirror to make the light reflect around the room. Hang fairy lights around wall art and use them as the centrepiece on your wooden dining table.

Candles are of course the classic way to bring in ambient lighting – candle flames flickering will always get the mood right for a dinner party – whether it is indoors or out. Everything is softened and looks less harsh in flickering candlelight.

Hand putting candle on a wooden dining table

Lighting in the garden can be in the form of string lights, solar lights, festoon lighting or lanterns. If you have a fire pit, it is the perfect source for late-night mooda lighting.

How to perfect alfresco dining indoors

Group of people eating around a rustic dining table

Create a magical outdoor dining scape table setting even if you don’t have an outdoors with our stylish garden dining tips…

A wooden dining table

First off, a wooden table is a must. We value nature more than ever before meaning many of us feel the need to connect with the outdoors. You can start this in your own home by introducing rustic wood and other natural materials. And, because we value and respect nature more then it should really be an authentic reclaimed wood or rustic dining table to be true return to nature!. Adding a wooden dining bench or wooden dining chairs will also give you a bit more of an outdoor feel during the summer months.

Reclaimed wood dining table with lime green fabric dining chairs

Decorate the table with green foliage and flower displays

A great way to bring nature into your dining space is to use natural table decorations, houseplants, twigs, green foliage and freshly cut flowers. If your table is small and you need all the space on it you can consider a reclaimed wood sideboard. This surface of this would be another great (and more permanent) place to add a beautiful natural-looking garden display that will also give you a whole load more storage space too!

Rustic sideboard with tall green house plants

If tabletop and room space is tight create a botanical display to hang over the table

Use a piece of wood and rope and entwine ivy, leaves and flowers to create a magical display. You can add some fairy lights to this to create some gentle candle-like lighting for a more intimate evening. Garlands around a mirror or along a mantlepiece or hanging on the wall will help make your dining space even more naturally magical.

Dried flower display on exposed brick wall
Credit: Bex Partridge

Cover the table with natural linens

Here you can opt for a natural linen table cloth and play with layering, add a runner and garden colour napkins – choose a light and dark shade of green and add an accent colour like red, orange, yellow or lilac to mimic your favourite garden flowers. A combination of brown and green table linen is also great and would work particularly well with the beautiful, natural grain of a rustic wooden dining table.

Girl sat at open window in living room looking out to green trees

Open the windows to let in fresh breezes

It’s always good to get some fresh air into your living space – we recommend you open your windows wide at every opportunity and let the gentle evening breeze into your room.

Weave fairy lights throughout the dining space

Use as many fairy lights as you like to mimic romantic garden lighting. Yes, hang them everywhere, around mirrors, pictures, along a sideboard wrap them around tall house plants or place a bunch of string lights in a glass dish on your large dining table….you can even add a touch of greenery and some stones to this to create your own unique table centrepiece! You will want good lighting for dishing up and while you are eating, to keep the garden feel going, we would suggest a bamboo pendant light over your dining table.

People sat around a large rustic dining table with food

Serve an alfresco style menu

Serve the type of food you would usually have if outdoors, such as garden party favourites like antipasti, grilled meats, and a green garden salad. Consider share platters, tear and share bread and other traditional garden party favourites like burgers and grilled vegetables. For drinks, you can serve sangria, a delicious lavender champagne cocktail, or a summery, zingy and minty mojito! Enjoy!