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Welcome the stunning Glasgow reclaimed collection

Welcome the stunning Glasgow reclaimed collection

We love to bring choice to our customers and when we look for new collections, we have a long list of stylish criteria it needs to meet. The Glasgow Collection ticked all the boxes – and more. Beautifully rustic, we know you’ll love the detailing and the high-quality finish of this reclaimed elm furniture just as much as we do. The only problem is, how will you make your choice?

The reclaimed elm dining table from the Glasgow Collection

Elm is a beautiful wood. Bringing warmth to any piece it is used to create, the reclaimed elm dining table in this collection will be the stand out talking point of your dining room. there are many reasons this will be the case. Maybe it’s the unique silver legwork at either end of the generously proportioned 6-seater dining table? Maybe it’s the beautiful and skilfully crafted table top?

Glasgow Reclaimed Elm Dining Table

As a piece of reclaimed wood furniture, each elm dining table from the Glasgow Collection will be unique, telling its own story in its own way.

A choice of two stylish sideboards

The sideboard in the dining room (and even the living room!) will never fall out of favour. Bringing much-needed storage, you need a sideboard that offers the space you need. And that’s why we’ve chosen to include two sideboards in the Glasgow Collection.

Glasgow Reclaimed Elm Large Sideboard

The large sideboard is generous in its proportion with a double cupboard, both of which has double doors that open fully to reveal the contents on the shelves. The small sideboard retains a beautiful rustic charm but is less imposing but just as practical.

Both reclaimed elm sideboards, along with the other pieces in the collection, have an incredibly beautiful sunburst design with a round silver, high shine cupboard handle with coordinating legs that brings style immediately to a space. Like the dining table, the sideboards will attract attention for all the right reasons.

The Glasgow elm side table

We don’t often associate storage with a side table, often seeing it as a simple table that offers a tabletop ideal for a coaster or two, maybe a lamp or other pretty accessory.

And so the Glasgow elm side table brings a welcome note of change. A delightful example of reclaimed elm furniture, it offers storage space in it cupboard with the same design to be found on the sideboards.

Glasgow Reclaimed Elm Side Table

But it isn’t the same. And that’s why people love reclaimed wood furniture. Each piece has a different story to tell and so the sunburst detailing on the doors of the reclaimed elm side table is its own.

Round coffee tables (with glamour!)

Rustic in its style, there is a glamorous streak to the Glasgow Collection itself. Essentially, the high shine silver finish of the legs and door handles give it a certain something that brings it from the ‘just rustic’ category to the rustic-with-glamour section.

Glasgow Reclaimed Elm Round Nest of Tables

The pair of two nesting round coffee tables in the Glasgow Collection will be a hit, we know. With the potential to act as round side tables too, the coffee tables each ahs the refined, starburst pattern tops with silver frame legwork that injects more than a hint of glamour into the living, doing so without compromising on practicality.

A beautiful collection, we are pleased to welcome the Glasgow range to the Modish Living stable of high-quality reclaimed elm furniture pieces.

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