What are the best office chairs for a home office desk?

Aviator Desk and Aviator Chair

Is there anyone who has not known the shortcomings of an office chair? It is an integral part of the home office furniture set up and yet, we spend little time considering what we really need from a home office chair. Guided by price, we choose one that looks the part and yet, spend more than a few minutes sitting in it, and the lower back starts to grumble and we start to feel the first few aches of discomfort.

The truth is you can have a stylish office chair that offers support and comfort.


An adjustable office chair is simply essential. Sitting at your home office desk at the right height stops you hunching your shoulders or placing an uncomfortable strain on your lower back.

The need for an adjustable home office chair is needed because we are all different in terms of our height, as well as finding the right position that is comfortable for us.

Adjustable and on castors for easy maneuverability, it is no wonder the Standford Grey Faux Leather Office Chair is one of our most popular in terms of sales.


How do you prefer to work – perched on the edge of your seat or sitting back into the depths of a chair? Again, it is about comfort but also supporting your skeleton as you work.

As well as standing and stretching from time to time, a deep seat to an office chair is critical for some people who perfect different tasks at the home office desk.


In terms of style, the material is important but it is also important in terms of longevity. Once you’ve found your perfect office chair, it’s hard to let go.

There are options when it comes to the office chair, from the upholstered swivel office chair to the beauty and robustness of leather. And then there is faux leather, a synthetic equivalent of the real thing that offers even more robustness and longevity.

A leather office chair brings a style statement, as well as being perfect for those of us who buy once and enjoy for a lifetime.