How much space do you need around a conference table?

Oldman Reclaimed Wood Conference Table with Brown Leather Chairs

Considering the magnitude of some of the decisions taken around the conference table, it is no wonder that as a business, you need to pay attention to the styling and comfort of the boardroom. Just how do you create both a stylish and comfortable space, that is functional and practical?

The size of the boardroom table and seating

First, you need to determine the size of the meeting table that suits your needs. Clearly, it needs to be big enough to seat the number of people who will regularly gather around its perimeter. However, you may be limited by the dimensions of the room and you will also need other boardroom furniture too.

Boardroom Extendable Table with Metal Legs

Seating around the table

You will need enough space for people to sit comfortably around the conference table. The rule of thumb is to allow 3 feet or around one metre of clearance between the back of the boardroom chairs when someone is seated on them to the nearest wall or object.

Brown Leather Boardroom Chair

In other words, you need a pathway measuring 3 feet in width around the industrial table, allowing for ease of access and movement around the room. Clearly, placing a large sideboard could eat into this minimum corridor space so you will need to consider carefully where you place additional meeting room furniture such as the small display cabinet, console table and so on.

There is also a suggestion that at each short end of the boardroom tables, a clearance of 4 feet is left. As well as being practical, this also contributes to the setting of the boardroom.

TIP – with these dimensions in mind, mark out the minimum clearance ‘corridor’ around the edge of the room. You can now calculate the maximum dimensions of the table and boardroom chairs you opt for. This will also help in deciding the best shape of boardroom table too. The options include oval, round and rectangular.

What else is needed in the boardroom?

If you use the room regularly for internal and client meetings, there will be items you need on hand thus stylish furniture is a must, whether you choose reclaimed wood furniture or something different.

Reclaimed wood furniture is suitable for both domestic and business use, adding both style and versatile storage option for the boardroom.

Why not consider…?

  • A small display cabinet or unit for awards or displaying products, as well as stylish accessories?

  • Keeping technology and IT equipment stored for safe use in a sideboard? Opt for a large sideboard as a cupboard or one that has a combination of cupboard and drawer space. A sideboard is also ideal for stationery items too.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Sideboard

  • A board room trolley or a slimline console table? Both are perfect as a refreshment station for teas, coffees and food too, great for meetings that last for some time.

Lansdowne Industrial Console Table

    Extra Chairs

    As well as these extra items, you will also need to consider extra board room seating too. For many businesses, the realisation of the importance of workplace design means that a cohesive style is important. When you invest in boardroom chairs for around the table, consider opting for a few extra chairs too.