How To Avoid the Floordrobe Effect

A rustic wooden bed with a matching bedside table and a table mirror

The floordrobe, the piling of clothes on the floor and in other areas of the bedroom, is more common than you think. And it is not just a phenomenon on the teenager’s bedroom either. Poor storage solutions and inaccessible storage solutions are the cruces of the problem so how can you stop this happening? Just what are the solutions?

Introduce a bedroom chair

If you research the original bedroom chairs, you will notice that they are far smaller than a ‘normal’ chair. A small armchair can be more easily accommodated in the bedroom whilst still being of use.

A brown leather club chair

Don’t opt for a larger armchair as it will immediately become a dumping ground for clothes, despite your best intentions.

Make use of under bed storage

Easy storage solutions mean that you are more likely to stop storing clothes on the floor because you are able to reach and use the drawers quickly and easily.

A reclaimed wood bed with white bedding

Our Beam wood bed is possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of reclaimed wood furniture that you would come across. As well as being beautifully stylish with a strong rustic tone, it also comes with optional under bed storage drawers. From bedlinen to clothing, under bed drawers can be the tool that solves your floordrobe problem.

Hooks can work too

Not overcomplicating storage solutions is key. If there is one tool that is the simplest yet most practical of them all, it is the humble hook.

Hooks on backs of doors, a hook on the wall in different places in the bedroom and even a hook or two on the back of a wardrobe door can work wonders for keeping that the pesky pile of clothes off the floor.

Don’t dismiss shelving

Again, the simplest solutions can be the most effective. Reclaimed wood shelves in the bedroom in the shape of a bookcase or display unit can be useful for everything from hats to shoes, books and more.

An industrial style reclaimed wood bookcase

But – and this the only the caveat – whilst shelving can be useful, it can look cluttered, becoming an essentially different place for things to gather. Keep an eye on the styling and don’t let it become a place where useless and unused things gather.

Easy storage with a blanket box

The blanket box or blanket chest was an automatic staple of the bedroom at one time but as bedrooms decreased in size, it became a casualty.

A reclaimed wood blanket box in white paint with a green plant on top

But now, we are looking again to the versatility of the wooden blanket box. And for those of us who have an unfortunate habit of making use of the floordrobe, the wooden blanket box is perfect because all you need to do is open the lid, put things in and close the lid. Can you get any simpler than that?

Go for an open wardrobe

The open wardrobe can also be a wonderful addition to the bedroom. As well as being an uber-stylish solution, for those who struggle with hanging clothes or don’t have the patience to do so, this wardrobe is the easy to access piece that you need.

An open wardrobe made of oak

With a shelf for shoes and jumpers, this minimal piece with a welcome Scandinavian edge is ideal, no matter how big or small your bedroom.