What’s your top choice for a sofa?

Regal Sofa in Harris Tweed and Leather

Napier Grey Harris Tweed Sofa

We asked, and you told us! When it comes to sofas, there is often a choice between a fabric upholstered one and a leather one, or its synthetic equivalent.

We wanted to know what our audience thought and, so we showed three sofas, asking you which one you thought made the perfect addition to a living room.

Bretby Leather Chesterfield Sofa

The choice was tough as the two contenders were:

  • The Napier Harris Tweed sofa is simply stunning. Beautifully soft and robust, it has a charm all of its own.
  • Hot on its heels is the iconic shape of the Bretby leather Chesterfield sofa, a soft grey leather sofa that has a timeless elegance all of its own.

But which did you prefer – an upholstered sofa or the leather sofa? Did the best of both worlds hold water with those who were undecided?

But then we really put the cat among the pigeons by showing you the best of both worlds: the Regal Sofa, a mix of Harris tweed and leather, complete with the elbow-patch cushions.

Regal Leather and Harris Tweed Sofa

What You Told Us…

It was a close-run thing. Our Houzz followers were split right down the middle, with half opting for leather, the other for an upholstered sofa. Our Instagram followers, never shy in coming forward, also presented a more or less even split although it has to be said there were a few more votes for the Harris Tweed Napier upholstered, just pipping the leather Bretby sofa into second position.

A Custom Choice

We think that our leather and fabric sofa does go some way in answering the dilemma that many people have when it comes to choosing a sofa. On one hand, leather is elegant and easy to keep clean but there is something warm and appealing about fabric sofas.

Regal Leather and Harris Tweed Sofa Bespoke

This is why we offer a custom service when it comes to some of our sofas. And the Regal sofa is perfect for those who have a foot in both the leather and fabric camp. Opt for a leather ‘carcass’ to your sofa, choosing to compliment fabric for the cushions and seating – just ‘click to customise’ to see how easy it is.

Or, if you know which material works best, you can customise that too in terms of colours and for some fabrics, pattern too.

Essentially, you want the sofa to set the tone of the room. Needless to say, it should also walk hand in hand with the style of your home too. Leather and fabric work well with all styles, from the homeliness of the farmhouse style to the beautiful brashness of the industrial look.

The reason is simple: we use natural materials. Moon wool, a description of high-quality wool fabric used for interior applications such as sofas and armchairs, and leather are natural products that offer so much in the way of warmth, style and practicality.

And so, in some ways, you don’t have to choose between the two. Both fit just as well with any style, including those of us in love with the Scandinavian style of clean lines and natural materials and fabrics.

Which do you prefer, the coolness, timeless appeal of leather, or the warm embrace of an upholstered sofa?