Great ideas on how to use a sheepskin rug

Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rug on Allegro Dining Bench

With its slightly deeper pile and more relaxed appearance, the sheepskin rug is an all-natural product that adds texture and warmth to a room. A commonly-used accessory in the Scandinavian interior design style, the sheepskin rug is a versatile addition to your home decor.

The Bedroom

Everything about the bedroom should ooze restfulness and calmness. Furnishings should be soft, deep and sumptuous. It comes as no surprise that the sheepskin rug belongs in the bedroom. Use it to frame the room too; use the large Icelandic sheepskin rug under the oak dressing table stool or enjoy the sensuous experience of your bare feet nestling in its long, warm fibres as you leave your bed in the morning or sink into its welcoming softness of a night time.

The Hallway

Black Sheepskin Rug

The hallways should not be devoid of detail and although the more fragile nature of the sheepskin rug would not marry well with the high foot traffic through the hallway, you can still use it sumptuous delights for colour. The hallway bench, a staple for keeping bags and shoes safe until the next time they are needed, would look divine with a sheepskin elegantly draped over it and would certainly make a pleasant seating point for when you need to wearily pull off your boots at the end of the day. A black rug would look so dashing and elegant in the hallway, don’t you think?

The Living Room

The living room is surely one of the best places for the feathery sheepskin rug to work its magic…

  • Fireplace essential – a rug in front of the fire has long been an accepted use of a rug and the sheepskin is no different. The warmth of the rug and the heat of the fire complement each other perfectly.
  • The armchair companion – the armchair is a welcoming fold of leather or upholstery but again, a downy rug of this kind allows you to sink into its softness. Softly drape it over the brown leather armchair to act as a warm layer beneath you, or enjoy its long fibres underfoot.
  • The coffee table and the rug – not a title of a book but a sure-fire winner when it comes to bringing the clean lines of the Scandinavian look to your living room. Soften the angles and edges with soft fabrics, using the larger king-size sheepskin rug as a base under the wood coffee table with a generous border for your feet too.
  • Rug or blanket – with the winter rain lashing at the window and howling gales menacing, you can always use the rug as a warm blanket for when you watch your favourite soap opera or sink into the pages of a best seller.

The Dining Room

There is room for the sheepskin in the dining room too, and not just on the floor. Why not use it as a soft landing for your derriere on the oak bar stools, for example? Or use it to add a layer of warmth to the dining bench.

Where else and how else would you use sumptuous sheepskin rugs?