Which beautiful bedroom addition would you choose?

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box by Reclaimed Wood Bed

We created a Houzz poll to ask our followers about their favoured option for reclaimed furniture at the end of their bed – a stylish bench or a blanket box with hidden storage – much like a storage chest.

Thornton Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

It was a popular question and one that generated some great ideas, from patio doors opening onto the azure Caribbean sea to favourite film stars…! And the discussion continued when it came to which item of bedroom furniture was the favoured option.

We Asked, You Answered

The majority of responses favoured the blanket box, but the end of bed bench polling only a few votes less. There were also many responses for ‘other’ too, with pollers mainly referring to the upholstered Ottoman as the favoured end-of-bed item.

Why opt for a bench?

Many bedrooms ‘miss’ a bedroom chair with many of us sitting on the bed. But did you know sitting on the edge of the mattress is no good for it? Hence, you need a bedroom chair.

As well as an upholstered bedroom chair, you could always opt for a bedroom bench at the end of the bed. It makes the perfect perch for when you need one and can also make an ideal storage ‘shelf’ too.

Kensal Wooden Dining Bench

If you favour the industrial style or event a rustic bedroom, then a bedroom bench makes the ideal addition. Clean, slimline without compromising on style, a reclaimed wood bench at the foot of your bed is a fantastic addition to any bedroom.

Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

Bedroom bench ideas – this heavy-set rustic bench is beautifully styled, as is this reclaimed wood rustic bench, both perfect for the bedroom.

Why opt for a blanket box?

The wooden blanket box was once a piece of furniture traditionally found in either the bedroom or the landing. It offered easy to use storage space for everything from spare towels to bedding.

For many, this extra storage space is much needed and again, the sturdiness of many wooden blanket boxes make them the perfect perch in the bedroom too.

There are a range of blanket boxes to choose, all of which are ideal for framing your bed in the rustic bedroom landscape;

  • If you like chunky with detail, then this rustic reclaimed wood blanket box would be the ideal choice. With metal clasps and rope handles, there is an authentic feel to this piece that is delightful.

Colette Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

  • If simplicity is key, then this wooden slim blanket box from the Beam Collection, like the rustic bench we mentioned earlier, is the perfect choice. Simple lines make for an elegant finish without losing its rustic charm.
  • If you are not overly worried about using it as a bench, then opting for the dark wood charm of Winchester blanket box with its curved lid adds a certain dash of style to any bedroom.

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

    Ottoman’s are similar to wooden blanket boxes in that they offer storage as well as a seat for the bedroom. They tend to be smaller and upholstered too, something that may suit some bedrooms but not others.

    Which would be your preference – the charm of a reclaimed wood bench at the foot of your bed or a beautiful reclaimed wood blanket box? Either way, either piece of reclaimed wood furniture could look beautiful in any bedroom.