Which is the perfect storage for a busy hallway?

Colworth Shoes and Welly Crate

Colworth Shoe and Welly Crate

The hallway is a room through which we pass several times a day, as we hurtle out the door to work and the school run, to coming back home. It is the corridor through which we pass as we go to other rooms and is often the roundabout or the central space of a home.

And it has a lot to do and yet, in this space, there can be several difficulties – lack of storage compounded by lack of space. This can make thinking of hallway decorating ideas a little tricky.

We Asked, You Answered

When it comes to storage options, we are not short on options, but this vast array of hallway furniture and storage solutions can leave us a little bewildered. And so we took to Houzz, giving our followers a choice of four hallway storage items.

Chedworth Wooden Shoe Storage Natural

We asked which one you thought would make a good storage solution – and without a doubt, the solution was the large Chedworth wooden shoe storage. The other items didn’t prove as popular, but they did offer storage solutions to some people.

Accessibility – The Key to Good Storage

For any storage solution to work, it needs to be accessible, but it also needs to be functional and in keeping with your style.

The rustic style, for example, is a popular interior style for both the busy family home and the singleton pad. And no wonder – delicious chunky, it incorporates natural materials and the warmth of wood in rustic furniture unlike any other style. And yet, there is still a pleasant designer edge to it.

The Chedworth shoe storage box makes the perfect addition to any hallway. Slender in design, it is not over-imposing in a small to medium hallway either. With a box for every person – and one or two spare – it is no surprise that this was the winning choice in our poll.

Rattan, combined with wood, is also a great addition to the rustically styled hallway and home. Reclaimed wood furniture has a uniqueness about it that you would be hard pushed to find with any other material.

Rattan May Reclaimed Wood 4 Drawer Storage Unit

And so if you like rattan and would prefer closed storage, then the May reclaimed wood four drawer unit is the perfect option. The handy top is perfect for a hallway table lamp too.

Small hallway furniture can be tough to find but the same May reclaimed wood unit is available in two or three-drawer option. The slender column is perfect for adding accessible storage but without swamping space.

If you have a small length of wall, then the lower-level May rattan and reclaimed wood storage bench would be ideal sitting along it. You can store bags and other paraphernalia on the bench top, adding a throw or sheepskin rug to soften the edges if you like, perfect compliments to the rustic style hallway.

Rattan May Storage Stool with Cushion

For something different, the rattan cube is perfect. Still useful – lift the lid to hide away everything from boots to bags – and it makes the perfect addition to the hallway.

Storage with Style

The hallway doesn’t have to be bland and boring, neither does storage solutions. Make accessibility a priority – the key to it being used rather than bags dumped at the door – and of course, never compromise on appeal and style.