How to make your home pet friendly

Dog in Dining Room With Chair

Dog in Living Room

April is National Pet Month and, as a nation of animal lovers, it comes as no surprise that we are pampering our pets more than ever. When it comes to dogs, there is no denying that our pooches are a welcome and important part of the family.

But where and how they are integrated into family life can still be divisive and so we took to our poll, asking our fans and followers what they thought about letting their dogs into the kitchen, bedroom, dining room and living room.

We Asked, You Answered

Of all the polls we have conducted, this has been the one to have drawn the most comments! Further proof, if we needed any, that our dogs ARE a part of the family. Most people responded that their dogs were allowed in any room of the home, with some saying that they were allowed in any downstairs room, but not allowed upstairs.

Beagle Dog in Living Room on Sofa

But it was one comment that summed them all up;

“He is a Beagle, but thinks he is a human and would just howl if excluded from family life”

But sometimes, our adoration of Fido goes beyond the pet dog being a member of the family – sometimes we decorate our homes to accommodate them too…

The dining room

Dog in Dining Room

With your pooch snoozing peacefully whilst you eat with the rest of your family, it is common to find Fido in the dining space. Dining room furniture can prove irresistible to puppies losing their teeth or for a bored dog. To protect the legs of your farmhouse kitchen table and wooden kitchen bar stools, spray with anti-chew spray, harmless to dogs.

The living room

Unfortunately, your four-legged fur ball may also find the aroma of a leather armchair or an upholstered sofa enticing and have a little nibble too. Although with supervision, you can stop it.

Dog on Armchair

We didn’t ask about pets on furniture (another poll, perhaps?) but to keep your sofa or armchair fur-free use sticky tape to pick up the worst of the hair and vacuum to remove all traces (works on cat hair too!). On leather armchairs and sofas, use a quality leather wipe or conditioner to keep it in tip-top conditioner.

Dog adoration

But our adoration of your pooches goes further than snuggling up on the sofa together. We have seen some fantastic dog motif items that will suit a dog-mad home!

Dog motif cushions – perfect for injecting a little fun and kitsch into the modern living work and suit all kinds of furniture and style

Doggy wallpaper – perfect for a feature wall or for adding a bit of zing in the kitchen or utility room, we love the doggy wallpaper we have seen of late.

Dog sculptures – from the quirky, cartoon-style dogs to the posed, majestic looking sculptures, these items are ideal for displaying your allegiance to a certain dog breed on your reclaimed wood shelves.

The unexpected touches – whether you are a dog lover or a cat lover, adding a touch of the unexpected with table lamps with dog or cats are ornament bases, you really add a sense of quirkiness to a room. Why not add it to the bedroom?

So, tell us, how much of your home does Fido make his own?